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DIY Diva Doggie Tutu


Yes, that’s a handmade, sparkling red tutu on my sweet lab mix, Kaya. She’s a spoiled diva. She hates getting wet, does not like to have one speck of dirt on her, and demands daily belly rubs. Before we adopted her, she was extremely neglected, malnourished and sick, so my husband and I spoil her rotten to make up for it.

Also, my parents are coming to stay with us for Christmas, and they love a dressed up dog. They’ve had a rough couple months, and I know this will make them smile when they arrive on Christmas eve.

Want to make one for your dog? It’s pretty darn simple.


Tulle: I used about two and a half yards. The amount will depend on the size of your dog. Kaya is 65 pounds.

Elastic 1 inch wide: The same color as the tulle if you can find it.



Step 1: Use the elastic to measure around your dog’s waist. I pulled it around her waist and added a tad, because I didn’t want it to be too tight on her. Cut and sew the two ends of the elastic together, backstitching to make it secure.

Step 2: Then fold over both ends and sew them down like this:



That’s the only sewing you have to do!

Step 3: Cut your strips of tulle. I roll it up to make it much easier to cut {see below} and then I cut those strips in half and then in half again. If your dog is medium/large like mine, you’ll want your strips to be about three inches wide. Adjust the width and length according to your dog’s size. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, you can always adjust things as you go.




Step 5: Now, you’re going to “tie” the tulle around the elastic. Place the tulle inside the elastic circle. Fold the strip of tulle in half. With one hand, hold both ends together. With your other hand, hold the folded side. Open up the folded end. {See below.}


Step 6: Pull the ends of the tulle through the opening you created. {See below.}


Step 7: Pull the ends tight until you have a knot around the elastic {see below}. Continue to do this until you fill up the entire band of elastic. You’re done!



My husband and I knew that this would either be something she loves or hates. I’m happy to report that she loves her tutu. She doesn’t like it when we take it off of her, and she prances around when she has it on like she’s Miss Doggie America.




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