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Philly Cheese Mushroom Sub + Macaroni Salad: Vegan and Gluten-Free


The first summer my husband and I met, we ate at a local pizza joint practically once a week, but we never ordered pizza. We always got the philly cheesesteak sub sandwiches. All the college students used them as a hangover cure, and it worked.

When we made the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle, I knew I’d miss these mouthwatering subs and I didn’t think I’d ever find a replacement until…my husband invented our new version of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. That’s right–he deserves all the credit.

And, here’s how you can replicate it:


Make the macaroni salad first, because it’s much tastier if you chill it in the fridge for about thirty minutes before you eat it.

Macaroni Salad Ingredients:

{If you’ve got a small family like us, you’ll have leftovers and it stays good in the fridge for a few days.}

1 package gluten-free macaroni

1 cup frozen corn

3 bell peppers – chopped {it’s best to use different colors like two green and one yellow}

1/2 cup Vegenaise {we like the one made with grapeseed oil the best}

salt and pepper for seasoning



1. Cook the pasta following package directions, drain it, and rinse it with cold water until the pasta is cool.

2. While the pasta is cooking, thaw the corn.

3. Mix together the pasta, corn, peppers, and vegenaise. Add salt and pepper to taste.

4. Chill it in the fridge while you make your subs.


Philly Cheese Mushroom Sub Ingredients:

{Servings: Two}

2 gluten-free sub rolls

1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms

1 bell pepper – sliced in thin strips

1/2 medium onion – sliced in thin strips

1/4 cup Daiya shredded mozzarella “cheese”

1 tomato – sliced

2 tablespoons Vegenaise

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper for seasoning



1. Heat a large sauté pan on medium-high with a tablespoon of olive oil.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees to toast the sub rolls. {The ones we buy need to be heated, but we suggest toasting them even if you don’t need to.}

3. While the oven is preheating, start sautéing the mushrooms until they begin to brown. {See picture below.}


4. Lower the heat to medium. Add the second tablespoon of olive oil to the sauté pan, scrape up any brown bits, and then add the pepper and onion slices. Stir frequently.


5. After a few minutes, toast the sub rolls in the oven. Follow package directions or toast for two to four minutes.

6. Allow the rolls to cool so you can handle them.

7. Remove the mushrooms, onions, and peppers from the heat when they’re brown but still have a little bite to them.

8. Add the Daiya mozarella to the still warm veggies and stir to melt.

9. Slather a tablespoon of Vegenaise on each roll. Add the tomato slices and then pile on the veggies. Enjoy!



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