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DIY Gold Animal Necklaces


You probably know from my incessant talking about Anthropologie that I’m head-over-heels in love with shopping there. I can’t get enough. Sometimes, I run across something that’s super cute but I can’t wrap my mind around spending that much like these two brass animal necklaces.

So, I figured I’d make my own. To be fair, mine aren’t even close to the quality that Anthropologie is selling. Brass versus plastic and spray paint? Not really a competition. But, I think mine are super cute. Here’s how I did it:


Supplies: Jewelry tools {you can buy a set at your local craft store} or small pliers, drill, gold spray paint, gold chain, jewelry clasps and jump rings {look for a set that includes matching jump rings and clasps}, eye hooks {get these at your local hardware store–mine only had the smallest ones in silver}, toy animals {I got these at Michael’s}


1. Drill a small hole into the top of the toy animal. You want to use a small drill bit and only drill down a little. You don’t want the hole to be as deep as your eye hook–just enough to help get it started.

2. Twist the eye hook into the hole. If you have a starter hole drilled, this will be pretty easy but it will also keep the eye hook secure.


3. Spray paint the animal and eye hook. I sprayed about five coats over the period of an entire day. Let each coat dry before adding another. And, make sure to spray at different angles to get every part covered.

4. Cut your chain to the desired length and thread it through the eye hook when the spray paint is completely dry.

5. Add the clasp using your jewelry tools or small pliers and jump rings. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s VERY easy. Check out this video tutorial.

6. Wear it and get TONS of compliments!



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