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DIY Pillow from Clearance Top



What do you do when you find a soft, super cute top that isn’t your size on the clearance rack? Turn it into a pillow! When I spotted this sweater top on clearance at Target and felt how buttery soft it was, I instantly decided to make it a pillow for our living room.

You need basic sewing skills for this project.

Supplies: top, sewing machine, cutting mat {if using a rotary cutter}, rotary cutter or scissors, zipper, thread, pillow form, pincushion, pins, fabric chalk, ruler



{Before you start, you should wash and dry the top, so it doesn’t shrink on you when you go to wash it after you’ve sewn it.}

1. Turn the top inside out. Using fabric chalk and a ruler, mark the dimensions of the pillow on the top. I had a 12 x 12 inch pillow form, so I marked 12.25 x 12.25 dimensions on my top. You could make a pattern on computer paper or cardstock if you feel more comfortable with a pattern.

2. Place pins inside the lines you drew, so when you cut the top, the back and front stay together. {See below.}


3. Using the rotary cutter or scissors, cut out the fabric.

4. Sew in the zipper to one side.

5. Unzip part of the zipper, so you can turn it right side out at the end. Sew around all the other sides with a .25 seam.

6. Turn it right side out.

7. Put the pillow inside your new pillow cover!


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