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DIY Switchplates: Two Ways


When we moved into our house, I noticed the dingy, cracking switchplates in every room. I knew they had to go, but that would mean replacing a TON of them which would be fine if I liked the plain, inexpensive ones at our local hardware store. But, I like decorative switchplates and outlet covers–like the ones that cost $18 to $24 each at Anthropologie.

My husband loves me, but if I told him I wanted to spend a thousand dollars on switchplates, he’d think I had lost my mind. Instead, I got creative. I used all the switchplates and outlet covers in the house. I didn’t buy a single new one. Some, I covered with scrapbook paper like the salt and pepper ones in the kitchen, some I covered in vintage book pages, and others I simply spray painted. The spray paint made them look like new–and the paper-covered ones are so fun. Everyone who comes in our house comments on them.

Want to give the paper-covered switchplates a try?

You’ll need: switchplates/outlet covers, scrapbook paper or book pages, Mod Podge, foam brush, Xacto knife {and extra blades if you’re going to make a lot of them}, and a cutting mat.



1. Clean and dry the switchplates/outlet covers.

2. Cut the paper to a little over the size of the switchplate giving yourself enough paper to fold over the edge and secure in the back.

3. Using the foam brush, coat the front of the switchplate and the back side of the paper with Mod Podge. Place the back side of the paper onto the front of the switchplate. Press the paper down and smooth out any air bubbles. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes. {See below.}


4. Trim the edges of the paper if needed. Then, using the foam brush coat the sides and back edge of the outlet cover with Mod Podge. Gently fold the paper over and hold it in place for a couple of minutes. Allow to dry for another 30 minutes. {See below.}


5. Using the Xacto knife, cut out the holes in the outlet cover or switchplate. If needed, use a little bit of Mod Podge to secure any paper around the holes that gets pulled up while cutting the holes.

Here are more examples of other switchplates I covered with paper or spray painted:






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