Are you new to the online creative business scene?

Don't waste hours reinventing the wheel. Let me lead the way.

Are you drowning in overwhelm? If you’re like most creative entrepreneurs starting a new business, you’ve got an impossible to-do list that constantly mocks you, because you could never ever get that much stuff done in one day.

Do you wish you could ask someone your biz questions as they pop up? Like, “How much should I price this print? Will people actually pay $20 for this?” and “What can I do to make this product photo look better?” and “What can I do to market my business for free?”

Do you want someone to help get things set up the right way, so you don’t waste hundreds of hours?

If you said yes to those 3 questions, this starter package might be for you. Keep reading for the details.

Been there. Done that.

I would have handed over my credit card if someone had offered to help me set up my creative business for success. Looking back on it, I could have done things much easier and faster if I’d worked with a coach who’d done what I want to do. When I first started my creative business, I had so many questions. Why do my pictures look so dark even when I’m photographing them next a window? How do I get people “into” my shop? What’s renewing? Should I use Twitter to promote my business or is it a complete waste of time?

Like I said, I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I spent hours researching the answers to my questions. I thought I needed to do it all on my own–that it’d be more cost-effective to find the answers on my own. Wrong. I wish I would have gotten help in the beginning when I really needed it.  I know that it would still have been extremely hard work, but it would have lessened the load.

Now, I have a successful creative business. And, if you want the same, I want to help.

The Starter Package Features

The starter package is a 3 month package. We’re gonna get your business up and running in 3 months. That means you’ve got to be willing to work hard during those 3 months. No slouches allowed.

  • For 3 months, we’ll have 45 minute one-on-one sessions via Skype twice a month. That’s 2 sessions per month for 3 months.
  • At the end of each session, we’ll have compiled a list of tasks for you to complete by the next session. Yes, you’ll have homework.  Why? Because, I can give you tons of information and advice to help you build the creative business of your dreams, but if you don’t put it into action, you won’t get results. And, I’m all about results.
  • You’ll have unlimited email access to me during the 3 months. So, you can ask questions and get feedback as you work through the action steps that we put together.
  • As a bonus, you’ll get lifetime access to my “Inspired Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs” program {$397 value!}

This package is for the woman who doesn’t want to spend the first 6 months of building her business buried under research. She wants to take action now and figure out exactly how to build the creative business of her dreams.


“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with April in four one-on-one sessions this past winter.  I can’t even begin to describe how much those four sessions have changed the scope and direction of my fledgling creative business.  Between her insightful questions, solid advice, strategic thinking, humor and positive attitude, April was able to bring my creative business to a new level.  But not only did she help me to improve my marketing and production, she also helped me to create a more sustainable lifestyle as a creative entrepreneur — not an easy balance to find!  I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about working with April!” –Adriana Willsie

What Makes This Coaching Program Different Than the Rest

I’m not gonna help you build just any creative business. Nope. I’m gonna help you build the creative business that’s the perfect match for your personality and strengths. You want to build a business that excites you daily, inspires you regularly, and fuels your fire. I’m not going to give you the same advice as the next guy–because that’s not the right advice for you.


“April’s consulting sessions have really helped me to quickly learn how to narrow my focus & reach my goals. She’s given me shortcuts on how to do things that would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own, & she’s provided me with much needed encouragement & confidence that I can do what it is I’m trying to do. I feel that I now have a vision for where I want to go & I know where to begin to get there. I have a lot of work ahead of me & I know she’ll be there if I have any questions later on down the road!” –Meagan Visser

Want more details?

Before we ever begin, you’re gonna have a homework assignment. I want to know as much as I can about what lights you up, so I can help you on your journey of building a successful creative business. Then, the real fun starts.

The First Session

In the first session, I’m gonna help you:

  • uncover your strengths and the personality traits that you’re going to focus on while creating your business
  • determine what your business goals are and the motivation and desires behind them
  • realize what makes you unique and how to use that to build a successful business

The Following Sessions

In the following five sessions, I’m gonna help you:

  • get focused on exactly what steps you need to take to build your business {and give you specific knowledge on how to do it}
  • reverse engineer your business goals
  • break down your large goals into small, actionable tasks

Unlimited Email Access

During these three months, you’ll also have unlimited email access to:

  • ask all of your burning questions
  • check in regarding your actionable tasks {and get feedback}

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackThe Starter Package is for you if:

  • You dream big.
  • You know that it takes hard work and determination to build a successful business. And, you’re ready to work hard.
  • You have at least 15 hours per week to invest in your creative business.
  • You’re in the beginning stages of your business.
  • You love to have a good time and laugh.
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously. Uptight, crabby entrepreneurs not welcome!
  • You’re willing to push your boundaries and do things that you never thought you’d be able to do.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackThe Starter Package is NOT for you if:

  • Your business isn’t new, and you’re looking for a business makeover. {Check out The Complete Package.}
  • You live in a world of scarcity. You don’t think there’s enough for everyone.
  • You’re afraid of taking risks.
  • You suffer from “that’ll never work” syndrome. Meaning you always say, “that’ll never work” to things before trying them.
  • You’re lazy and would rather watch television for five hours a day than build a successful business.
  • You only have a couple hours a week to devote to your creative biz.

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So what’s it gonna cost?

I’m not gonna lie. This isn’t the cheapest coaching program–but is the cheapest anything ever the best? Rarely. That’s why it’s only meant for serious creative entrepreneurs. For 3 months of one-on-one sessions and unlimited email access, it’ll cost ya $1095 {which you can make in 3 monthly payments of $365}. The price goes back up to $995 on Monday, May 16th. If you’re ready to make an investment in your creative biz, I’m ready to work with you.

Where’s the pretty little buy now button?

There isn’t one. I want to make extra sure that I can help you reach your creative biz goals before you ever give me any money. Plus, I only work with 5 “starter package” clients at a time in order to give them my full attention, so there might be a waiting list.

That’s why you need to fill out this nifty little application and send your answers to blacksburgbelle {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll get back to ya within 3 business days. If I don’t think you’re ready for the starter package, I might suggest one of my other packages. Or, I’ll give ya some tips to help you get to place where you’d be ready for this coaching experience. If your application sends shivers down my spine and I know it’s meant to be, I’ll send you to the pretty little buy now button. Once you pay, we’ll get started.


“My consulting session with April was SO helpful to me and my creative business, who knew an hour could make such a difference. I’m more focused on my goals and how to achieve them. I recommend it to anyone who’s just starting or has an existing creative business. April Totally Rocks!” –Kristin Maynes

Not Sure?

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black$1095 is a lot of money to invest.

I know. And, 3 months is a lot of time for me to invest. If it didn’t cost this much, I couldn’t provide this type of package. Think about the other ways that you spend your money. Eating out, drinks with friends, vacations, new shoes, etc. Is your business worth it?

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackDo you have another job? Are you wondering if you’ll have enough time to invest in this coaching package?

If you have at least 15 hours per week that you can put into your creative business, you’ve got enough time. Are you willing to work before or after work and on the weekends? If so, you’ve got enough time.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWill I be able to provide what I promise?

You may know me and my style by now. If so, you know that I’ll deliver. However, if you don’t know much about me, you might be wondering if I can really help you reach your creative goals. Well, here are just a few things about me that might help ease your mind: I’ve been featured on the Etsy Success Reading List numerous times, and Etsy flew me out to speak at the Etsy Success Conference this year. My group coaching program sold out within two weeks, and I’ve been featured on many other websites and blogs including Design*Sponge and BlogcastFM.


“Just had a fantastic consultation with April Bowles-Olin – yup…she’s the real deal! Thanks girl!” – Lisa Lehmann

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I’m ready to work hard to help you get your creative biz off the ground. Are you 100% committed? If you aren’t, please don’t apply. I’m intense and I bring a level of high intensity to my work. I only like to work with people who bring it!

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