Watch the video below for a short introduction:

Do you have a passion that you want to turn into a thriving business? Something that keeps you up at night and something you think about constantly throughout the day?

Do you wish you could find all the information you need to build and run and successful creative business in one place?

Do you want to learn how to set up an online shop that draws people in, how to market your business to the right people, how to take gorgeous product photos that could easily be featured in magazines, how to land wholesale accounts, and how to run your business while still spending quality time with your friends and family?

Building a successful business is tough–most don’t make it. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have access to straightforward, actionable information that has been tested to be true. And, running a creative business isn’t like running any other business. You have to make the planning part fun and creative, too. That’s a must.

When I started designing my creative business, I looked for a resource that included all the information that I would need to build and run a successful creative biz. I couldn’t find one. I found excellent resources for photography on a couple sites, web design information scattered on different sites, product description tips somewhere else–finally, I got fed up. I decided that after I built a successful a creative biz, I would put the resource together myself and save a lot of other creative entrepreneurs the time and hassle of compiling those resources. That’s how ARTrepreneur came to be.

I’m not an expert at everything there is to know about building and running a creative business, so I pulled a team together in April of 2011 in order to provide ARTrepreneur members with all the resources they would need to succeed.

In November, I decided to revamp ARTrepreneur, so I put it on hold for the month of December. I collected feedback from members in order to make it the best possible resource for creatives. Now, it’s back. If you’re interested in joining, read below for more details.


We both know that building a successful, creative business takes a lot of hard work and time. ARTrepreneur isn’t for someone looking to make a couple extra bucks on hand-sewn potholders. It’s for someone looking to build a thriving business selling the best damn potholders made from personally designed fabric and quality materials. Potholders that make you stop–and say, “I need that.” Potholders that you showcase in your kitchen–not hide in a drawer. If you’re willing to put in the time and hard work it takes to build a successful, creative business, you’re in the right place. With the features below, you’ll have access to everything you need to make it happen.

  • A six-month membership to access the site–and lifetime access to the Facebook group.
  • Instant access to 24 audio interviews with people who are doing what you want to do, with experts who give you actionable advice, and with creative entrepreneurs who are living their dreams. Each month, a new interview will be added to ARTrepreneur.
  • Instant access to 7 design tutorials created by Zoe Rooney. You’ll also receive access to one new design tutorial each month. By now, you know that aesthetics matter, right?
  • Instant access to 16 technical tutorials that will help you understand all that oh-so-painful technical stuff that keeps you from building a website you’re proud of.
  • Instant access to a 70-page digital guide that will teach you everything you need to know to snap and edit magazine-worthy product photos. Plus, you’ll receive access to one new photography tutorial provided by April Bern each month.
  • Access to one new video module by Mayi Carles each month that focuses on making your online shop shine.
  • Instant access to a private Facebook group to connect with other creatives and the ARTrepreneur experts.
  • Access to four courses including Six Weeks to a Creative Business, Six Weeks to a More Passion-filled and Profitable Business, RoadMap, and Blogging for Your Creative Business.
  • The opportunity to get answers to questions specific to your business.


“Who needs business school when there is ARTrepreneur? ARTrepreneur has everything you need to build and grow your creative business – from indepth workshops and classes to a seriously fabulous online community. Here is where you’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are either going through the same struggles and successes that you are, or who have been through it all before and are eager to pass on their wisdom. And this is the only place you’ll find business information that is actually relevant and essential to your company. Plus, it’s delivered in such a fun and simple manner that you feel like a freaking rockstar when you can actually implement it!” -Tania Wojciechowski, Manusmade

You’re joining a community of 34 creative entrepreneurs.

ARTrepreneur has been an amazing journey so far. Not only will you be getting access to up-to-date information relevant to your creative business, but you’ll be joining a community of 34 women who are already members or ARTrepreneur experts. With the private Facebook group, you’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback from other creatives, and connect with others who have the same goals as you do.


“Working with April via ARTrepreneur has been a blessing. April’s worksheets, classes, book ideas, blogging program, and website reviews have helped me organize my time with Artful Rising and my online shops. I utilized the information from ARTrepreneur to stimulate my pattern shop. I revamped my strategy and quickly saw my sales jump. I created an email newsletter at her urging and this marketing tool has been incredible for my business and customer relations.  I continued to focus on what I had learned and in November 2011 I opened a second shop that tied more succinctly with my blog; an important lesson from ARTrepreneur. And to market to my audience I began writing guest posts as encouraged on ARTrepreneur. April breaks things down to help you determine where you are, where you are going, and how to get there in one piece. She never promises a golden ride—just the ticket to get you started.” -Erika, Artful Rising

Interviews {Value $3000}

You get instant access to 24 interviews with creative entrepreneurs ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. During the six month membership, a new interview will be added each month. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get with the interviews:

  • Abby Kerr discusses the biggest branding mistakes you might be making and how to fix them, the difference between a business brand and personality brand, how to edit your brand, and how to improve your copywriting skills.
  • Brittni Mehlhoff discusses how to get exposure for your work, how to write product descriptions that stand out, and how she manages to write blog posts daily.
  • Jessica Swift discusses tips for pitching your work to bloggers, how to manage inventory demands, how to use Twitter to increase your business success, and tips for landing wholesale accounts.
  • Jillian Withee discusses why you need multiple revenue streams, why you need to plan for slow periods, the pros and cons of selling on Etsy, and the pros and cons of selling on your own site.
  • Lisa Lehmann discusses how she stands out in the saturated jewelry niche on Etsy, why she never apologizes for her prices, and why she believes the ROI for social media is invaluable.
  • Michelle Ward discusses building a creative business while working a full-time job, why having children isn’t a deal breaker, and the most important piece to marketing and branding your business.
  • Mayi Carles discusses keeping track of all your ideas, improving your product photography, how she’s developed multiple revenue streams, and pricing your creative products.

Design Tutorials {Value $1300}

“Why aesthetics? Because it’s the language of feeling, and, in a society that’s information-rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information.” -Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

When you join ARTrepreneur, you get instant access to 7 design tutorials that range from setting yourself up to design like a pro for free to how to make your own gift certificates. You’ll also get access to one new design tutorial each month during your six month membership. Here are the topics Zoe Rooney will be covering over those six months:

  • Research and Creating a Branding Inspiration Board
  • Principles of Good Design
  • Logo Design Basics
  • Planning Your Branding “Package”
  • Staying Consistent While Expanding Your Brand
  • Common Branding and Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Technical Tutorials {Value $1600}

The technical stuff is usually the stuff that many creatives dread. They want a website that shows off their unique products and their brand, but they don’t know how to set it up or update it when someone else sets it up. That’s why technical tutorials are included in this package. Here are the topics covered:

  • What the Frick is FTP?
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Add Themes to WordPress
  • How to Import/Export Blog Posts to WordPress
  • WordPress Menus
  • WordPress Plugins 101
  • Basic WordPress Settings
  • Uploading Your Favicon
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • Backing Up Your WordPress Site
  • Basics About Web Fonts
  • CSS Background Attributes
  • Adding Web Fonts to Your Site
  • MailChimp 101
  • MailChimp Lists 101

Product Photography {Value $1800}

If you’re new to the creative business world, you might not realize how important product photos are to your success. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you already know that they can make it or break it. That’s why photography is a BIG part of ARTrepreneur. Each month, April Bern will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to get a specific shot. Not only that, but you get instant access to a 70-page digital guide that covers topics such as:

  • Super Easy Tips to Improve Your Product Photography
  • DIY Photo Light Box Tutorial
  • Macro Photography: Your New BFF
  • Photographing Light Colored Objects
  • White Balance Basics
  • Tips for Photographing Your Two-Dimensional Art
  • How to Get that Cool, Blurry Background
  • Photographing Textures
  • How to Automate the Editing Process
  • Jewelry Photography Tips
  • Free or Nearly Free Alternatives to Photoshop
  • Easy 5-Step Photo Checklist
  • And More

Online Shop Video Modules {Value $750}

Each month, Mayi Carles will provide a video module that focuses in on one aspect of your online shop. She’ll give you actionable tips that you can put into place immediately in order to improve your shop. Not only does Mayi have a super successful creative business {this girl knows what she’s talking about}, but she also makes learning about business so much fun. You’re gonna love it.

Get One-on-One Help

I’m not currently taking any one-on-one consulting clients, but you can get help me with regarding your business through ARTrepreneur.

  • There is a section for you to submit specific questions.
  • Each month, I will answer all the questions that I receive for that month.
  • You also get access to the private Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and connect with other creative entrepreneurs.

Get Access to 4 Courses: Six Weeks to a Creative Business, Six Weeks to a More Passion-Filled and Profitable Business, RoadMap, and Blogging for your Creative Business.


January 30th-March 9th {Value $197}

If you’ve been dreaming up a creative business but haven’t taken action, this is your starter course. It will walk you through each step you need to take to set up your biz. Each week, Monday-Friday, you’ll receive access to a module which will include videos, worksheets, and action steps. You will also be able to ask specific questions related to any of the modules and during the last week, you’ll have the opportunity to receive an online shop critique. Learn more about this course here.

April 2nd-May 11th {Value $297}

Once you’ve got the basics of your business set up and ready to go, we’ll dive into the intermediate and advanced techniques of making your business even more passion-filled and profitable. This course will help you make changes in your business so that you love it–instead of getting stuck with a business that runs you. Each week, you’ll receive video modules and worksheets that help you delve into making your business more successful and fun.

Examples of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • The most important aspect of your business
  • How to use your email list to bring in new leads and keep them engaged in your business
  • How to use social media and blogging to bring in new leads and keep them engaged
  • Why you shouldn’t do it all and what to outsource
  • How to brand your business and differentiate yourself from your competitors

June 11th-June 15th {Value $97}

RoadMap is an ecourse designed to help you set and reach your goals, deal and overcome procrastination, up your productivity, and manage your time wisely. The course is packed into five days in order to keep you focused for a short amount of time. If you struggle with setting and reaching your personal and business goals, this course is for you. Learn more about this course here.

June 18th-July 13th {Value $147}

In this four week course, you’ll learn how to use your creative business blog to gain leads and new customers and keep them engaged. Topics include what blogging can do for your business, what you should blog about, what should and shouldn’t have on your blog, why your blog design matters and how to match it to your brand, how to promote your blog, how to pitch and get guest posts and interviews accepted, and more.

Ready to join? 

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“I am so happy that I joined Artrepreneur! I started my business with no sense of direction, and no mentor, but in the last year of being in Artrepreneur I have a nice website to call home  and have made tremendous progress on getting to my goals. I love to listen to April’s interviews of other successful creative entrepreneurs, and I always leave with fresh ideas. Thanks so much April!” -Lisa Savage, Petite Tuques

Because all of the features aren’t enough {wink, wink!}.

1. Marketing for Creatives: How to Spread Your Message and Boost Your Sales {Value $22}

A 76-page digital marketing guide that covers marketing basics and beyond. It includes 36 exercises to help you put the information into action immediately, 6 worksheets that help you tackle tough topics and take action, and Q & A sections where I answer the most frequently asked questions from my consulting clients. Learn more about it here.

2. Actionable Worksheets

Currently there are two bonus worksheets in this section: Creative Product Description Prompts and Creative Blogging Prompts. I’ll be adding more to this section throughout the six month membership.

3. Online Shop Critiques {Value $1375}

Want to see what other shop owners are doing right and what they could change to make things oh-so-better? Mayi Carles performed 11 shop critiques for ARTrepreneur last year. Although, we’re no longer offering personalized shop critiques, you can learn a lot from the ones in the bonus section and you can get individualized feedback via the Q & A Section and private Facebook group.


$1197 is a lot of money.

I hear ya. I know what it’s like to invest money in my business. Here’s the deal. I’m not going to tell you how much time {and probably money} this program will end up saving you. I’m also not going to try to convince you that this is a good deal. The numbers speak for themselves. The value of this program is $10,585–that’s what you’d have to pay to buy all of these things independently and pay for these experts’ time. I’m not making up these numbers–this is seriously what they get paid for their time and what I charge for these separate courses.  I love to over-deliver to my customers. I know that you work hard for your money–but I also know what kind of quality program this is. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

I don’t know if I’ll have the time to utilize this program.

Either you spend the time to learn how to build and operate a successful business or you don’t. Either you’re serious about your creative business or you aren’t. And, having all of this information in the same place will save you LOADS of time. Imagine if you just set aside 3 hours a week to learn information in this program and take action. In that time, you could listen to three interviews and implement the advice. Or, you could watch a couple technical tutorials and get your own WordPress site up.

How am I going to explain this to my spouse/partner/family?

Whenever I’m spending a good chunk of money on something, I talk to my husband about it first. You might be the same way, and you might wonder how you’re going to tell your loved one that you want to spend $1197 on an online membership site for your creative business that isn’t making much money, yet. If I was you, I’d tell my husband why I wanted to join the membership site–what I thought I would get out of it. Then, I’d show him this page and show him the testimonials of happy customers. I’d show him how much I’d be saving in money {and time} in the long run. And, then he’d either support me or he wouldn’t–but knowing my husband, he would if it meant that much to me.

I haven’t joined Facebook, so I won’t be able to join the private group.

This is not an excuse. It’s free and easy to join Facebook, and you can make your page private. Then, you can use Facebook just to connect with the other creatives in this course. I made that one simple, didn’t I?

Some of those topics sound like a foreign language.

Exactly. That’s why you need this program. But, don’t get worried when you read the list of technical topics–everything is explained step-by-step. Once you’re on the inside, it’ll all make sense.

I don’t know if I’ll be available for all the dates for those four courses.

That’s not a big deal. If you can participate during the actual course, that’s great. But, you’ll have access to the material for at least two months after the course ends. If you’re on vacation or sick, you’ll easily be able to catch up.


“April has created a space for creative entrepreneurs to learn, share and engage with each other. Hers is unlike any I’ve ever seen, or experienced. The best thing about ARTrepreneur is that there is at least a little bit of everything you need to get your business going, moving or growing – all in one spot. Creative business at all stages can benefit from this program. April has made it clear that she values the input and suggestions of the members and uses their feedback to add components and lessons to the program. A wise investment for anyone starting or looking to further their creative business.” -Danielle Spurge, The Merriweather Council

Join Now! Enrollment open from January 16th – January 30th.

Want to join ARTrepreneur? Pick your payment option below and pay. As soon as you’ve paid, you’ll be redirected to the ARTrepreneur site to log in. You’ll pick a username and password, and you’ll receive a confirmation email with that information and the log in URL to use going forward. You’ll get instant access to all the things above labeled “instant access.” Your membership “officially” begins on January 30th {even though you’ll get access to a bunch of stuff as soon as you pay} and ends on July 31st.

Sorry! Enrollment is now closed.


“It was definitely the best investment I made this year.” -Jillian Withee, J. France Design

P.S. All the marketing gurus say that I’m supposed to restate the best benefit and call to action right here, because it’s the third most read part of a sales page. Well, if I haven’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Praise for April 

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with April in four one-on-one sessions this past winter.  I can’t even begin to describe how much those four sessions have changed the scope and direction of my fledgling creative business.  Between her insightful questions, solid advice, strategic thinking, humor and positive attitude, April was able to bring my creative business to a new level.  But not only did she help me to improve my marketing and production, she also helped me to create a more sustainable lifestyle as a creative entrepreneur — not an easy balance to find!  I simply can’t say enough wonderful things about working with April!” –Adriana Willsie
“My consulting session with April was SO helpful to me and my creative business, who knew an hour could make such a difference. I’m more focused on my goals and how to achieve them. I recommend it to anyone who’s just starting or has an existing creative business. April Totally Rocks!” –Kristin Maynes
“One of the most inspiring entrepreneurial speakers I’ve heard in a long time. Incredibly knowledgeable and likable.” –Elizabeth Lewis
April’s consulting sessions have really helped me to quickly learn how to narrow my focus & reach my goals. She’s given me shortcuts on how to do things that would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own, & she’s provided me with much needed encouragement & confidence that I can do what it is I’m trying to do. feel that I now have a vision for where I want to go & I know where to begin to get there. I have a lot of work ahead of me & I know she’ll be there if I have any questions later on down the road!” –Meagan Visser
“Just had a fantastic consultation with April Bowles-Olin – yup…she’s the real deal! Thanks girl!” – Lisa Lehmann