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It’s no big secret that Marie Forleo is opening the doors to B-School. Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve been bombarded with emails and social media updates all saying one thing: You should buy B-School right now from me.

Well, we agree. B-School is amazing. This online business school transformed our businesses from barely paying the bills to living the dream.

That’s why we recommend it and join forces to put together an affiliate bonus package each year.

We’ve completely tailored our bonus package so that it’ll help you make the most of B-School.

The feedback we’ve received the past few years from being B-School affiliates is that it’s overwhelming to try to do B-School AND a bunch of other time-sensitive programs. It’s too much.

Your focus should be on B-School, the program you’re investing almost two thousand dollars to join.

That’s why we switched things up last year and offered a different kind of bonus that focused solely on helping the women who joined through us make the most of their B-School experience. (It was kinda like hosting an eight-week long slumber party where everyone had a business and wanted to support each other. So. Much. Fun.) And, the women said that it was the perfect complement to their B-School experience, so we’re doing it again this year.


With that in mind, we present to you…

Operation World Domination: A B-School Mastermind for Creators and Innovators.

Operation World Domination includes: weekly live calls that take place each week of B-School, a B-School survival guide, access to a private Facebook group and the coolest mug in the galaxy designed by Mayi and only available to those who register for B-School through our link.

We’re also rewarding those of you who take the leap with us sooner rather than later. The first 100 women to join B-School through our affiliate link will get their choice of of April’s CreativeLive Courses: Build a Successful Creative Blog OR Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep, which you can go through at your own pace at any time.

And, the first 25 women who register through our link will receive a digital copy of Life is Messy Kitchen® by Mayi. (It’ll help you stay energized during B-School, by teaching you how to make food that’s delicious and good for you.)

You’re taking B-School to improve your online business, right? You want to make a lot more money doing what you love. We know what you need in order to make that happen: help working through the B-School material during the course, a smaller support group of women who are moving through the program to bounce ideas off of and feedback from women who have been through it and used the program to build successful businesses. With our bonus, you get all of that and more.

You get both of us!

We love working together, and we’ve offered a combined B-School bonus for four years. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing through us is that you get access to both of us.

In the past year, Mayi had a baby, figured out how to ‘balance’ motherhood and work (which hasn’t always been easy), and partnered with a huge brand, Kate Spade. She understands what it’s like to build an empire with a munchkin at home, so she can relate to all of you working mommas who are also trying to figure out this ‘balance’ thing. When returning to work, Mayi knew she couldn’t do it all, so she hired a virtual assistant and nanny and can provide you with lots of tips on finding the right people to work with. And, she collaborated with a brand to create adorable rain boots for kids. The direction of her business has made a huge left turn, and she’s excited to tell you how she’s done it all.

On the other hand, April’s business has continually grown in the same direction. More speaking engagements, sold-out courses and consulting. Four months ago, she opened consulting spots at a higher rate than she’s ever charged and they sold out in three hours. April taught a five-week boot camp with CreativeLive and worked with women in a small retreat environment. She began watercolor painting and incorporating it into her business in creative ways. And, she finally hired a team member for Blacksburg Belle even though she was anxious about handing over parts of her business. It was the best decision she made and she’ll never go back to doing it all on her own.

Unlike the past four years, we’re in very different places right now in business and life which means you can get help in a lot more areas. Want to know more about getting a well-known brand like Kate Spade to sponsor you (even after a hiatus like maternity leave) or how to work despite sleep-deprivation and being covered in spit up? Mayi will show you the way. Want to learn how to land speaking engagements that pay in the thousands or how to continue to grow your business despite a chronic illness? April’s got you covered.

We both bring different strengths to the table and we can’t wait to share them with you. But, don’t get us wrong, we still have lots in common: our love of Anthropolgie shopping sprees, homebody tendencies, and a need for regular Google Hangouts to catch up and chitchat about boys, babies, dogs and business. Not to mention that we both hired the same virtual assistant. #girlcrush

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Here are more details about each piece of the bonus package:


You’ll get access to weekly calls during the B-School program with both of us where we share behind-the-scenes, top secret information from our our businesses that relate to that week’s B-School modules, answering all your questions along the way.

A big concern for women who are joining B-School this year is that they’re going to get lost among the thousands of people in the course. Not to worry! That’s the main reason we offer these weekly calls. In a small mastermind group, you’ll have a place every week to get your questions answered and to get feedback.

During each call, we’ll discuss the topics you’re learning about in B-School while leaving time to answer each question you have. To join the private calls, you just need access to the internet and the ability to watch live streaming videos on your computer or device.

Week 1 Mastermind Call

Our True B-School Stories and How to Succeed with B-School

It’s the first week of B-School. YAY! You’re going to get a lot of homework assignments that will change the tone of your business during this week. With that can come stress and overwhelm, two things we want to help you avoid so that you don’t let panic stall your progress. That’s why we’re going to reveal exactly what you need to focus on to succeed.

Unfortunately, we’ve both heard from people who didn’t achieve their business goals with B-School, and in our experience, there is always a reason (which doesn’t have much to do with B-School). We’ve taken B-School and accomplished great things since then: publishing a book, teaching at CreativeLive, collaborating with big names like Kate Spade. We want to make sure that you fall into the ‘oh-my-gosh-B-School-changed-my-life’ camp and we know we can help you get there.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • What B-School was really like for us
  • How we built a relationship with Marie Forleo that led to both of us being featured on the B-School sales page
  • How we got through B-School without letting overwhelm take over
  • Our number one tip for being successful with B-School (hint: this bonus package is based on our best strategy!)

Week 2 Mastermind Call

The Stories Behind Our Websites (including Tear-Inducing Pitfalls and Big Wins)

During this week of B-School, you’re going to learn the importance of taking control of your website. It’s your online home and it needs to look professional. But, we understand that the website struggle is real. We’ve had major website wins and failures and we’ll spill about all of it, so you can avoid our biggest mistakes (like losing thousands of dollars working with the wrong person).

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • One of the biggest business a-ha moments April has ever had
  • What Mayi had to learn the hard way when working with multiple designers/developers
  • Tips for hiring the right website designer the first time
  • How April’s website was hacked and how she recovered
  • The importance of going pro with our websites (and how it changed everything!)

Week 3 Mastermind Call

How We’ve Used Free Content to Make Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Content marketing has been all the rage for years now for a reason: it works. When you share valuable, entertaining content regularly you build a loyal following of people who you can easily convert into long-lasting customers. The trick is to figure out who you’re creating content for and what kind of content they’ll love. We’ll share how we’ve done it and how you can replicate it.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • What our most popular blog posts have been, why they’ve been so popular and how you can use the same techniques to write blog posts your readers will devour
  • How we’ve gone from producing good content to creating great content that leads to lots of social media shares and quality comments
  • Why we both believe an email list if the most important tool to grow your business
  • How we use free content to convert readers to customers

Week 4 Mastermind Call

Launching and Partnering with Big Brands

This week of B-School is an implementation week so you’ll get a break from modules and homework. We decided to take this week to discuss two things very important to our businesses: launches and partnering with big brands.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • How Mayi landed a partnership with Kate Spade (yep…THE Kate Spade)
  • How Mayi partnered to create a line of rain boots for kids
  • The secrets to all of the five-figure launches April has had in the past two years
  • The backstage details of Mayi’s Life is Messy Kitchen® and Bootcamp launches that no one gets to see
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to launches

Week 5 Mastermind Call

Our Money-Making Tool Secrets

If you don’t have an email marketing strategy, don’t worry. B-School will give you everything you need to create one that will work for your business. We’ve found that knowing a technique and hearing how someone has actually used that technique are two different animals. That’s why we’ll be sharing the exact details of our email strategies.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • Our most successful strategies we’ve used to build our email lists
  • How we use our email lists to make the majority of our income
  • What changed when April switched from a “quantity” to a “quality” mindset
  • How Mayi got 2,000+ new email subscribers in just one week without a pop up

Week 6 Mastermind Call

Designing Best-Sellers and Customer Service Wins and Fails

During this week of B-School, you’ll learn how to create outstanding products and services that practically sell themselves. We’ll continue this discussion by sharing our best-selling products and services with you, how we came up with those ideas and why they worked so well. We’ll also spend time letting you in on our most nightmarish client situations we’ve come across so you can make sure they never happen to you.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • How we’ve each built a loyal customer base who buy from us again and again
  • Our worst customer experiences so you can learn from them, never to repeat our nightmare scenarios
  • Our process for deciding what products and services to offer
  • How Mayi figured out her business needed a new direction and steps she took to make it happen

Week 7 Mastermind Call

How to Fall In Love with Marketing

If you fall into the ‘ugh-I-hate-marketing’ camp, we wanna help you learn to love it. If you’re not currently a fan, you probably haven’t found the right strategies for your business (or how to take those strategies and mold them for your business). We’ve got your back. We’ll help you figure out why what you’re doing isn’t working and how to change it.

In this call, we’ll cover:

  • Our top three marketing black belt strategies (none of which include paying for clicks)
  • Why we love marketing so much
  • How to craft and leverage an outreach system that feels in tune with your values and brand identity (that doesn’t take up all your free time and turns your biz from teeny tiny kiosk to an empire)

Week 8 Mastermind Call

Speaking Engagements, Interviews and Features

During this B-School implementation week, we’re taking this time to delve into some other areas of business we believe deserve extra attention. Want to get featured on the cover of a popular magazine? Want to learn how to land speaking engagements this year? We’re spilling all the details that helped us achieve these things in this call.

In this call, we cover:

  • How Mayi landed the cover story for one of the most popular magazines in the world, HOLA Magazine (think People Magazine but for the Spanish-speaking market)
  • How April got the opportunity to teach at CreativeLive and how she positioned herself as a leader in her niche
  • April’s experience of speaking in front of thousands of people
  • How to turn an interview opportunity into a money-making strategy

These live calls will be held on different days, at different times in order to give everyone multiple opportunities to join. If you can’t make a call, the calls will be recorded and you can submit questions via email ahead of time.

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You’ll also get access to a B-School Survival Guide we’ve created which includes 21 insanely practical and results-driven lessons that you’ll receive over the course of B-School, specifically designed to help you cruise through the program without having a nervous breakdown. This guide does not include extra homework. It does include gorgeous printables that will make your life so much easier!

Here are the chapter titles for each of the 21 lessons:

Chapter 1: Revamp Your Morning Routine for B-School

Chapter 2: Make the Most Out of B-School by Staying Present

Chapter 3: Set Intentions and Goals for B-School

Chapter 4: Reverse Engineer Your B-School Goals

Chapter 5: Get Quality Results by Quitting the “M” Word

Chapter 6: Stop the B-School All Nighters

Chapter 7: Get Acquainted with the 20-Second Rule

Chapter 8: Use Social Media to Succeed with B-School

Chapter 9: Refuel for the Rest of B-School

Chapter 10: Ditch ‘Email Drain’ for Good

Chapter 11: Learn the Top Email Organizing Technique

Chapter 12: Unplug for More B-School ‘A-ha’ Moments

Chapter 13: Hire It Out to Make More Time for Your Important Work

Chapter 14: De-Clutter Your Biz

Chapter 15: Organize Your Workspace

Chapter 16: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 17: Avoid Fake Work and Busy-ness

Chapter 18: Just Say No

Chapter 19: Schedule Epiphany Time

Chapter 20: Make Up Your Own Rules for Success

Chapter 21: Moving Forward After B-School

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You’ll become an instant member of a tight-knit group of likeminded individuals instead of a community of thousands. You might feel like you’re lost at some point during the B-School process, because there are thousands of women in it.

When we took B-School five years ago, the community was much much smaller and that closeness created within that group helped us tremendously. If you asked a question, you’d get a number of supportive, thoughtful answers. If you had an idea, you had a tribe to bounce it off of to get feedback.

We are recreating that cozy environment right here. When you join through our link, you’re getting the best of both worlds. With the B-School network, the connections are unlimited and opportunities are endless. With our elite B-School mastermind, you’ll have the support you need throughout the program. We’ve even invited a select group of our rockstar B-School grads to join in the fun because we believe that the group will highly benefit from having B-Schoolers at all stages of their business going through it.

You’ll feel like you found your wolfpack. A sisterhood who gets it.

Because we’ll be answering your questions each week during the mastermind calls, we won’t be in the Facebook group answering questions. We’ll definitely check in on you, but this group is for YOU to connect to each other and give each other support and feedback. (We stay on the weekly calls until all questions are answered so don’t worry…you will absolutely have the chance to get your questions answered by us.)

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We’re also sending you an exclusive present in the mail. An emblem that you belong to our gang. A little daily reminder that you are one of the few who is daring to show up GREATLY to do what is needed to make this world better.

We’ve gotten many requests from creatives who want to buy this mug from us, but joining B-School through our link is the only way to get this guy in your hands.




BSchool CreativeLive

For the FIRST 100 Women to Join Through Our Link

While planning this year’s bonus package, we decided that we wanted to do something different this year and reward the women who buy though us sooner rather than later. If you’re one of the first 100 women to join B-School through our affiliate link, you’ll get to access to one of April’s CreativeLive Courses. You’ll have the option to choose between: Build a Successful Creative Blog ($99 Value) and Create Digital Products that Sell While Sleep ($79 Value).

B-School is one of the best programs to take if you’re building an online business, but it can’t cover every single topic in depth. There is a module dedicated to blogging and Marie does cover some information about digital products, but April’s CreativeLive courses spend hours on these topics.

More Details on Build a Successful Creative Blog ($99 Value):

We all know that blogging is one of the best ways to market an online business, but lots of entrepreneurs struggle with figuring out what to blog about, how to get their blog posts in front of their target market and how to monetize their blogs. Build a Successful Creative Blog will help you over any of those hurdles and more.

Topics covered in Build a Successful Creative Blog:

  • Why you need to set and stick to blogging goals
  • How to get to know your ideal reader
  • How to attract your ideal reader with your content
  • How to make blogging more fun so you actually want to do it
  • Best blogging practices for success
  • How to develop a content plan
  • How to write with your own unique style and voice
  • Design tips
  • Copywriting 101 and beyond
  • How to write stories that entertain and sell
  • How to create professional-quality visuals for your blog
  • Taking your own photographs for your blog
  • Marketing through SEO and guest posting
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Promoting your blog with social media
  • How to grow your email list
  • The importance of building relationships
  • Balancing blogging and life

Reviews for Build a Successful Creative Blog:

“This course is truly excellent. Every minute is jam-packed with useful information, whether you’re a beginner or advanced blogger. April is an inspiring and engaging instructor, a woman whose success in the blogosphere speaks for itself!” -Jenna

“Ok, I was totally skeptical about even watching this class when it was being broadcast live, let alone buy it, but the more I watched it the more I was intrigued. I ended up buying it and all I can say is apart from 28 Days with Sue and Marketing Your Photography Business by Sal Cincotta have I seen a class this jam packed with great info! And I will admit that I even took more notes on this class than any other Creative Live class I own (and I own a lot). I took so many notes that I literally used up one and half ink pens (not even joking!). She leaves no stone unturned and provides a ton of slides and a great workbook to help you along the way. I didn’t walk away from this course thinking I wish she had went into more depth on something.” -CreativeLive Student

“This is definitely one of the best courses I’ve taken on CL, it is packed so full of information that every session is important. I’m glad I bought it so that I can go back and see the information again and again when I need it. Thank you April and CreativeLive!” -CreativeLive Student

More details on Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep ($79 Value):

If you’re delving into the world of creating and selling digital products such as ebooks, ecourses or downloadable prints or patterns, Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep will give you all the tools and information to build a business based on digital products.

Topics covered in Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep:

  • Why you should sell digital products
  • Case studies of creatives who sell digital products
  • Dealing with the ‘fraud complex’
  • How to pick the right products to create and sell
  • Logistics, planning for your product creation and pricing
  • Creating digital products from scratch
  • Getting your products in front of the right people (aka, the ones who want to buy your stuff)
  • Writing a sales page that actually sells
  • Creating a loyal customer base that practically sells for you
  • The importance of your launch
  • Dealing with success and failure
  • Your one-page marketing plan
  • The importance of continually selling

Reviews for Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep:

“The is one of the best online classes I have ever taken. April is positive, upbeat, knowledgeable, and so great at breaking things down. She seemed incredibly well prepared to teach this class. The class moved along at just the right speed. The bonus materials are excellent as well. If you have ever considered selling digital products and aren’t sure where to stop, this class is exactly where you need to be.” -Blair

“What a great course! It was so worth the effort of getting up at each day at 3.30 am here in Australia. I really connect with April’s teaching style and love the fact that she is promoting a way of doing business that is open and inclusive rather than secretive and competitive. Not to mention the fact that she provides so much fantastic and relevant content. Even though I am not yet ready to launch digital products I found the information invaluable in terms of showing me where what to aim for. Thank you so much April and CreativeLive!” -Caela

“I just have to say I was riveted to my seat for two days. I have 30 years business experience and a BSBA, but the way April presents decision-making and how-to’s for creative business entrepreneurs blew me away and increased my knowledge in a way I didn’t even see coming. One of the best courses I have taken and look forward to her next course. She’s my kind of people, because she gets it and passes it on!” -Suzi

If you’re one of the first 100 women to purchase B-School through our affiliate link, we’ll ask you which of the two courses you’d like to receive free access to and you’ll get access to that course at the end of B-School.

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For the FIRST 25 Women to Join Through Our Link

If you haven’t realized it by now, we’re all about rewards! We want to give those of you who leap with us right away another bonus. The first 25 women who register for B-School through our link will receive a digital copy of Life is Messy Kitchen® which will provide you with lots of yummy recipes that’ll keep you energized during B-School.


In a perfect world, we would all be drinking green smoothies (without spilling it on our clothes) and doing yoga poses and taking ourselves to spiritual retreats with Deepak Chopra and waiting until our “cheat day” to eat pizza. Yeeeeeah right. Life is messy!!!

Life is Messy Kitchen®: A Quirky Guide to Sane + Happy + Clean Eating features a treasure trove of 115 whole food lovin’ recipes, among them are gluten-free, sugar-free, plenty of vegan and fully raw options. There are fancy things to impress special (read: picky) guests and tasty basics for whip-up-in-no-time weekday meals and sneaky ways to add super ingredients to meals without the kids (or hubby) asking questions.

Every recipe is beautifully photographed and many come with step-by-step photo instructions and clever tips to remove all the guesswork from the equation. Who says you need to be a Food Network Star to cook like one?

Whether you are struggling to trade busy work for a hammock and fill your tote with fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market (after trying all the samples) or expand your definition of dinner with your man under a starry sky, this book is an invitation to reset our intention around food with a sense of humor, good appetite and a taste for adventure.


The Digital Kit Includes:

The complete digital bonanza!

A full version of the book in .PDF
A Quick Pocket Guide in .EPUB3
An Interactive Quick Pocket Guide in .PDF

If you’re one of the first 25 women to purchase B-School through us, you’ll receive your digital copy of Life is Messy Kitchen® within 48 hours of your purchase.

BSchool Progression

Who it is this bonus for?

It’s for out-of-box thinkers and creators and innovators!

Artists. Jewelry designers. Cupcake makers. Yoga Instructors. Writers. Magicians. Personal Trainers. Coaches. Speakers. People who truly want to make a contribution and generate really good money in the process.

If the video above made your butt come off your chair and dance, this is for you!

Operation World Domination is for the next generation of creative entrepreneurs doing business like a BOSS, on their own terms, while cultivating their most prized forms of currency: freedom and happiness.

Who it is this bonus NOT for?

It’s not for everyone.

It’s not for people who blame the economy for all their misfortunes.

It’s not for people who want get rich at any cost, selling products and not delivering on their promises. Yuck.

It’s not for copycats or sheep in the herd. This is not a dictatorship. We are NOT here to tattoo our philosophy on your forehead. This is a mastermind to have honest conversations about what we’ve experienced–what worked and what could’ve worked better, where we fell short and the pitfalls that no one sees or really talks about. All that tough stuff that you wish you had a place to explore and get support with. And in doing so, we are hoping to create a B-School experience like no other.

Week Titles-2

What makes us qualified to run this B-School mastermind?

Well, have you seen our faces on the B-School page, under the “success stories?” Yep, you’ll find them there. Mama Marie put them there. Right below Oprah’s picture. *Blush* We’ve done B-School five years in a row. That’s ten years of B-School knowledge between us–not to mention the lessons and stories and two thriving businesses to show for it.

Logistics (Super Important!)

You have to purchase B-School through our affiliate link in order to receive our bonus package. If you accidentally click a link on Twitter or Facebook or someone else’s blog post, you’ll show up as their referral–not ours. As soon as you purchase B-School through our affiliate link, forward your B-School receipt to and we’ll get you set up for everything within our bonus package.

There is NO ADDITIONAL charge. If you purchase B-School through our link, you will get access to our bonus package and receive a mug in the mail.

Week Titles-2

BSchool Happy Hour

Got questions?

We’re sure you do. We had millions of questions when we were considering B-School. Picture intense nail-biting, bank account staring, long conversations with our husbands and ice cream-binges. The process is intense. The decision is scary. We know. We know.

You might even be recycling your temptation to join from last year or even the year before that. Your thoughts are probably racing: “Everyone is doing it, I don’t want to fall behind.” “Am I ready?” and “What if I already know the material and I just need to apply it?”

We know the drill. That’s why we’re hosting a free Happy Hour to spill the beans about all things B-School and help you decide if B-School is the right fit for you. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. You won’t be able to resolve your B-School brain chatter until you ask. And we’re not suggesting you ask your grandma or your entire social network. Ask people you trust and respect and who know the B-School ins and outs.

On the call we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the B-School program and our B-School mastermind. Plus we’ll stick around for a laser round of Q&A, so come ready to tackle us with any hesitations or fears you might have about hopping the fence. It’s scary. We know this is a BIG deal, so we’ll come prepared to tell you the truth about EVERYTHING…even if it’s not what you’re hoping to hear. We truly want you to make the right decision for yourself. We’re on your side one-hundred percent.


CLICK TO TWEET: We’re hosting a FREE Happy Hour to spill the beans about all things B-School – @blacksburgbelle @mayicarles

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