25 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors for Your Home Interiors

25 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors for Your Home Interiors

Blue-gray paint colors are becoming increasingly popular by the day. But while there are many options, how do you know the best ones for your home interiors? It can be difficult to sift through the wide array and pick the most suitable ones.

However, we have made a list and explained the 25 best blue-gray paint colors for the interior of your home. These paint colors are from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, so you know they are some of the best from the pool. Follow us as we explore this selection and help you choose.

What Is a Blue Gray Paint Color?

Blue-gray paint color is typically blue and gray. Some blue-gray paint colors are more gray than blue, while others are more blue than gray. This color has another name: livid. This name is not hugely popular and usually means something else.

But it is derived from the Latin word lividus, which means ‘a dull leaden-blue color’. Most blue-gray paint colors are considered cool colors because of the presence of the two colors. Blue and gray are usually cool colors, and combining them only produces cooler colors.

Another point about blue-gray paint colors is how beautifully they act as neutrals. This is particularly applicable to those with more gray than blue. Looking more like slate with a hint of blue, they hold up well with other neutrals and fit well with vibrant colors.

Where Is the Best Place to Use Blue Gray Paint Colors Inside Your House?

Bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and nurseries are only a few of the places where blue-gray paint colors. Remember that this color comes in various shades, so you have options for these places. They are also a great choice for trims, accent walls, and cabinetry if you are bold.

25 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors for the Interiors of Your Home

The following are the best options for blue-gray paint colors you can use in different rooms within your home:

13 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

1. Icicle SW 6238

1. Icicle SW 6238

Light blue-gray paint color

This color looks more like light violet with blue undertones than blue-gray. But it is a beautiful color that fits so well into a bathroom or powder room. It may be too light for cabinets, but the choice is up to you.

1. Icicle SW 623801 The paint on this kitchen wall is Sherwin William’s Icicle, but it blends well with the white and cream cabinets and accent wall. Consider coordinating it with Maison Blanche, Pure White, or Windsor Greige. Icicle has an LRV of 73 and an RGB color code of 219, 223, and 224 respectively.1. Icicle SW 623802

2. North Star SW 6246

2. North Star SW 6246

Cool light blue paint color with gray undertones

North Star is a bright but light blue-gray paint color that lights up any room. It is primarily blue, making it light and airy, but the slate gray undertones produce a calming effect. Gray gives it a grounding effect so it is not too vibrant. This is an excellent choice for bathrooms or bedrooms.2. North Star SW 624601 You can coordinate it with a dark gray like Cadet or light colors like Alabaster and Quicksilver. North Star has an RGB color code of 202, 208, and 210 respectively, and an LRV of 62. This is one of the lightest shades of blue-gray from Sherwin Williams.2. North Star SW 624602

3. Gray Screen SW 7071

3. Gray Screen SW 7071

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

Get playful with this light blue-gray paint color. You can let your creative side free and coordinate it with various light and dark colors, such as Studio Blue Green, White Hyacinth, and Site White. This blue has clear gray undertones that add some coolness to it.3. Gray Screen SW 707101 With an LRV of 59 and an RGB color value of 198, 202, and 202 respectively, Gray Screen can also act as a neutral. That is part of our love for this shade; it is a blank canvas where you can play with colors. It is the perfect shade for your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room.3. Gray Screen SW 707102

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4. Krypton SW 6247

4. Krypton SW 6247

Cool blue-gray paint color with slate undertones

This shade reminds us of the atmosphere. It would have been too light and airy without the slate-gray undertones. These undertones also add a bit of neutrality to the color and make it a wonderful shade for just about any room.4. Krypton SW 624701
You can use it in your study, den, living room, or kitchen. Your bedroom or the children’s room may also enjoy this color because of its closeness to neutrality. It has an LRV of 52 and an RGB value of 184, 192, and 195 respectively. Consider coordinating it with colors such as Tarnished Trumpet, Greek Villa, and Quicksilver.4. Krypton SW 624702

5. Online SW 7072

5. Online SW 7072

Cool neutral blue-gray paint color

Online paint color is sleek and classy, perfect for any setting because of how neutral it is. That is not all; this color has blue-gray undertones, a shade that works well with blues, grays, and whites.5. Online SW 707201
With an LRV of 45 and an RGB value of 176, 181, and 181 respectively, you may coordinate this color with Connected Gray, Alabaster, and Site White. It is the perfect backdrop for many other colors.5. Online SW 707202

6. Bracing Blue SW 6242

6. Bracing Blue SW 6242

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

An undeniable blue-gray paint color, Bracing Blue adds a hint of sophistication and serenity to an otherwise boisterous decor. It is a crisp blue with gray undertones that only tone the vibrancy down a notch. You cannot go wrong with it because of the combination of two excellent colors.6. Bracing Blue SW 624201
Bracing Blue has an RGB color balance of 118, 139, and 154 respectively, and an LRV of 25. It is a pretty cool color, so it may work better with lighter blues such as Icicle, or deep colors like Double Latte.6. Bracing Blue SW 624202

7. Distance SW 6243

7. Distance SW 6243

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

Take the seriousness away from the decor in your home by adding this blue-gray color. While it may look somber, the gray undertones give it a little lift to create beauty and depth. Give it a try in your dining room or bedroom and see how well it plays with white or light gray.7. Distance SW 624301 Distance has an LRV of 15, which is pretty low, and an RGB color balance of 93, 111, and 127 respectively. This means you need light colors to complement it. Wood tones are also a delight when paired with it. Coordinate it with Chatura Gray, Gossamer Veil, and Icicle.7. Distance SW 624302

8. Rock Candy SW 6231

8. Rock Candy SW 6231

Cool blue with a hint of white

Ok, so this color is in the white paint family, but it has blue tones with just a hint of gray. Do you know what this means? It can work in the place of white, light blue, or gray, a perfect neutral shade. In other words, other neutrals and vibrant colors pair well with it.8. Rock Candy SW 623101 Coordinate it with In the Navy, Dustblu, or Pure White for the best results. Combining all these colors may be ideal for your decor in a nursery or bathroom because the paint color has an LRV of 75, which is quite bright. It also has an RGB color balance of 222, 225, and 223 respectively.8. Rock Candy SW 623102

9. Misty SW 6232

9. Misty SW 6232

Cool blue with slate gray undertones

Whenever you want a bit of color with your neutrals, you do not have to stick to the usual off-white or gray. Consider this cool blue with obvious gray undertones because it is the perfect balance between soft and sophisticated. Use it as a bedroom or bathroom color if you want a different look.9. Misty SW 623201 Keep your bedroom or living room airy and soft, or use the color as the backdrop for the theme of a nursery. Misty has an LRV of 64, and an RGB color code of 205, 210, and 210 respectively. Consider coordinating it with Convivial Yellow, Dover White, or Rock Candy.9. Misty SW 623202

10. Evening Shadow SW 7662

10. Evening Shadow SW 7662

Cool blue with neutral tones

Create a relaxed environment around you with this cool and settled neutral blue-gray. Typically a light blue color, Evening Shadow lives true to its name with a hint of gray mixed in with the blue. However, an RGB value of 210, 204, and 205 respectively means the color has a neutral base that makes it easy to use with other colors.10. Evening Shadow SW 766201
Evening Shadow has an LRV of 60 and the best colors to coordinate it with are Daphne, Shell White, and Ice Cube. These are also light colors but consider throwing in one or two vibrant colors, such as red or yellow.10. Evening Shadow SW 766202

11. Upward SW 6239

11. Upward SW 6239

Light blue-gray paint color with neutral tones

If you want the calmness that comes with neutral tones without the usual blandness, Upward is your go-to color. While it is pretty light, there is a hint of blue-gray that playfully surfaces, especially when placed side by side with white or similar colors.11. Upward SW 623901 Coordinate it with Natural Linen, Extra White, or Icicle for the most striking effect. It has an LRV of 57, and an RGB color balance of 191, 201, and 208 respectively. It is best suited to bathrooms and bedrooms.11. Upward SW 623902

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12. Jubilee SW 6248

12. Jubilee SW 6248

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

This is one of the best representations of a true light blue-gray paint color if ever there was one. It is a beautiful and relaxed shade that pairs well with white, brown, and other neutrals, as Highland Homes show in this bedroom decor.12. Jubilee SW 624801In some lighting, the color throws up more gray than blue, but in bright light, it is blue. With an RGB color value of 173, 181, and 185 respectively, and an LRV of 45, consider matching it with Cyclamen, which is a bright color, or Alabaster and Quicksilver.12. Jubilee SW 624802

13. Daphne SW 9151

13. Daphne SW 9151

Neutral blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

White is the best color that works with this color, but light gray or off-white may also blend well with it. Daphne has neutral tones, so you do not have to struggle with colors or decor choices. It is a sweet color for a nursery, accent wall, cabinet, trims, or entire walls.13. Daphne SW 915101
It has an LRV of 35, which means it is closer to the dark end of the color spectrum. With an RGB color code of 137, 156, and 170 respectively, Daphne is more blue than any other color. Therefore, Dress Blues, Drift of Mist, or Icicle are ideal coordinating colors.13. Daphne SW 915102

12 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

1. Breath of Fresh Air 806

1. Breath of Fresh Air 806

Cool blue-gray paint color with hints of gray

This color looks like powder blue but has a hint of gray and green under it. Because of its lightness, Breath of Fresh Air is perfect for powder rooms, nurseries, and cabinets. You can combine it with other colors to create the perfect decor.1. Breath of Fresh Air 80601 It has an RGB of 201, 221, and 229 respectively, and an LRV of 69.09. You can match it with Violetta, Frostine, Rock Gray, or Paper White for amazing results.1. Breath of Fresh Air 80602

2. Blue Lace 1625

2. Blue Lace 1625

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

At first glance, this paint color is light blue. But on closer inspection, you can see hints of gray peeping from just under the surface. It is a beautiful color for any decor if you know how to pair it well. Consider whites, creams, or off-white shades if you use this color for bedrooms or bathrooms.2. Blue Lace 162501 Add warmth by using artificial lighting when possible. It truly changes the look and feel of the paint color. Blue Lace has an LRV of 66.11 and an RGB color value of 208, 216, and 217 respectively. Coordinate it with Rockport Gray, Chantilly Lace, Sabre Gray, or Oxford White.2. Blue Lace 162502

3. Smoke 2122-40

3. Smoke 2122-40

Mild blue-gray paint color with hints of green

Blue-gray paint colors do not have to be just that: blue and gray. Hints of green, as you can see in this color, spice up them to produce a minty look. The green undertones are not readily visible, but in certain exposures, you may notice them.3. Smoke 2122-4001 Since it is a light color with unique hints, Wind’s Breath, Cloud Cover, Steel Wool, and Chantilly Lace make the best matching colors. It has an LRV of 56.39 and an RGB color balance of 186, 200, and 201 respectively.3. Smoke 2122-4002

4. Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-50

4. Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-50

Cool blue-gray paint color

Wake to the feeling of freshness and crispiness with this paint color. It is a lovely light blue with gray under it to reduce the possibility of being too chalky or bright. It looks more blue than gray in some light, while other lighting makes it appear more gray than blue.4. Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-5001
Pike’s Peak Gray has an RGB color balance of 160, 170, and 177 respectively, and an LRV of 39.38. Consider coordinating it with Day’s End, Classic Gray, White Diamond, and White Dove. This color fits bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries.4. Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-5002

5. Pilgrim Haze 2132-50

5. Pilgrim Haze 2132-50

Slightly cool blue-gray paint color

Pilgrim Haze is a type of blue-gray paint color that has more gray than blue. The undertones hint at blue, but it is only a little. It is a great color that works exceptionally well with white trims to accentuate the blue-gray color.5. Pilgrim Haze 2132-5001Consider pairing it with Pale Pink Satin, Chantilly Lace, Nocturnal Gray, or Winter Gray. These colors work best with it because it has an RGB color code of 158, 167, and 173 respectively, and an LRV of 37.75.5. Pilgrim Haze 2132-5002

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6. Water’s Edge 1635

6. Water’s Edge 1635

Cool blue paint with slightly gray undertones

Have you heard of Old World blue? If not, this is a picture of that color; it reminds you of vintage rooms and halls in eras of old. But it is making a comeback, and we love how well it blends with other colors.6. Water’s Edge 163501 Pair it with colors such as Natural Wicker, Simply White, Antique Jade, and Dove Wing. This is particularly applicable because the color has an LRV of 31.48, so it needs a little brightness. Also, it has an RGB value of 134, 152, and 158 respectively.6. Water’s Edge 163502

7. Providence Blue 1636

7. Providence Blue 1636

Cool blue-gray paint color with dark gray undertones

Providence Blue is a wonderful color to work into any decor. It is cool and calm, reminding you of calm waters on a sunny day. The gray tone of this cool blue makes it crisp and sophisticated so that it can transform any room.7. Providence Blue 163601 It is the best color for cabinets, entire walls, front doors, and entryways. You can also use it for dining rooms or bedrooms, or even exteriors because of its deep color. Match it with Horizon, Barren Plain, Simply White, or Beach Glass.7. Providence Blue 163602

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Cool dark blue-gray paint color with gray tones

If there ever was a full-bodied blue-gray paint color to make you feel cozy, it is Gentleman’s Gray. This paint color is rich and deep, fitting for a stately dining room or cabinetry. It is also great for accent walls if already have light-colored paint around the room.8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-2001 Therefore, coordinate it with light colors such as Charmeuse, Gardenia, Stormy Sunday, or Chalk White. Gentleman’s Gray has an LRV of 7.26, a low light reflectance value because of the black infused into the color. It also has an RGB color code of 48, 70, and 86 respectively.8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-2002

9. Iceberg 2122-50

9. Iceberg 2122-50

Cool blue-gray paint color with gray undertones

Iceberg is one of the lightest blue-gray colors on our list. There is a reason it is called iceberg; it paints a picture of a great mountain of ice in remote places. However, it is not so bright that it has no color; Iceberg brings a little color to a neutral setting.9. Iceberg 2122-5001 Whether you use a lot of natural light or artificial light, this color is bright enough to stand alone. This is because of its LRV of 71.1. It has an RGB color code of 214, 224, and 224 respectively, and pairs well with African Violet, Cumulus Cloud, Cloud White, and Snow White. Heather Scott Home & Design uses the paint so well in this bedroom decor.9. Iceberg 2122-5002

10. Beacon Gray 2128-60

10. Beacon Gray 2128-60

Cool blue-gray paint color

Go blue or go home, as they say. That is true of this color because it is a good alternative for neutrals but with a splash of color. You can see a hint of purple in this paint color, but it is very subtle.10. Beacon Gray 2128-6001 With an LRV of 65.92 and an RGB color value of 205, 215, and 222, Beacon Gray coordinates well with colors such as Flint, Chantilly Lace, Frostine, and Vanilla Milkshake.10. Beacon Gray 2128-6002

11. Silver Gray 2131-60

11. Silver Gray 2131-60

Cool gray paint color with blue-green undertones

This color is indeed more gray than blue, but we still like how it incorporates blue and green to create a perfect blend of colors. This is why it made our list. We also like how it is light enough to fit the place of white with only a hint of color. Still, you can use white decor along with it and have an airy room.11. Silver Gray 2131-6001 If you are unsure what colors go well with it, check out Benjamin Moore’s Wild Flower, Kasbah, Steam, and Distant Gray. Silver Gray has an LRV of 60.27 and an RGB color balance of 196, 207, and 210 respectively.11. Silver Gray 2131-6002

12. Slate Blue 1648

12. Slate Blue 1648

Cool blue-gray with hints of green

Slate Blue is a beautiful blue-gray paint color that changes its hues with different lighting. True to its name, this color is the same color as slate blue, which means it is a perfect blend of blue and gray. The green hint in it only makes it more interesting.12. Slate Blue 1648 (2) Consider pairing it with browns and other neutrals in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Alternatively, coordinate it with Rustic Taupe, Kendall Charcoal, Wickham Gray, or Gray Mist. Slate Blue has an LRV of 43.21 and an RGB color code of 155, 177, and 187 respectively.12. Slate Blue 1648


Choosing blue-gray paint colors can be challenging with many options available. But with this guide, you are sure to find the perfect shade for your interiors, whether it is a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, or cabinetry.

Go through the 25 amazing options from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to select one or more. And if you have already used these paint colors for your home or others, we would like to hear from you in the comments section.

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