17 Best Paint Colors to Go with a Brick Fireplace

17 Best Paint Colors to Go with a Brick Fireplace
Brick fireplaces are an excellent addition to any home decor, but they can stand out in your home if you do not use the right paint color to go with them. If you are about to install a new brick fireplace or already have one, it is time to find the perfect color to complement it.

We explain how different paint colors work with brick colors, and which colors go well with them. This article narrows our paint choices to the 17 best ones from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. This small list will make selection easier and quicker for you without compromising quality and sophistication.

Are Brick Colors Cool or Warm?

Brick colors can be cool or warm. There are different colors of bricks, and picking one paint color for them is a challenge. But you can narrow your choices based on the colors and tones. Brick colors can be red, black, white, orange, yellow, brown, tan, or gray.

These are the basic colors, but there are usually shades and hues from these colors. Based on this, red, brown, orange, and yellow brick colors are warm-toned, while white and gray brick colors are cool-toned. These tones can help you determine what paint colors are best to use for the brick fireplace in your home.

What Undertones Does Brick Have?

These brick colors usually have undertones. So, apart from the warm or cool tones, the undertones can also help you select the right paint color for a brick fireplace. For brown brick, you may find light or dark ones. At other times, the brown brick is a combination of light and dark brown.

If your brick fireplace is made of brown brick, it is best to use beige, tan, cream, and white paint colors. And if the brick color is too light, consider using dark colors to add contrast. Darker brown bricks can work better with light neutrals to bring the same contrast. Do not use any dark colors for light or dark brown bricks.

For a fireplace with red bricks, the bricks typically have purple/red or orange/red undertones. Red bricks with purple undertones tend to be darker than other types, so light neutral paint colors like tan, gray, or beige are excellent choices.

Red bricks with orange undertones are vibrant. Therefore, tan or warm gray paint colors are ideal. You may want to add vibrant colors to the decor, such as sage green, turquoise, or blue.

The last ones to consider are gray or tan bricks. These are not as common as red or brown bricks, but they are getting increasingly popular. If your fireplace has gray bricks, tan bricks, or a combination of both, the color scheme you use does not matter.

Lighter neutrals like gray and tan are easy to blend into any decor. But you may find that purple and blue tones are some of the best colors for gray brick fireplaces.

17 Best Paint Colors to Pair with a Brick Fireplace

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the best paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to fit your brick fireplace based on our explanation above.

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9 Best Sherwin Williams Paint Colors for Brick Fireplaces

1. Natural Tan SW 7567

1. Natural Tan SW 7567

Warm tan paint color for the red brick fireplace

Natural Tan is a fantastic neutral color that performs so well on any wall. While it is categorized in the yellow color family, this paint color has a little green-gray undertone to keep it from being too warm. And because of this, it is ideal for a red brick fireplace.

1. Natural Tan SW 7567

With an RGB color code of 220, 210, and 195 respectively and an LRV of 65, Natural Tan is one of the best neutrals on our list. Coordinate it with colors such as Rare Gray, Westhighland White, and Alabaster.

1. Natural Tan SW 7567 (2)

2. Dovetail SW 7018

2. Dovetail SW 7018

Warm gray paint color for a red brick fireplace

Although it is a relatively dark gray paint color, Dovetail presents a mid-contrast for red brick fireplaces. And although it is warm, the color is still soft enough to play into the red color of the brick fireplace.

2. Dovetail SW 7018

It is one color that can anchor brighter and more vibrant colors or stand alone as a palette cleanser. It has an LRV of 26 and an RB color code of 144, 138, and 131 respectively. Because of this, it is best to coordinate it with Inky Blue, Skyline Steel, or Eider White.

2. Dovetail SW 7018 (2)

3. Web Gray SW 7075

3. Web Gray SW 7075

Gray paint color for a red brick fireplace

The obvious charcoal undertones of this paint color make it ideal for a red brick fireplace. In truth, Web Gray is a perfect neutral for any brick color, especially because of the charcoal hue in it. The color brings some energy and depth into the room, beautifully contrasting with the fireplace.

3. Web Gray SW 7075

Web Gray is a suitable neutral for interiors and exteriors. It has an RGB color code of 97, 102, and 105 respectively, with an LRV of 13. Consider coordinating it with White Raisin, Greek Villa, or Site White for the best results.

3. Web Gray SW 7075 (2)

4. Anew Gray SW 7030

4. Anew Gray SW 7030

Mid-tone gray paint color for a brown brick fireplace

A brown brick fireplace needs a balanced neutral, and Anew Gray is the right choice. The warm stone undertone brings the brown color of the brick to life without making it too warm. The best part of this color is that you can use it in any room.

4. Anew Gray SW 7030

Anew Gray has an LRV of 47 and an RGB color code of 191, 180, and 172 respectively. To make the color perform best even for a brown brick fireplace, coordinate it with Little Blue Box, Pure White, and Incredible White.

4. Anew Gray SW 7030 (2)

5. Loggia SW 7506

5. Loggia SW 7506

Beige-gray paint color for a brown brick fireplace

If you want a paint color to tone down the brown color of the brick fireplace, Loggia is one paint color to consider. It produces a striking effect when paired with deep browns, reds, or light neutrals, but tones down lighter browns without overdoing warmth.

5. Loggia SW 7506

Create a warm yet calm look in your living room or bedroom with Loggia. It has an LRV of 48 and an RGB color code of 196, 183, and 165 respectively. Coordinate it with Toile Red, Moth Wing, or Aesthetic White.

5. Loggia SW 7506 (2)

6. Repose Gray SW 7015

6. Repose Gray SW 7015

Light gray paint color for a purple-red brick fireplace

This warm gray reminds you of a quiet and peaceful place. Its coziness is not compromised by the color and it fits any color scheme. Because of its neutrality and tranquility, Repose Gray is highly popular and is perfect for a vibrant purple or purple-red brick fireplace.

6. Repose Gray SW 7015

This peaceful color reflects just enough light to keep from being a moody color, having an LRV of 58. It also has an RGB color code of 204, 201, and 192 respectively. Coordinate with colors such as Coral Clay, Pavestone, and Eider White.

6. Repose Gray SW 7015 (2)

7. Argos SW 7065

7. Argos SW 7065

Medium gray paint color for a purple brick fireplace

A perfectly neutral balance is one of the top attributes of any color, and Argos achieves it. This color has an RGB color code of 189, 189, and 183 respectively. That means it can fit any color and has only a slight undertone. You will only notice a slightly blue hue to it under certain lighting.

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7. Argos SW 7065

With an LRV of 51, you may want to pair Argos with colors like Pale Moss, Tin Lizzie, and Nebulous White, all from Sherwin Wiliams. You can also choose other colors to coordinate or complement this gray color and make it pop.

7. Argos SW 7065 (2)

8. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

8. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

Dark gray paint color for a purple-toned brick fireplace

With greige undertones, this paint color will look striking when paired with a purple-toned brick fireplace. You must also consider other elements in the room and ensure they do not clash with the undertones or overtones of the color of choice, including Gauntlet Gray.

8. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

Gauntlet Gray has an LRV of 17, which is pretty low and dark, and an RGB color code of 120, 115, and 110 respectively. Consider coordinating it with Armagnac, Repose Gray, or Eider White for excellent results.

8. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 (2)

9. Nebulous White SW 7063

9. Nebulous White SW 7063

White paint color for a red brick fireplace

Grays are not the only neutrals that work with different brick colors. Whites are undoubtedly an excellent choice, and Nebulous White is one such color. With its light blue undertone, this paint color fits so well with a red brick fireplace because of how it mutes the vibrant red color.

9. Nebulous White SW 7063

Svelte Sage, Greek Villa, and Pure White are some of the best colors with which to coordinate Nebulous White. The color has an LRV of 74, which means it reflects a lot of light. It also has an RGB color code of 222, 223, and 220 respectively.

9. Nebulous White SW 7063 (2)

8 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors to Pair with a Brick Fireplace

1. Collingwood OC-28

1. Collingwood OC-28

Gray paint color for a red brick fireplace

Collingwood is an appealing gray paint color with subtle purple undertones. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for red brick fireplaces. And while it is a slightly cool color, it does not rub off against the red color of the brick. But you must keep in mind the color scheme in the decor before using it.

1. Collingwood OC-28

With an RGB color value of 211, 206, and 196 respectively, Collingwood looks great with many colors, including neutrals. It has an LRV of 61.52, so match it with colors like White Heron and Amazon Soil or Steam and Silhouette, all from Benjamin Moore.

1. Collingwood OC-28 (2)

2. Ballet White OC-9

2. Ballet White OC-9

Off-white paint color for a brown brick fireplace

This color works for a light brown brick fireplace with a slightly yellow hue because of its greige/tan base. But it will not suit a brown brick fireplace with pink tones as the colors will clash. However, it is a great neutral that brings just enough color to make any decor look warm.

2. Ballet White OC-9

Ballet White has an RGB color balance of 229, 222, and 208 respectively, and a high LRV of 71.97. Coordinate it with other Benjamin Moore colors like White Dove and Pashmina or Puritan Gray and Kendall Charcoal.

2. Ballet White OC-9 (2)

3. Simply White OC-117

3. Simply White OC-117

Warm white paint color to contrast a red brick fireplace

This bright white paint color is suitable for contrasting the rich red of the brick fireplace. And while we are talking about brick fireplaces, we would also like to mention that Simply White is one of the best neutrals to coordinate or complement other neutrals or vibrant colors.

3. Simply White OC-117

With an LRV of 89.52, Simply White has a high capacity to reflect light. This should help with contrasting the brick fireplace, making it less obvious if that is the result you want. With an RGB color code of 246, 246, and 237 respectively, coordinate this color with others like Dove Wing and Somerville Red or Silver Satin and Casco Bay.

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3. Simply White OC-117 (2)

4. Maritime White 963

4. Maritime White 963

Wam beige paint color for pink/salmon-toned brick fireplace

This warm beige with gray undertones can also give off a slightly pink hue in certain lighting. Because of this, it is one of the ideal colors for pink or salmon-colored brick fireplaces. Maritime White adds a sophisticated look to any decor.

4. Maritime White 963

It has an RGB color code of 229, 222, and 206 respectively. This code shows that Maritime White has more red in it than green and blue, accounting for the warm tone. Coordinate it with colors like Cloud White and Broken Arrow or Simply White and Palladian Blue.

4. Maritime White 963 (2)

5. Classic Gray OC-23

5. Classic Gray OC-23


Light gray paint color for a purple-toned brick fireplace

Classic Gray can also function as an off-white paint color with slightly purple undertones. That is why it is a good idea to use it for a fireplace made of purple or pink-toned bricks. The color will mute the sharpness of the bricks without overwhelming the existing decor.

5. Classic Gray OC-23

With an LRV of 73.67 and an RGB color code of 227, 224, and 215 respectively, consider coordinating Classic Gray with Simply White and Indian River or Stone Harbor and Stone Brown. You can also use the color for other parts of your home, including the kitchen and living room.

5. Classic Gray OC-23 (2)

6. Cedar Key 982

6. Cedar Key 982

Beige paint color for a purple-toned brick fireplace

Cedar Key has a bit of a gray-taupe hue that makes it suitable for bricks that are purple or pink–toned. It tones down the bricks and creates a more modern and sophisticated look in the room.

6. Cedar Key 982

Cedar Key works well in any lighting, especially because it has a relatively high LRV of 61.05. And with an RGB color balance of 215, 206, and 191 respectively, coordinate this color with Seapearl and Waynesboro Taupe or White Down and Potters Clay.


7. Pale Oak OC-20

7. Pale Oak OC-20

Light taupe paint color for a pink-toned brick fireplace

Pale Oak is a soft neutral that gives off warm gray undertones and violet-pink ones in different types of lighting. Whichever you see, the paint color pairs well with pink or purple-toned brick fireplaces. It also makes the room airier, lighter, and warmer.

7. Pale Oak OC-20

Pale Oak has an RGB color value of 222, 216, and 205 respectively. This means it has more red than green or blue, explaining its warmth. And with an LRV of 68.64, the best colors to match it with include Dinner Party and Wrought Iron or Chantilly Lace and Timber Wolf.

7. Pale Oak OC-20 (2)

8. Chelsea Gray HC-168

8. Chelsea Gray HC-168

Deep gray paint color for a yellow or orange brick fireplace

It may not look like it, but Chelsea Gray is a paint color that tames the wildness of yellow or orange bricks. Its brownish-violet undertones give it a rich depth that adds character and changes the look of the decor.

8. Chelsea Gray HC-168

Chelsea Gray is one of the most popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore, and the reason is not hidden. With an RGB color code of 134, 132, and 124 respectively, it is almost perfectly balanced. So, it works with many color schemes, whether warm or cool-toned. It has an LRV of 23.33, so coordinate it with brighter hues like Concord Ivory and Lemon Chiffon or Angelica and Sanctuary.

8. Chelsea Gray HC-168 (2)


Having a brick fireplace in your living room or bedroom adds a rustic and authentic country look to your decor. However, that decor can be marred if you use the wrong color scheme to complement the brick color.

We have researched and reviewed a few colors to match several brick colors. So, you are sure to find something for your pin or purple-toned red, orange, gray, or brown bricks. More importantly, use this as a guide to select other colors similar to what we have on this list.

What colors have you used to go with your brick fireplace? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section.

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