10 Best Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors (Trend 2023)

Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors

In the world of decor and colors, I have always found it interesting that gray paint colors have healthy demand. So much so that we have got several Sherwin Williams’ choices to choose from based on what our space or home needs.

While this sounds great, it poses a challenge for anyone looking to make a decision; what are the best Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors? Lucky for you, I have compiled a comprehensive list on this topic to present you with ten awesome choices.

Experts have long concluded that gray paint colors, including the ones that fall on the dark side, can’t go out of style. As such, you can rest assured that this list consists of trendy dark grays for 2023 and even for the coming years.

Gray Paint Colors

Despite the wide range of white and black paint colors, grays are easily the next best for neutrals. In fact, they can yield better results in several settings and theme because of their versatility and vibe.

Depending on properties like LRV, undertones, and temperature, gray paint colors come in different types. However, they’ve easily become the go-to paint color for homeowners and for good reason. Gray paint colors offer a safe option for rooms and spaces because of the high tendency to coordinate with any other color you have in mind.

With the absence of sharp colors, gray paint colors offer a ‘blank slate’ of some sort upon with you can build your decor. Whether you choose to use them as a backdrop or anchor for other more energetic colors, you will grays fully capable.

Dark Gray Paint Colors

When it comes to categorizing paint colors based on their shade or lightness, the LRV comes into play. LRV refers to a color’s Light Reflectance Value, indicating how strongly it reflects light.

On a scale of 0 – 100, lower values indicate darker colors, and higher values indicate lighter colors. The same applies to grays, as we can identity light and dark gray paint colors based on this grouping.

Dark gray paint colors have low LRVs but more depth than the lighter ones. As such, they can add a bold and sophisticated vibe to your space. However, these gray types perform poorly in dimly lit spaces or rooms.

The reason is that lower LRVs means the paint color absorbs more light than it reflects. This means that dark gray paint colors will reduce the brightness of spaces with limited lighting, giving them a moody or gloomy look.

If you want a dark gray in dim spaces, pair them with lighter colors to balance things out.

On the upside, no dark gray paint color will ever wash out in bright light. Apart from undertones showing up, your dark neutrals will always maintain their looks.

Types of Dark Gray Paint Colors

Generally, gray paint colors have a neutral temperature reading. However, factors like undertones and color components can push or pull the paint color towards a warm or cool reading.

Dark gray paint colors that read warm have violet or green undertones that influence their overall reading. In case you’re wondering, green comes in two forms which are warm and cool. Green colors with a little yellow in them fall on the warm side. Since violet reads warm, its presence will tilt the already neutral gray in the warm direction.

On the other hand, dark paint colors that read cool have blue and green undertones that make them lean more to the cool side. These undertones are mostly blended; you can discern them separately in certain settings or lighting. However, some display these undertones separately and under specific conditions or settings.

Pros and Cons of Using Dark Gray

Like every other paint color, dark grays have amazing benefits for interior and exterior decor. However, they also have some downsides you should know before using them in your home or space.



Dark gray paint colors offer significantly more depth than lighter versions. They can also function as anchors for brighter and colorful decor in any space. Their depths also add a sense of sophistication and sometimes mystery to spaces.

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Filling Up Spaces

Their low LRVs make them absorb more light than brighter gray paint colors. As such, these gray types reduce the light in spaces, making them appear smaller than usual. It can be quite useful in filling up large spaces in the right setting.


It is common knowledge that gray paint colors have amazing versatility, and the dark types are not exempted. Regardless of whether they read warm or cool, dark gray paint colors have solid compatibility with a wide range of colors, especially brighter ones. They also pair nicely with lighter gray paint colors!


Dark gray paint colors can help to increase focus because of the absence of bright and distracting vibes. They also add a sense of calm to any space. This is one of the reasons why you will encounter them in studies, studios, and even bedrooms.


Gloomy Look

When used incorrectly or in unsuitable spaces or rooms, dark gray paint colors can assume a gloomy or moody look. The best way to avoid this result is to pair them up with brighter colors, even lighter grays, in a monochromatic setting or decor.

Low LRVs

Dark gray paint colors with very low LRVs perform poorly in dimly lit spaces. The reason is that since they reduce the brightness of any space by default, using them in any room that has limited lighting will make it appear even darker. This reinforces the earlier point I stated.

Room Size

Remember that dark gray paint colors can make spaces appear smaller. Using them in already small rooms can give an impression of an even more restricted space. One way to avoid this is to add more lighting to the room or simply use them elsewhere.

Lesser Versatility

While they coordinate well with several other paint colors, dark grays generally have lesser versatility compared to medium-toned and lighter grays. However, the difference can be quite negligible for some.

Picking the Right Dark Gray Paint Color

With the number of available Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint colors, it isn’t uncommon to get a little overwhelmed when trying to pick the right one for your space. However, I will cover some factors that can help you choose easily.

You can also perceive them as steps to take when trying to select a dark gray paint color for your room or space.

Room Size

Although dark gray paint colors make spaces appear smaller, the ones that read warm do it more. That means if your room looks huge, and you want a neutral that can fill the space a little bit more, consider a warm dark gray paint color.

On the other hand, you should avoid using these sort of colors alone in small spaces or rooms. Consider adding a lighter neutral to the space to make it look bigger.


Not every dark gray paint color looks the same, and each fit perfectly into different decor and themes. Also, the undertones can make one suitable for an aquatic theme, while another will look more natural in earthy decor.

Generally, the theme you intend to adopt decides the color scheme and neutral you will use in your space or room. As such, it plays a huge role in deciding the dark gray you will choose, if it permits such.

Room Orientation and Function

In case you don’t know, your room’s location can influence how paint colors will look, especially at different times of the year. North-facing rooms generally have cool natural lighting that will bring out the blue in almost any gray paint color that has it.

On the other hand, South-facing rooms tend to have warmer natural lighting, strengthening any green or violet present in the dark gray.

When it comes to room function, dark gray paint colors have a calming effect that goes great in bedrooms. They will also perform well in a study or studio but less so in kitchens, basements, and corridors.

The reason is that these spaces work better with lighter colors, which helps them look airy, cheerful, and larger.


Light interacts with every paint color to determine their appearance at any given time. It does so based on their LRVs and undertones; dark gray paint colors are no exception. With Light Reflectance Values that fall on the dark side of the scale, these neutrals absorb more light than they reflect.

Like I mentioned earlier, if your room or space has limited access to light, avoid using dark colors. Or better still, pair them with brighter colors.

On the other hand, undertones can come out to play depending on the lighting in the room. Whether natural or artificial, you will notice these colors pop out at times, which can come as a surprise.

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This leads to the next point in this section.

Swatch Tests

It is important that you perform a swatch test after selecting your desired dark gray paint color. The reason is that the test will reveal any undertones, preventing you from experience any unpleasant surprises after using it in your space. Remember that some paint colors will sometimes look quite different on walls than they do in catalogues.

Also, swatch tests help you to make side-by-side comparisons of colors you want to use or compare. I recommend that you don’t skip this procedure.

10 Best Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors (Trend 2023)

1. Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray (SW 7068)

When you want a dark gray paint color with a dramatic tone for your space, Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray is what you need. The deep charcoal gray has an LRV of 13, which makes it significantly dark with a brooding vibe.

However, SW Grizzle Gray will never look black, thanks to its cool green undertones. They also make it suitable for nature or forest-themed decor or color schemes. It goes great in interior and exterior spaces but needs to be paired with a brighter neutral in dark spaces.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Grizzle Gray 13 R: 99 G:101 B: 98 Cool Green Cool

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray01 Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray02Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray looks amazing on an accent wall and an interior wooden door.

2. Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray (SW 7019)

With Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray, you get a dark neutral with more lively vibe than usual. It has a way of announcing its presence, whether you choose to use it on walls or furniture. Despite its striking look, the dark gray will never overwhelm other colors in your space.

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray has a greige undertones that is simply a blend of gray and beige. The dark neutral goes particularly well on accent walls and cabinets in interior spaces. However, don’t let this stop you from flexing it in exterior spaces with a complementary color.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Gauntlet Gray 17 R: 120 G:115 B: 110 Greige (Gray and Beige) Warm

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray01 Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray02Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray goes great on exterior and feature walls.

3. Sherwin Williams Dovetail (SW 7015)

SW Dovetail has an LRV of 26 that comfortably puts it in the medium-to-dark range. This allows the dark neutral to have the depth of a dark gray paint color and almost the versatility of a medium-toned one. What this means is that Dovetail can fit into almost any space in your home.

The dark soothing gray has a subtle warmth but will never read cool regardless of lighting and space. Some homeowners use it as a palette cleanser, but I prefer Dovetail as an anchor for brighter hues in a home.

Note that the paint color appears at its warmest in south-facing rooms but looks a little less warm in north-facing ones.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Dovetail 26 R: 144 G:138 B: 131 Purple and Subtle Green Warm

Sherwin Williams Dovetail01 Sherwin Williams Dovetail02Sherwin Williams Dovetails looks just as good on an accent wall as it does on cabinets.

4. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (SW 7017)

When you want a dark gray paint color with good versatility and a welcoming vibe, you pick Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray. The neutral has an LRV of 39, which makes it one of the few on this list that feels comfortable in dimly lit spaces or rooms.

SW Dorain Gray has subtle purple undertones and a hint of green that gives it a fresh and lively appearance. Generally, it reads warm, but pairs up well with both warm and cool paint colors in any part of a home.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Dorian Gray 39 R: 172 G:167 B: 158 Subtle Purple and hint of Green Warm

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray01 Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray02Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray on exterior walls and an interior accent wall.

5. Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray (SW 7045)

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray is a warm medium to dark-toned gray paint color. It has a gentle look that goes exceptionally well with bright, creamy white colors in interior spaces. This doesn’t mean the dark neutral won’t do well in exterior spaces too.

With an LRV of 36 and subtle green and gray undertones, Intellectual Gray performs better in dark spaces compared to other dark grays with lesser LRVs. The paint color reads warm, especially in south-facing rooms.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Intellectual Gray 36 R:168 G:160 B: 147 Subtle green and gray Warm

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray01 Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray02Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray on exterior walls and on a bedroom wall.

6. Sherwin Williams Web Gray (SW 7075)

Whether you want a dark gray that goes great on accent walls, one that suits kitchen cabinets, or even both, Sherwin Williams Web Gray does it all. The paint color has impressive depth and versatility, making it suitable for any room in a home.

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However, you should avoid using the dark neutral in spaces with limited access to light. Sherwin Williams Web Gray has bold blue undertones and a hint of green. It will always look cool, regardless of lighting and room orientation.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Web Gray 13 R:97 G:102 B: 105 Bold blue and subtle green Cool

Sherwin Williams Web Gray01 Sherwin Williams Web Gray02Sherwin Williams Web Gray on the walls in a bathroom and an accent wall in the living room.

7. Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray (SW 7504)

Although most homeowners call it a greige paint color, Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray is, in fact, a dark gray paint color. The neutral can sometimes come off as taupe but does a great job of hiding its undertones in any space. Speaking of which, it has well-hidden green undertones that rarely show.

With an LRV of 29, the dark paint color has a warm stone appearance that feels soothing and welcoming. It performs exceptionally well in spaces such as living rooms and bathrooms. SW Keystone Gray pair well with several colors, including whites, off-whites, and other grays.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Keystone Gray 26 R:158 G:146 B: 132 Well-hidden Green Warm

Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray01 Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray02Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray on walls and cabinets.

8. Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray (SW 2849)

While it looks maintains its dark gray appearance all the time, Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray has a blend of blue and green that can show up. Depending on the lighting in your space and the room orientation, the paint color can sometimes reveal a tiny bit of blue, green, or both.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent cool neutral in interior and exterior spaces. Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray has an LRV of 19 and falls under the manufacturer’s category for Historic Paint Colors.

As with other neutrals with low LRVs, avoid using SW Westchester Gray in dark spaces.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Westchester Gray 19 R:121 G:121 B: 120 Tiny bit of Blue and Green Cool

Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray01 Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray02Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray on cabinets and exterior walls.

9. Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674)

With an LRV of just 10, Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is the darkest gray paint color on this list. It has rich and deep appearance that adds a sophisticated look to exterior walls and spaces. Inside a home, the dark neutral excels as a focal point for your decor, and you can flex it on cabinets and other furniture.

I call this paint color a true gray because of the absence of discernable undertones. This property eliminates the fear of unexpected surprises from the color. What you see is what you get!

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is balanced between warm and cool looks, giving it impressive versatility and presence. It pairs well with other colors, and you can also use it with other members of its color strip for a monochromatic patlette.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Peppercorn 10 R:88 G:88 B:88 None-existent Balanced

Sherwin Williams Peppercor01 Sherwin Williams Peppercor02Sherwin Williams Peppercorn on an accent wall with white trim and on exterior walls.

10. Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067)

With green undertones and an LRV of 22, Sherwin Williams Cityscape is a cool deep shade of gray. The dark neutral mostly goes on furniture, cabinets, and bathroom vanities but also looks great on accent walls.

It pairs well with many colors, regardless of whether they read cool or warm. This makes it suitable for almost any space in a home, inasmuch as the lighting is adequate. Using this dark neutral throughout rooms with limited light will cast a moody or gloomy look and vibe.

Paint Color LRV RGB Value Undertones Reading
Cityscape 22 R:127 G:129 B:126 Green Cool

Sherwin Williams Cityscape01 Sherwin Williams Cityscape02Sherwin Williams Cityscape on cabinets and kitchen walls.


There you have it, the complete list of the 10 Best Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors. Even though it might look like a lot to pick from, I believe you have everything you need to know about each of them to make a choice.

You might have noticed that some of the members on this list have medium LRVs. While that is so, I still advise that you avoid using them alone in dimly lit areas or rooms in your home. If you absolutely need to do so, pair them with lighter neutrals for balance and a better overall vibe.

Note that selecting the right finish for your spaces matters for using dark gray paint colors. Not only that, but trim colors also play an important role too. Whether you want something creamy for dark grays like SW Intellectual Gray, or a crispy look, Sherwin Williams Whites and Off-Whites have what you need.

Finally, don’t forget to do a swatch test for any paint color you choose to use. This action will help you understand the color better and get used to its properties and looks.

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