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The 10 Best Moves I've Made that Led to My Success

In this video module, I cover:

  • How I built my business around my many passions
  • An example of a creative business that is super successful, because the entrepreneur is incredibly passionate
  • What happened when I decided to go pro
  • How I’ve gotten to know my ideal customer and what this has meant for my business
  • What happened when I stopped listening to everyone else and started doing things my way
  • What I do to move past fear and take action
  • Why I started to outsource things for my business
  • Why my competitors are happy to send traffic my way
  • How I invested in my business in the very beginning
  • Why I focused a lot of time on building my list
  • Where I get 90% of my customers
  • The one thing I do regularly to bring in new customers

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