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You're a watercolor artist. Jeweler. Potter. Knitter. Pattern designer. A creative.


Your ideal day consists of paint-covered overalls, listening to a psychological thriller while knitting, or downing an iced latte (or seven) while creating a new jewelry line.

Your least favorite to-do items are writing your email newsletter, updating your Facebook page with yet another inspirational quote hoping to get more likes, and filming videos for YouTube. Blogging gives you a stomachache and selling causes a pounding to form behind your eyes.

But, you’ve probably already noticed that marketing really does matter (no matter how much you’d like to stomp your foot and demand otherwise).




If you’re creating beautiful products, but nobody sees them, what’s the point? If you want to leave your exhausting day job (to get away from your boss with halitosis and ‘mean girl’ coworkers) to be a jewelry artist, you’ve got to get your jewelry in front of the right women, so you can sell it and make enough money to replace that income, right?


I’ll help you figure out who your target market is, how to reach them and how to get them to buy your stuff over your competition.


“When I saw the link to this book, I did not even think twice about buying!  April has such a strong personal brand and trustworthiness it's amazing! I love her style and I have learned more about marketing my biz in the three hours it's taken me to work through her 158-page book than I have in five years of running my own biz. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Jennifer Droske, By His Hand Art



When I first started my business, I wasn’t a marketing expert. I only knew what little I’d retained from my business psychology classes, so I spent MANY hours reading books, attending conferences, and experimenting with different marketing principles.

I helped hundreds of creatives market their business through individual and group coaching--paying attention to what worked and what didn’t. And, I tested every promotional strategy I came across on my own business.

Through that process, I became enamored with marketing. The techniques that I learned and tinkered with allowed me to build a successful, sustainable business that took the place of my previous full-time job as a therapist. If I hadn’t worked hard to market my business, I’d probably be stuck working a soul-sucking job that I despise.

The information in this book isn’t a regurgitation of what I’ve learned. It’s the tried and true strategies that I’ve put to the test within my business and through working with many creative entrepreneurs.

Much of the marketing advice out there doesn’t necessarily work for handmade businesses. That’s why I wrote Marketing for Creatives. You need a resource that directly applies to YOUR business. You need specific examples from entrepreneurs in the handmade niche to spark ideas on how you can promote your products in a way that aligns with your brand.



“All I can say is WOW! Marketing for Creatives is jampacked with tons of tips and advice for us creatives to get going with our marketing plan. I mostly loved how April included examples for fine artists and not just the makers and crafters, it was very helpful.”

-Sue Grilli

How to Use Business Downtime

What You Get When Purchasing Marketing for Creatives:

A 159-page digital book that will help you construct your individualized marketing plan.
44 exercises and 7 worksheets that help you immediately apply what you’re learning to your business.
8 Q&A sections where I answer the most frequently asked questions I receive from consulting clients.
Done-for-you scripts such as an email you can use to pitch interviews and another for pitching guest posts.


My goal with this book is to give you easy to implement ideas on how to market your business, so you can stop wondering what you need to spend your time on.   It’s laid out for you step-by-step in my book.


Revamped Edition is coming soon!


If you purchased the first edition of this book, you might be wondering what’s different. I’ve added over 50% new content. The last book was 76 pages and this one is 159 pages. I’ve also updated ALL of the previous content. I’ve re-written almost every section, including new information and examples.

I published the first edition of Marketing for Creatives in 2011. Not only have I learned more about marketing, but I’ve also worked with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs since which has helped me meld and shape the strategies. It’s also given me more real-life examples to include.

“I am reading your 'Marketing for Creatives' and I can't put it down, I KNOW this is just what I need. Yes, it is well worth the money I paid already.  I am not even finished reading but am all fired up to get my site and store fixed up so I can attract my 'target' market.”

-Brenda Watts, Cattails Woodwork


I charge $795 for consulting sessions and I sold out all of my consulting spots for this year within two hours. If you want to get access to some of my best ideas without paying a one-on-one price, this is a great option.

I’ve spilled everything I know about marketing—everything that has worked for my business and for the businesses of the many creatives I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve poured hundreds of hours into creating a book that will help you market your amazing products so you can reach your sales goals—whether that means $55 or $15,500 a month.


“It’s one of my favorite ebooks--one I find myself coming back to over and over again when I’m working on my marketing strategy.”

-Jess Van Den, Epheriell Designs

Ready To Spread Your Message And Boost Your Sales?

Revamped Edition is coming soon!




I’m a licensed therapist turned entrepreneur and I founded Blacksburg Belle in 2010.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in human services and a minor in psychology. Then, I moved from the small town of Blacksburg, VA {Go Hokies!} to New York City where I earned a master’s degree in clinical social work at NYU. After practicing therapy for a few years, I left to the field to pursue my creative interests. My husband and I moved back to Blacksburg and that’s where I currently work from home with my three lab mixes snoozing at my feet.

My mission is to help creative entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams around the lifestyles they crave to live.



I’ve been featured and mentioned on hundreds of sites and publications including U.S. News and World Report, Where Women Create, The Unmistakable Creative, Etsy, and Design*Sponge. I’ve taught four CreativeLive classes and spoken at the Etsy Success Symposium. When I’m not teaching creative entrepreneurs how to market their businesses with authenticity and pride, you can find me snapping pictures of my three adopted lab mixes, rewatching Gilmore Girls until I can quote every episode, and reading each young adult novel I come across without shame.

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Revamped Edition is coming soon!

Please note: This is a digital book.
You will not receive anything physical in the mail.
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“There are two chapters that really made me jump out of my chair with excitement. I’m always curious about what’s best to spend my marketing money on and April dishes out the goods! She not only explained what to spend my money on but also (and more importantly) what NOT to spend my money on. I’m embarrassed to admit I’d been doing things the wrong way from the beginning! But not anymore!”

-Megan Eckman, Studio MME