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Sherwin Williams Black Fox (Palette, Coordinating & Inspirations)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox (SW 7020) Paint Color Review

Looking for a black paint color? One that gives you a moody dark interior? In that case, you can’t go wrong with Sherwin Williams Black Fox.

I love Black Fox SW 7020 because it is a black color that allows me to add sophistication and beauty to my spaces. It works for all the rooms where I need to implement a dark yet warm and non-black paint color.

Black Fox, however, can be confusing for someone who has heard of it for the first time. So, what’s its light reflectance value and red, blue & green combination? Which colors can you partner it with to make it stand out positively?

This guide will answer these questions and more. Let’s dive into this black-brown paint color!

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What Color is Sherwin Williams Black Fox (SW 7020)?

Manufacturer Sherwin Williams
RGB R: 79 G: 72 B: 66
Hex Value #4f4842
Color Collections Dreamer, 2015 Chrysalis

Sherwin Williams Black Fox SW 7020 is a perfect black color boasting vibrant brown undertones. It is a medium black-brown paint color with an elegant touch.

However, it is not uncommon for some people to consider this paint color charcoal gray and even categorize it as a soft black. Most homeowners and interior designers associate it with a dignified and cozy look.

RGB of Sherwin Williams Black Fox

RGB shows the amount of red, green, and blue making a paint color—this scale starts at 0 and ends at 255. Sherwin Williams Black Fox combines red: 79, green: 72, and blue: 66.

LRV of Sherwin Williams Black Fox

The abbreviation LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. It is the measure of the paint’s ability to reflect light. This scale runs from zero to 100—you will have pure black at the bottom of the scale because it reflects 0% of light, while pure white will be at 100, reflecting 100% of the light.

Black Fox has an LRV of 7. It is on the lower end of the LRV scale, absorbing 93% of the light. This is one of the reasons it is considered a black color.

Is Sherwin Williams Black Fox a Warm or Cool Color?

Black Fox SW 7020 is a warm color. You can also classify it as a warm, neutral paint color. While it is a warm color, it is not too warm—it is close to the middle on the warm-cool scale.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Undertones

Black Fox SW 7020 exterior

Black Fox SW 7020 exterior Source: Pinterest

Black Fox SW 7020 combines deep brown-gray undertones. The gray undertones, however, are more subdued and subtle than on other generic brown paint colors. Black Fox displays rich brown undertones in most rooms or spaces, providing a warmer feel.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Color Strip: Sherwin Williams Black Fox Color Comparisons

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Urban Bronze (SW 7048)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Urban Bronze (SW 7048)

Like Black Fox, which leans on the darker side of the LRV scale with a value of 7, Urban Bronze reflects just 1% more light, with an LRV of 8. While both colors are not the darkest, they are getting down there.

Like Black Fox, Urbane Bronze is another warm color. The difference between these two colors is that Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is a greige color while Black Fox combines gray and brown undertones. Urbane Bronze combines beige and gray undertones, with the gray color bringing in some coolness and the beige tone pushing it towards the warmer side.

Urbane Bronze and Black Fox fall into their gray undertones when placed in a north-facing room. When in a south-facing room, the colors lean into their warm undertones—that will be the beige tone for Urbane Bronze and the brown shade in Black Fox.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Sealskin (SW 7675)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Sealskin (SW 7675)

As its name suggests, Sherwin Williams Sealskin mimics the skin color on a seal—it is an earthy dark brown paint color that takes your space closer to nature. Like Black Fox, Sealskin SW 7675 combines brown and black tones, leaning on the warmer side of the scale.

Sealskin and Black Fox are very close on the LRV scale and sit on the darkest end. Sealskin absorbs 94% of light and reflects only 6% with its LRV of 6. On the other hand, Black Fox absorbs 93% and reflects 7% with its LRV of 7.

Both colors are pretty similar in how they make a space feel. Both attractive dark brown hues create a bold, dark, equally dramatic  & suspenseful look. They also make walls come closer, creating a smaller space—this is one of the reasons they work well for huge rooms.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Iron Ore (SW 7069)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Iron Ore (SW 7069)

Like Sherwin Williams Black Fox, Iron Ore is another soft black. On the LRV scale, both colors are very close to pure black, with Black Fox SW 7020 reflecting only 7% light and Iron Ore reflecting 1% less with an LRV of 6.

These two colors are very different in their undertones. Black Fox combines brown and gray undertones. Iron Ore, on the other hand, is a tricky paint color—it leans into a slight and subtle green undertone, but this does not always happen.

Due to their low LRV, both Brown Fox and Iron Ore work well in outdoor spaces. Since they absorb almost all the light, it is hard for them to get washed out, even in the brightest outdoor areas.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. French Roast (SW 6069)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. French Roast (SW 6069)

While Black Fox and French Roast share a dark brown look, French Roast is redder. Therefore, French Roast is warmer than Black Fox.

However, both colors are incredibly dark, which is ideal for outdoor spaces. If you use them in a room, you must ensure the room is bright enough to avoid creating a bland look. Black Fox has an LRV of 7, while French Roast reflects only 4% of the light.

As you would expect with any color classified as red, red is the leading shade on the RGB scale for French Roast. On the RGB scale, French Roast boasts red: 79, green: 52, and blue: 38.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Turkish Coffee (SW 6076)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Turkish Coffee (SW 6076)

Turkish Coffee is just like you are picturing it right now—dark brown like unfiltered Coffee or coffee beans. It matches the appearance of Black Fox, although both colors are more attractive than your morning Coffee.

The two paint colors are warm-toned and boast a slight dark-grayish touch that promises you a space with an opulent look. As you would expect, Turkish Coffee leans on the darker end on the LRV scale, just like Black Fox. While Turkish Coffee reflects just 5% light, Black Fox can reflect 2% more light with its LRV of 7.

Both colors are perfect for dealing with huge rooms. Black Fox and Turkish Coffee SW 6076 have a fun way of bringing the walls together and making huge rooms look more compact. While this ability makes them ideal for bigger rooms, it also makes them less suitable for smaller spaces, as they can make such rooms look too small.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Sable (SW 6083)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Sable (SW 6083)

While Black Fox is more of a black-brown paint color, Sherwin Williams Sable SW 6083 is a more subtle yet authentic brown. Sable is also on the darker end of the LRV scale, reflecting 8% of light, just 1% more light than Black Fox, which has an LRV of 7.

On the RGB scale, red seems to dominate in the red, green, and blue mixture for Sable. Sable combines red: 95, green: 75, and blue: 63, making it a warm paint color like Sherwin Williams Black Fox. However, the two colors lean on the more neutral side, meaning they are not too warm.

Since Brown Fox and Sable absorb a lot of light, you will want to ensure they are not in a dark room. Otherwise, you will end up creating a bland appearance with either color. The colors perform best in the great outdoors because they cannot get washed out. Using them in your interiors, you can always use artificial light to avoid a dull look.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Backdrop (SW 7025)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Backdrop (SW 7025)

Compared to Black Fox, Backdrop SW 7025 is a relatively lighter brown paint color. This explains why the Backdrop paint color reflects about 13% more light, with an LRV of 20.

However, the Backdrop is still too dark to be used in a dark-lit room. But in a room with enough light or the outdoors, both Backdrop and Black Fox produce stand-out results.

The two colors also feature the impressive ability to bring walls close together, creating the illusion of a smaller room. Therefore, if you live in a vast space and want to make it look compact, these colors could work for you. However, if you live in a city where rooms are smaller, you should avoid Black Fox and Backdrop.

The Backdrop paint color combines red: 134, green: 122, and blue: 111. The warm tone (red) dominates the Backdrop, making it warm like Black Fox.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Tea Chest (SW 6103)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Tea Chest (SW 6103)

Sherwin Williams Tea Chest SW 6103 is a somber brown color that adds a majestic and luxe feel to spaces. Tea Chest is slightly lighter than Black Fox, explaining why it can reflect twice the amount of light with its LRV of 14.

Like Sherwin Williams Black Fox, Tea Chest is also a warm color. However, Tea Chest is slightly warmer than Black Fox, making it less ideal for south-facing rooms as it can make them too warm.

Black Fox and Tea Chest make a statement in a well-lit room. Their low reflective abilities make them more susceptible to making the rooms look dull if the light is not enough. However, you can always use these colors outdoors without worrying about them getting washed out in the process—they absorb more light than they reflect, which makes washing out impossible.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Rockweed (SW 2735)

Sherwin Williams Black Fox vs. Rockweed (SW 2735)

Black Fox and Rockweed boast dark brown tones. However, Rockweed is more a dark chocolate brown than just a dark brown paint color.

Rockweed and Black Fox are warm colors, making them perfect for balancing the cool in north-facing rooms. If you use one of these colors in a south-facing room, you may want to pair it with a cooler color—that is, cool blue or gray undertones—to balance out their warmth, keeping the room from feeling too hot and uncomfortable.

Sherwin Williams Rockweed and Black Fox sit on the lower end of the LRV scale. Rockweed, however, seems darker than Black Fox, with its LRV of 4. Rockweed absorbs 96% of the light, while Black Fox absorbs 93% with its LRV of 7. Both colors are only suitable for well-lit areas, including the great outdoors, as darker rooms make them look bland.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Color Palette

Coordinating Colors for Black Fox SW 7020

Coordinating Colors for Black Fox SW 7020

Black Fox is a versatile paint color—it pairs well with various other paints. From experimentation, however, I have found several colors that make this paint color stand out positively. Below, I will outline these paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (SW 7551)

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (SW 7551)

When looking for colors to pair with dark browns like Black Fox, it is tough to go wrong with white paint. In this case, you can use warm white paint like Greek Villa SW 7551.

However, since Black Fox and Greek Villa are both warm colors, I recommend using the colors in north-facing rooms—both colors will let you balance the coolness in the north-facing light. In a south-facing room, the colors can make your space feel too warm.

Greek Villa boasts an LRV of 84. It is perfect since it can add character to a dimly lit space—it will keep your Black Fox from looking too dull.

Sherwin Williams Cool Avocado (SW 9029)

Sherwin Williams Cool Avocado (SW 9029)

Cool Avocado is a yellow paint color featuring a greenish undertone. The color is warm, although the cool green tries to balance out its warmth.

When pairing Cool Avocado with Black Fox, I would advise using the color in a cool room—the combo has consistently produced the best results in north-facing rooms. In south-facing rooms, I have noticed the two colors tend to make my space too warm.

Cool Avocado has an LRV of 46. While it reflects much more light than Black Fox, it absorbs more than half of the light. Therefore, you may not want to combine these colors in a dark room. A well-lit room, however, will make the colors stand out. If your room is dark and you want to use these colors, use artificial light.

Sherwin Williams Eider White (SW 7014)

Sherwin Williams Eider White (SW 7014)

Although Eider White does carry the word “white” in it, it is not a white color. It is a warm gray paint color boasting a soft violet undertone.

It is a perfect color for Black Fox, primarily because of its high LRV of 73. Reflecting 73% of the light, Eider White will add some interest to a dim room where you have used Black Fox.

However, when planning where to use Black Fox and Eider White, you have to consider their warmth. The warmth in the two colors makes them less ideal for south-facing rooms. These two colors will perform well in a north-facing room. Their warmth will balance the iciness common in north-facing rooms.

Sherwin Williams Dovetail (SW 7018)

Sherwin Williams Dovetail (SW 7018)

Sometimes, you may want to implement a monochromatic design in the room. In that case, you can always go for Dovetail SW 7018.

Black Fox is often classified as a grayish paint color. Dovetail is a warm gray paint color that favors a mostly minor purple undertone that, in some cases, can pick a green flash. In the proper lighting conditions, Dovetail blends into Black Fox perfectly.

However, one thing you will not want to do is pair these two colors in a dark or dim room. Remember that Black Fox has an LRV of 7 while Dovetail features an LRV of 26. Therefore, both colors may look dull in a dark room. However, if you have artificial light to create interest, you do not have to worry.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (SW 7017)

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (SW 7017)

This is another exciting paint color for homeowners or interior designers planning to implement a monochromatic view. Dorian Gray is a warm gray paint color that boasts mild purple and green undertone.

Dorian Gray is more reflective than Black Fox, boasting an LRV of 39. However, it still reflects too little light to make it ideal for a dimly lit room. Therefore, I recommend pairing this paint color with Black Fox in a room with enough light.

Also, remember that you will work with warm colors in this case. Therefore, you may want to take your time and choose the rooms correctly. Avoid putting them in a south-facing room as this may create too much warmth making the room uncomfortable. However, put them in your north-facing room, and you will balance their coolness.

Sherwin Williams In The Navy (SW 9178)

Sherwin Williams In The Navy (SW 9178)

We have been talking about warm colors to pair with Black Fox. Now, let’s introduce Sherwin Williams In The Navy—this a cool color boasting a bold, dark blue appeal.

With the cool blue tone dominating, In The Navy will bring a cool feeling to the room, allowing you to balance the warmth created by Black Fox. However, I would not recommend pairing In The Navy with Sherwin Williams Black Fox in a dimly lit room.

In The Navy has an LRV of 4 while Black Fox boasts an LRV of 7. These two colors will look bland unless they have enough light focused on them.

Sherwin Williams Salty Dog (SW 9177)

Sherwin Williams Salty Dog (SW 9177)

One of the best blue shades, Salty Dog, is a unique color featuring the ability to define its true hue—bold and authentic. Salty Dog is eye-catching and worth admiration—however, do not forget that it is one of the coolest paint colors. It is a paint color you can rely on when you need to balance the warmth in Black Fox.

However, you must ensure you pair Black Fox and Salty Dog in a room with enough light. Otherwise, these two colors will look dull and not catch anyone’s interest. Black Fox has an LRV of 7, and Salty Dog boasts an LRV of 4.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Complementary Color

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Complementary Color

If you plan to pair Black Fox with a color that looks 100% opposite, figuring out the complementary color for Black Fox could be a good thing. The complementary color for Black Fox SW 7020 has the hex value of #B0B7BD.

However, this hex value is unnamed. Therefore, you may want to go for the color closest to this hex value—in this case; this color would be Medium Gray. On the RGB scale, Medium Gray combines red: 176, green: 183, and blue: 189.

What Trim Colors Go with Sherwin Williams Black Fox SW 7020?

To make your Black Fox trims stand out, you can use the following colors:

Benjamin Moore Ballet White (OC-9)

Benjamin Moore Ballet White (OC-9)

Ballet White is a warm, soft, and subtle way of complementing the dark brown color in Black Fox. While White Ballet does feature a cream base, it usually nods lightly at greige, meaning this paint color will not make your home too warm with a yellow hue that is pretty common in many cream paint colors.

This color sits on the lower off-white end with an LRV of 72. The color still reflects much light compared to Sherwin Williams Black Fox, which reflects only 7%. Therefore, BM Ballet White will always make your trims pop.

Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige (SW 7037)

Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige (SW 7037)

This is one of my best light-medium beiges. One of the reasons I love this paint color is that instead of taking the typical beige-taupe appearance, it takes the gray-taupe route.

As its name suggests, this color has a lot of beige, making it a warm paint color. However, you do not have to worry about the warmth; instead, use this paint color on trims in a north-facing room.

Also, ensure the paint color is in a room with sufficient light. With an LRV of 46, this color will need a lot of light to avoid looking bland.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)

When I am out shopping for neutral colors to use on trims, it is often pretty hard to overlook Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. This is a medium-light gray paint color with an LRV of 55.51%. It does not reflect much light, so it is ideal for rooms with enough light.

While Revere Pewter is a warm color, it does not carry loud yellow undertones. However, considering its warmth, it will be best to use it in a cool room to avoid making your space excessively warm.

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Benjamin Moore Version

Are you planning to use a Benjamin Moore version of the Sherwin-Williams Black Fox? Well, you are lucky because I have one available for you—use the Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night.

Featuring the manufacturer number: 2134-20, Midsummer Night combines red: 80, green: 74, and blue: 69. While Black Fox has an LRV of 7, Midsummer night reflects slightly less light with an LRV of 5.81.

How Does Light Affect Sherwin Williams Black Fox?

Black Fox will give off a dingier and darker appearance if your room has northern light. However, afternoon western and south-facing light makes Black Fox livelier—therefore, if you paint this color, I recommend putting it in rooms with this kind of lighting.

The temperature of the light also can affect Black Fox. Go too warm with your light, and you could make the light appear too brown. White light, on the other hand, can lighten this color.

However, if you have a massive room with a lot of light getting in, you may want to try Black Fox—it could be a perfect improvement that brings the walls closer, ensuring your room does not appear oversized.

Best Rooms to Paint Sherwin Williams Black Fox SW 7020

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Living Rooms


Study walls and trim painted in Black Fox by Traditional Home

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Living Rooms02


It isn’t purple either. It’s Sherwin Williams Black Fox. Source: Thepursuitofhandyness

Sherwin Williams Black Fox Outdoors

Sherwin William Black Fox on Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Black Fox in Bedroom


Sherwin Williams Black Fox is an exciting color that blends in black and brown hues perfectly. However, the only issue with this color is low reflectivity which can make it appear darker than it is when not exposed to enough light. However, whenever I have paired Black Fox with light and some subtle hues, my problem has always resolved itself.

Since Black Fox eliminates the need to use absolute brown or black, this shade goes on the exotic side of the color scale. I prefer this color in huge rooms because of its illusion of bringing the walls closer together. However, if your room is small (say, you live in a city), I would not recommend this color as it can make your already small room appear congested.

I hope this guide has answered your questions about Sherwin Williams Black Fox. If you have additional questions, let me know in the comments.

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