Sherwin Williams Cascades (Palette, Coordinating & Inspirations)

Sherwin Williams Cascades (SW 7623) Paint Color Review

Planning to add some dose of mysteriousness to your room but can’t find a paint color that allows you to make this goal a reality? If you are still looking, consider giving Sherwin Williams Cascades a try.

Sherwin Williams Cascades brings a rich and mysterious personality to any room. This dark majestic green adds a sophisticated mystique that makes your space more attractive.

The paint color adds a sense of drama and depth to your space without disappointing you or overwhelming it. Well, I know that darker colors can look intimidating. Luckily, Sherwin Williams Cascades stands on its lane—the paint color never gets intimidating.

Now that I have got you interested in Cascades SW 7623, the next step is to show you how to create impressive interior designs with this paint color. In the following section, I will show you trimming and coordinating colors that work with Cascades SW 7623. Moreover, I will help you understand things like the LRV and RGB of the paint color.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What Color is Sherwin Williams Cascades?

Manufacturer Sherwin Williams
RGB R: 39 G: 62 B: 62
Hex Value #273E3E
Color Collections Colormix Forecast 2022 (Ephemera), Color ID (Enthusiast), Timeless Colors

Sherwin Williams Cascades is a deep green paint color. It, however, boasts a swirl of blue, yellow, and gray tones that add interest and personality to it. However, you will be hard-pressed to view the yellow and gray undertones in most lighting conditions—the blue, however, tends to show up more often.

RGB of Sherwin Williams Cascades

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. It is a scale that shows the amount of red, green, and blue in a specific paint color. The scale runs from 0 to 255.

Sherwin Williams Cascades contains red: 39, green: 62, and blue: 62. The paint color seems to balance blue and green shades, indicating why the paint color may look blue in some lighting conditions.

LRV of Sherwin Williams Cascades

The LRV scale helps interior designers determine how a specific paint color will behave in different light intensities. The light reflective value scale runs from 0 to 100.

At 0, we have pure black, which reflects 0% light. At 100, we have pristine white, which reflects 100% light. In the paint color world, however, you will have an LRV range between 3 and 93 because it is impossible to make a Pure Black or Pure White paint color.

Sherwin Williams Cascades has an LRV of 4. The paint color is close to pure black, reflecting just 4% light. The Cascades will hold its ground in bright light and not get washed out. However, putting it in a dimly lit room will not be a good idea as the paint color will look dull, losing its hue and looking almost black.

Is Sherwin Williams Cascades a Warm or Cool Color?

Sherwin Williams Cascades is a cool color. However, it is not the coolest deep green color you will ever see. It has a splash of yellow in it, which adds some warmth to it. However, the fact that the paint color has more blue than yellow keeps it on the cool side of the scale.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Undertones


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Sherwin Williams Cascades boasts three undertones—yellow, gray, and blue. However, the gray and blue undertones are more dominant than the yellow ones. The chances of viewing yellow on the paint color are minimal.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Color Strip: Sherwin Williams Cascades Color Comparisons

Sherwin Williams Cascades Color Strip

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Mount Etna (SW 7625)

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Mount Etna SW 7625

Sherwin Williams Cascades seems to balance the green and blue undertones, although it looks more green than blue. Sherwin Williams Mount Etna, on the other hand, is more of an ashy blue color that also boasts a green shade. On the RGB scale, however, the amount of blue is slightly higher than green in Mount Etna.

You will be surprised to realize that while Mount Etna and Cascades are both cool paint colors, Mount Etna is cooler than Cascades. This has to do with their tones and undertones. Cascades SW 7623 has a yellow undertone that gives it some warmth. On the other hand, Mount Etna only has two undertones, gray and green, which maintain the color’s coolness.

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Cascades and Mount Etna sit on the dark side of the LRV scale. While Cascades is less reflective with an LRV of 4, Sherwin Williams Mount Etna reflects 2% more light with its LRV of 6. For this reason, you will want to use both colors in a room with enough light.

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Gale Force (SW 7605)

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Gale Force SW 7605

At heart, Sherwin Williams Gale Force is a blue paint color. However, it has a tinge of gray that you cannot ignore.

The tones in Gale Force differentiate it from Cascades—while Sherwin Williams Cascades boasts blue, yellow, and gray undertones, Gale Force has blue as the leading tone and gray as an undertone. Only in infrequent circumstances can you view a very hidden tinge of green in Sherwin Williams Gale Force.

Sherwin Williams Gale Force leans more on the side of navy blue, although it is not the perfect navy blue you can find on the market. The paint color sits on the lower end of the LRV scale with Sherwin Williams Cascades. While Cascades reflects 4% of light, Gale Force reflects 2% extra with its LRV of 6.

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Seaworthy (SW 7620)

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Seaworthy SW 7620

Seaworthy is another dark, hearty blue paint color that works for homes that need a sense of coolness—this is usually spaces that are generally warm by default, for example, south-facing rooms. Like the Cascades, Seaworthy boasts a rich, saturated ambiance and adds a sophisticated yet restful vibe.

Sherwin Williams Seaworthy is another paint color that borrows some of the undertones in the Cascades. Seaworthy boasts a green and gray undertone. The significant difference between Seaworthy and Cascades is that the latter has a dose of yellow in addition to blue and gray undertones. Moreover, blue and green are more balanced in Cascades, while blue comes out on top in Seaworthy.

These two paint colors will only work if your room is well-lit. Cascades has an LRV of 4, while Seaworthy reflects 3% more light with its LRV of 7. The two colors will become bland in a room without enough light.

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Deep Sea Dive (SW 7618)

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Deep Sea Dive SW 7618

Sherwin Williams Deep Sea Dive is the paint color closest to balancing the blue and green tones as Cascades SW 7623 does. On the RGB scale for Deep Sea Dive, green has a 97 while blue has a value of 103, indicating the two shades are pretty close.

Regardless, Sherwin Williams Deep Sea Dive is still a blue paint color at heart that combines gray and green undertones. Like the Cascades, Deep Sea Dive is also a dark hue paint color that boasts mysteriousness.

Using Cascades and Deep Sea Dive in a room creates a profoundly relaxing mood. However, You will have to ensure the two paint colors are in a well-lit room to avoid creating a bland look. While Cascades has an LRV of 4, Deep Sea Dive has an LRV of 10, making the two more prone to going bland when the room does not have enough light.

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Marea Baja (SW 7623)

Sherwin Williams Cascades vs. Marea Baja SW 7623

Sherwin Williams Marea Baja is a cool denim blue paint color boasting similar undertones to the Cascades. Marea Baja boasts yellow, gray, and a splash of green in its undertones. The main difference between Cascades and Marea Baja is that the blue paint color is primary in Marea Baja.

Like Sherwin Williams Cascades, Marea Baja also has a feeling of mystique. However, Marea Baja will add a gentle, restful mood in a room, promoting relaxation like Cascades paint color.

These two colors are dark—on the lower end of the LRV scale. Cascades is the less reflective paint color with an LRV of 4, while Marea Baja has an LRV of 8.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Color Palette

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623

Sherwin Williams is not a complicated color; it is one of the easiest paint colors to work with. This results from the color’s versatility and flexibility.

However, when working with this paint color, my primary aim is to pair it with either color that balances its cool, keeping it from making my room icy, or a color that adds some brightness. The top colors I usually use include:

Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006)

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623Extra White SW 7006

As the name suggests, Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006) is one of the brightest whites to come out of the Sherwin-Williams factories. The paint color sits outside the off-white range, boasting an LRV of 86.

Extra White is one of the colors I will go after when the goal is to brighten a room where I am using the dark Sherwin Williams Cascades. Reflecting 86% of light, Extra White will ensure that the dark Cascades has enough light on its face to keep it interesting.

Undoubtedly, Extra White is a bright white paint color that boasts a slightly cool undertone. For this reason, Extra White works excellent with cooler paint colors—it does great with blue and grays, the ones that make Sherwin Williams Cascades.

Sherwin Williams Oak Creek (SW 7718)

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623Oak Creek SW 7718

While Extra White is ideal for adding interest in rooms without enough light, Sherwin Williams Oak creek works exceptionally well for balancing the cool in Sherwin Williams Cascades. Sherwin Williams Oak Creek is a yellow color at heart, although, at first look, it does appear to lean towards the side of Orange—this, however, is a result of the red tone in the paint color.

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A combination of red and yellow shades in Oak Creek makes it one of the warmest paint colors you can use with the Cascades. It works exceptionally well when you use it in a north-facing room where Cascades has already started creating an icy feeling.

Ensure your room is well-lit before going after Sherwin Williams Oak Creek for pairing with the Cascades. Oak Creek has an LRV of 31—while it is not as dark as the Cascades, it will also perform poorly in a dimly lit room.

Sherwin Williams Hearty Orange (SW 6622)

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623Hearty Orange SW 6622

Sherwin Williams Hearty Orange (SW 6622) is another perfect option for homeowners who want to counter the coolness in Sherwin Williams Cascades. Hearty Orange boasts a red undertone that makes it extremely warm.

While Hearty Orange can easily make a room feel too warm and uncomfortable, remember that you are not using it alone. In this case, you are pairing Hearty Orange with the cool Sherwin Williams Cascades. The two colors will balance each other, ensuring your room is neither too warm nor too cold.

While Sherwin Williams Cascades is known for adding a feeling of mystique, the Orange in Hearty Orange enhances emotions of happiness and increases social interaction. The two colors are perfect for creating an environment that encourages conversation.

However, be sure to use the two colors in a well-lit environment. Hearty Orange has an LRV of 15, while Cascades has an LRV of 4.

Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise (SW 0075)

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623Holiday Turquoise SW 0075

Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise brings a contemporary and timeless approach to your space. Remember that Sherwin Williams Cascades balance green and blue. Therefore, pairing it with Holiday Turquoise, which also boasts a green-blue shade, will be more like creating a monochromatic view in your space.

Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise and Cascades are both cool colors. Therefore, use them in a warm room welcoming the hot southern light. The colors can make a north-facing room feel icy.

Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise reflects 49% of light. This puts Holiday Turquoise in the middle of the LRV scale—it reflects almost as much as it absorbs. Therefore, if you use this color with the Cascades with an LRV of 4, use the two paint colors in a room with enough light.

Sherwin Williams Retro Mint (SW 9036)

Coordinating Colors for Cascades SW 7623Retro Mint SW 9036

Sherwin Williams Retro Mint is another option you can leverage to create a more monochromatic look. Retro Mint is a green paint color. For this reason, it pairs nicely with Cascades, which has green as a significant tone, creating an attractive monochromatic appearance.

Retro Mint brings a calm and relaxing vibe to the space, pairing nicely with the sophisticated mystique Cascades brings into your room. However, remember the two paint colors are cool. Therefore, unless you use them in a warm room, you could risk making your room too icy, especially if it is a north-facing room.

Sherwin Williams Retro Mint sits in the middle of the LRV scale, reflecting 54% of light. However, when pairing this paint color with the Cascades, ensure the two are in a room with enough light to maintain their unique personalities. Enough light will also help you avoid creating a bland look.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Complementary Color

Sherwin Williams Cascades Complementary Color

While you can create a contrasting look with other paint colors, you must use its complementary color to achieve the ultimate contrast with the Cascades. If you paint the Cascades next to its complementary color, the two colors will show the most significant difference in appearance.

The complementary color (that is, the color sitting directly across the color wheel) for Sherwin Williams Cascades is a very dark purple burgundy. However, putting ultra-dark colors together is tough—so there isn’t a Cascades complementary color. However, Coral Clay comes close to the official Sherwin Williams Complementary paint color.

What Trim Paint Colors Work with Cascades?

What Trim Paint Colors Work with Sherwin Williams Cascades SW 7623

As a dark paint color, you can easily guess that the Cascades will always work well with white paint colors on its trims. Some of the best options you can use include:

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White (SW 7757)

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White Work with Cascades

This is the Whitest White paint color produced by Sherwin Williams. The paint color has an LRV of 93, the highest you will find. High Reflective White will always attract attention to your trims, even in dimmed rooms.

It is, however, worth noting that Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is a neutral paint color. Therefore, it is neither warm nor cool. For this reason, do not expect this paint color to balance the coolness in Sherwin Williams Cascades. Consequently, you may still need a warm coordinating color if you use Cascades in a cool space.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound (SW 7004)

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Work with Cascades

Compared to Sherwin Williams High Reflective White, Snowbound is a softer white with some undertones. Sherwin Williams Snowbound has a bit of yellow that gives a cream appearance and some warmth.

The warmth, however, is not enough to balance the coolness in Sherwin Williams Cascades. In a north-facing room, the cool light tends to mute Snowbound, wiping out its warmth. Therefore, you may still need a warm color to keep the Cascades from making your north-facing room icy.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound boasts an impressive LRV that makes your trims unique next to the dark Cascades. Snowbound has an LRV of 83, reflecting 83% of light and absorbing only 17%.

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

Sherwin Williams Alabaster Work with Cascades

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is another soft, warm white paint color. The paint color is much warmer than Snowbound, making it an excellent choice for trims when using Cascades in a north-facing room.

Alabaster reflects 82% of the light that hits its surface. Like the other two trim colors mentioned above, Alabaster will make your trims stand out.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Benjamin Moore Version

Sherwin Williams Cascades Benjamin Moore Version

If you are looking for a color to help your Sherwin Williams Cascades SW 7623 match Benjamin Moore, you are in luck—I have already found that. All you will need is the Benjamin Moore Pacific Seal Teal.

On the RGB scale, Benjamin Moore Pacific Seal Teal combines red: 39, green: 64, and blue: 67. This is pretty close to Sherwin Williams Cascades, which combines red: 39, green: 62, and blue: 62. While Sherwin Williams boasts an LRV of 4, Benjamin Moore Pacific Seal Teal has an LRV of 5.93.

Best Rooms to Paint Sherwin Williams Cascades SW 7623

Sherwin Williams Cascades works for almost every room. You can use Cascades if your space has enough light to keep the paint color from losing its character and looking bland. Below, I have listed authentic images of areas that successfully used the Cascades. Use these pictures as inspiration for designing your rooms.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Cascades Cabinets01
Source: Pinterest

Sherwin Williams Cascades has always looked great on cabinets. This kitchen is an excellent example of how to use Cascades SW 7623 to create an impressive look. The first thing you will need to do is ensure the room has enough light. Next, pair the Cascades SW 7623 with white paint to create a contrasting yet attractive look.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Cabinets02
Source: Pinterest

This is another excellent example of the Cascades’ use in kitchen cabinets. The pairing off-whites finish off the look of the kitchen nicely. Like the previous kitchen, the above kitchen has enough light to ensure Sherwin Williams Cascades maintains its personality and character.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Cabinets03
Source: Pinterest

Like the above two examples, this kitchen also uses Sherwin Williams Cascades on the cabinets. It is paired nicely with whites and off-white to create an attractive look.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Exterior

Sherwin Williams Cascades Exterior01
Source: Modandmood

Sherwin Williams Cascades works perfectly in the great outdoors as a dark paint color. Its depth allows it to display its full character outdoors without getting washed out by the outdoor light. The above outdoor space is awe-inspiring, pairing the Cascades perfectly with an off-white. The off-white used in this case is Sherwin Williams Antique White.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Exterior02
Source: Modandmood

This is another excellent example of Cascades paired with an off-white. While Cascades creates a nice blue-green screen, the off-white lets the trims stand out. Even though the off-white is more reflective, it does not seem to be taking attention from the Cascades.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Exterior03
Source: Modandmood

This is another excellent example of pairing Sherwin Williams Cascades with an off-white. It is also a great example of how Casvcades behaves when there is not enough light—it loses its character and becomes bland. For instance, on the left-hand-side wall, which lacks enough light, Cascades looks darker and dull than it is when it has access to enough light.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bedroom

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bedroom01
Source: Pinterest

Sherwin Williams Cascades plays an excellent role in being a backdrop in the above bedroom. It creates a relaxing environment. Moreover, the paint color is paired nicely with off-white and white trims. The bed and the picture frame use a charcoal color that does not distinguish them much from the Cascades—the two, however, blend in well.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bedroom02
Source: Bandddesign

This is another excellent use of Sherwin Williams Cascades in a bedroom. The paint color here pairs nicely with whites and off-whites. The interior designer has also included some gold, which shines nicely and a wood-colored cabinet.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bedroom03
Source: Sherwin-williams

This is one of the best looks you can have for your bedroom when using Sherwin-Williams Cascades. The Cascades is paired with a creamy off-white, injecting some warmth into the room. The gray decors in the room also blend in well with the gray undertone on Sherwin Williams Cascades.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bathroom

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bathroom01
Source: Decoratedlife

This shows Sherwin Williams Cascades in a room welcoming soft, northern light. The color seems to be leaning back into its cool shades—green and blue. The warm, yellow undertone is nowhere to be seen. The bathroom has paired the Cascades nicely with off-white trims that make the whole place stand out.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bathroom02
Source: Sherwin-williams

This is another excellently paired room where Sherwin Williams Cascades combines with off-white and white to create a standout look. The room seems to be welcoming less than necessary light, making the paint color lean on its darker side.

Sherwin Williams Cascades Bathroom03
Source: Pinterest

This bathroom boasts a perfect pairing of Sherwin Williams Cascades with whites. The paint color makes this bathroom timeless. However, the bathroom also showcases what to expect when Sherwin Williams Cascades is not getting enough light—the right-hand side of the wall looks more bland and blackish. When Sherwin Williams Cascades does not have access to enough light, the paint color loses its hue.


Sherwin Williams Cascades is one of the most standout colors—interior designers consider the Cascades a truly original paint color. You won’t come across many shades with the same look in the market.

In most cases, you will view Sherwin William Cascades as a deep green that seems to verge on the side of turquoise or teal. This is understandable, considering that the paint color appears to balance the blue and green shades—the color, therefore, may look slightly blue or slightly green depending on the light in the room.

Sherwin Williams Cascades is a dark color with an LRV of 4. It is, therefore, a perfect paint color for exterior walls and bright rooms. However, the paint color may look a bit boring in dim rooms.

I hope this article has answered your questions about Sherwin Williams Cascades. If you have more questions, let me know in the comments.

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