Sherwin Williams Cityscape (Palette, Coordinating & Inspirations)

Sherwin Williams Cityscape SW 7067

Sherwin Williams Cityscape presents homeowners with an option to pick a gray with respectable versatility. With such depth, the paint color doesn’t limit your options, except if you decide to use it throughout the room.

Grays remain popular among homeowners because of their versatility and timeless vibe. While the lighter ones enjoy more attention, the darker ones could be just as exciting. Based on that, I have picked a particularly interesting one to review.

Continue reading to find out everything about this color in my Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067) Paint Color Review.

What Color is Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067)?

Sherwin Williams Cityscape is a medium to dark gray paint color with an amazing layer of nuance. The paint color looks good on walls and goes great on cabinets and furniture in both living and working spaces.

With more depth than your average gray, SW Cityscape will not readily narrow your options. This means that you can still enjoy its perks while adding other relevant colors to your space. Also, the paint color has wonderful undertones that allow for more color combinations.

Note that Sherwin Williams Cityscape falls on the darker end. Therefore, using it in dark interior spaces or rooms with limited access to light will cast a moody look. If that’s what you want, great! However, if that isn’t what you want, make sure to pair it up with lighter colors or simply use it elsewhere.

Manufacturer Sherwin Williams
Paint Color Cityscape
LRV 22
RGB R: 127 G: 127 B: 126
Hex Value #7f817e
Color Collections Pottery Barn Kids (Fall/Winter)
Color Family(s) Neutral

RGB of Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067)

Sherwin Williams Cityscape’s RGB value shows that its components mix in almost equal amounts. According to Encycolorpedia, the lovely gray has the following properties and RGB percentages:

Red: 127 (49.80%),     Green: 129 (50.59%)     Blue: 126 (49.41%).

Also, it has a lightness of 50%, and a saturation of 1%.

LRV of Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067)

Sherwin Williams Cityscape has an LRV of 22, which explains its shade and some of its interactions with light.

LRV means Light Reflectance Value, and it is an important property of every paint color. The reason is that LRV indicates how strong a paint color reflects light. It does so on a numerical scale of 0 – 100, with 0 representing true black with no reflecting strength and 100 representing true white that fully reflects light.

Based on this scale, you will encounter darker colors the lower you go and lighter ones the higher you go. It is important to note that paint colors with high LRVs reflect light strongly and absorb little. This makes them suitable for dimly-lit areas, as they will brighten up the space.

On the other hand, paint colors with low LRVs reflect light at weak strength and absorb it strongly. This makes them unsuitable for dark areas, as they will absorb the already little light getting to the space. Use them in bright areas.

For Sherwin Williams Cityscape, its LRV of 22 indicates that it absorbs more light than it reflects. Therefore, avoid using it alone in dark spaces.

Is Sherwin Williams Cityscape a Warm or Cool Color?

Sherwin Williams Cityscape is a cool gray paint color, thanks to its undertones which I will explain in the next section. The paint color reads cool, regardless of the lighting in the space or area.

However, it will not look cold or icy, even in areas or spaces with cool lighting. Also, SW Cityscape will not wash out in bright light. Thanks to its low LRV, the paint color maintains its appearance and vibe irrespective of the time of day.

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Despite its cool reading, Sherwin Williams Cityscape pairs well with both warm and cool paint colors. This property further reinforces the fact that it has decent versatility, allowing you to explore more options than the average dark gray paint color.

What Are The Undertones?

Sherwin Williams Cityscape (Palette, Coordinating & Inspirations) 01

Sherwin Williams Cityscape has lovely green and gray undertones. This means that while the paint color will look neutral, it will not display it strongly like other grays with a different undertone.

Its undertone falls on the cool side of green, making it lean into blue sometimes. Generally, green undertones can either appear warm by leaning into yellow or look cool and lean into blue. Despite this property of SW Cityscape’s undertone, it will not look icy or cold.

The green mostly appears in warmer lights or rooms, while the gray becomes strong in cool lights. However, the paint color can look almost black in dimly lit areas. Hence, the advice is to avoid using it in such rooms or spaces.

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Strip

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Strip

Color strips refer to a collection of paint colors with variations of the same formula. They form a family of sorts with similar looks and sometimes undertones. However, members of the same color strip have differing properties like LRV, saturation, and lightness.

Also, their RGB values do differ. It is important to note that members of the same color strip can pair together nicely. They usually form monochromatic palettes for both interior and exterior spaces.

With an LRV of 22, Sherwin Williams Cityscape is the third darkest paint color of its strip. Compared to the more popular SW Grizzle Gray, you can say it has a little less versatility.

Sherwin Williams Passive (SW 7064)

Sherwin Williams Passive SW 7064

As the first member of the color strip, Sherwin Williams Passive has the highest LRV and appears the brightest. It has a blue undertone as opposed to the green of SW Cityscape and always reads cool.

However, the paint color exhibits less blue than other light grays like SW Big Chill and Gray Screen. As such, it has a lower tendency to look icy in cool light or rooms.

Sherwin Williams Passive has an LRV of 60, an RGB value of 203 / 204 / 201, a saturation of 3%, and a lightness of 79%.

Sherwin Williams Argos (SW 7065)

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065

With an LRV of 51, Sherwin Williams Argos appears several shades lighter than SW Cityscape. It has both green and blue undertones that do not show up at the same time. The neutral flashes blue in cool lighting, looking cooler than it normally would.

On the other hand, SW Argos will display its green undertones in warmer lighter, appearing less cool. It is important to note that its green undertones fall on the warm side as opposed to the SW Cityscape.

Sherwin Williams Argos has an RGB value of 189 / 189 / 183, a saturation of 4%, and a lightness of 73%.

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters (SW 7066)

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters SW 7066

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters is a medium-toned gray with cool green undertones. It has an LRV of 39, making it better suited to bright rooms and spaces. Although the paint color looks a little dull alone, its beauty comes alive when you pair it with energy colors like SW Peacock Plume.

Its deep green undertones will not appear strong enough to overshadow other colors in your decor. This makes it a wonderful choice to create a balanced atmosphere or vibe in your space.

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters has an RGB of 167 / 168 / 162, a saturation of 3%, and a lightness of 65%.

Sherwin Williams Tin Lizzie (SW 9163)

Sherwin Williams Tin Lizzie SW 9163

With an LRV of 30, Sherwin Williams Tin Lizzie is a medium-toned gray paint color with green undertones. Experts say the neutral has one of the highest versatility among the members of this color strip.

While SW Tin Lizzie needs to be paired up with lighter colors to look good in dark spaces, it works well in bright areas. Also, since the paint color pairs well with a large variety of colors, it can fit into your decor easily.

Sherwin Williams Tin Lizzie has an RGB value of 147 / 149 / 145, a saturation of 2%, and a lightness of 58%.

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray (SW 7068)

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray SW 7068

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray is a deep charcoal gray with a brooding vibe. It adds a sense of mystery to most spaces, pairing nicely with several other light colors, whether cool or warm. Most experts say that SW Grizzle Gray is arguably the most popular member of this color strip.

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The dark neutral has an LRV of 13 and can go great on cabinets, furniture, and even accent walls. You can also pair it with lighter members of the color strip for a monochromatic palette.

SW Grizzle Gray has an RGB value of 99 / 101 / 98, a saturation of 2%, and a lightness of 39%.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674)

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn SW 7674

With an LRV of 10, Sherwin Williams Peppercorn falls on the dark end of the scale. The dark neutral displays much depth and it balances between warm and cool. This increases your options when it comes to pairing it with other colors based on temperature.

SW Peppercorn also looks great in both interior and exterior spaces, allowing you to create a bold focal point. Interestingly, its RGB components mix in equal values.

It is important to avoid using the paint color in dark spaces as it will look completely black, making the room dull and moody.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn has an RGB value of 88 / 88 / 88, a saturation of 0%, and a lightness of 35%.

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Palette

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Palette

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Coordinating Colors

While nothing stops you from using the same paint color throughout your home, doing so severely limits the potential of your decor. As such, you should pair it up with other colors that improve the look and vibe in your space.

Professionals call them coordinating colors, and they can come from other color strips. The key to having amazing decor is putting together to right colors.

The following colors made my list of Sherwin Williams Cityscape coordinating colors.

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White SW 7063

With an LRV of 74, Sherwin Williams Nebulous White is several shades brighter than SW Cityscape. It has gray undertones and reads cool, making it a great choice to pair with for both dark and bright spaces.

Sometimes, the bright white can reveal subtle blue undertones. However, you don’t have to worry as they don’t clash with SW Cityscape. Remember that the darker paint color also flashes blue in cool lighting.

Sherwin Williams Passive

Sherwin Williams Passive SW 7064

This paint color belongs to the same strip as Sherwin Williams Cityscape. However, both colors have enough difference between their LRV for a contrasting pairing. Also, they make an excellent choice if you want a monochromatic palette.

Sherwin Williams Passive has an LRV of 60 and goes great in both dark and bright spaces. Pairing it with SW Cityscape increases your options of where the darker color can go.

Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue

Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue SW 2739

If you want a deep blue paint color to pair with SW Cityscape, consider Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue. This lovely dark navy has an LRV of just 6, giving it an almost black appearance in areas with limited lighting.

However, the color takes on a beautiful shade in bright light. Also, it works exceptionally well on wood, leather, and metallic furnishing.

Honorable Mentions

Sherwin Williams Argos

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065

This paint color also belongs to the same strip as SW Cityscape and works well with it for a monochromatic palette. Feel free to replace SW Passive with SW Argos if you want something light from the same strip but with more stability and depth.

Sherwin Williams Argos goes great with SW Cityscape in interior and exterior spaces. Also, you don’t have to worry about undertones as they pair nicely too.

Sherwin Williams Underseas

Sherwin Williams Underseas SW 6214

With an amazing sense of calm and an intriguing vibe, Sherwin Williams Underseas makes its mark in any space. It has an LRV of 25, which can be a surprise given that the paint color looks lighter than such a value indicates.

Sherwin Williams Underseas has blue and gray undertones with a main green color. Not only does it pair well with SW Cityscape, but their undertones also go well together.

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Complementary Colors

As opposed to members of the same strip, complementary colors can come from opposite sides of the color wheel. They help your main color look even better in any space you use it, regardless of its temperature.

However, some complementary colors fall on the same side of the color wheel as your main one. This further increases your options for pairing and overall decor.

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray SW 7068

Although it belongs to the same color strip as Sherwin Williams Cityscape, SW Grizzle Gray has more versatility and a lower LRV. The deep brooding gray works best when used with lighter colors.

However, flexing it on furniture or cabinets is a good way to pair it with SW Cityscape. Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray has an LRV of 13, making it unsuitable for dark spaces when paired with dark colors.

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Sherwin Williams Niabla Azul

Sherwin Williams Niabla Azul SW 9137

With an LRV of 53, Sherwin Williams Niabla Azul is a medium to light-toned slate blue. Although it goes great in interior and exterior spaces, the paint color works best indoors, paired with cool neutrals.

Its calm vibe works excellently well with Sherwin Williams Cityscape on multiple levels. Firstly, SW Niabla Azul is light enough to make the darker neutral work in dimly lit spaces. Also, both paint colors read cool, have a relaxed vibe, and have coordinating undertones.

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters SW 7066

Sherwin Williams Gray Matters is another member of the color strip that works great with SW Cityscape. Both paint colors can pair up for a monochromatic palette in interior and exterior spaces.

The cool neutral gray does better in dark spaces and can also fit into vibrant and energetic-themed decor.

Sherwin Williams Waterloo

Sherwin Williams Waterloo SW 9141

Although it has a lower LRV of 13, Sherwin Williams Waterloo looks a little lighter than one would expect. The beautiful rain-soaked blue looks great on both interior and exterior walls.

It has gray undertones that give it a sense of calm, suitable for spaces where you need to focus. When paired with Sherwin Williams Cityscape, you can set a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your space.

What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Cityscape?

In case you don’t know, trim colors can easily become the best thing to perfect the look you want in a space. They add an amazing touch to your overall finish and should not be overlooked.

While nothing stops you from using the same color on your walls and as a trim, I highly recommend picking a different trim color. The reason is that using a separate color to trim your main one will further beautify your space.

The following trims go great with Sherwin Williams Cityscape.

Sherwin Williams Pure White ( For a creamy finish)

Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White (For a crispy finish)

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White SW 7757

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Comparisons

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Color Comparisons

Grizzle Gray vs. Cityscape

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray SW 7068

Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray is the immediate paint color after SW Cityscape on the color strip. While it has a lower LRV, the darker neutral pair up with more colors and has more popularity. However, it has a brooding vibe that some homeowners don’t fancy.

Compared to Sherwin Williams Cityscape, it works best for spaces that need a little more mystery.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color LRV RGB Hex Value
Cityscape 22 R: 127 G: 129 B: 126 #7f817e
Grizzle Gray 13 R: 49 G: 48 B: 49 #636562

Dovetail vs. Cityscape

Sherwin Williams Dovetail SW 7018

With an LRV of 26, Sherwin Williams Dovetail looks slightly lighter than SW Cityscape and has more versatility. The warm brown-gray paint color has gray undertones and can fit into several decor options.

Most people use it as an anchor for brighter hues in interior areas or spaces.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color LRV RGB Hex Value
Cityscape 22 R: 127 G: 129 B: 126 #7f817e
Dovetail 26 R: 144 G: 138 B: 131 #908a83

Iron Ore vs. Cityscape

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW 7069

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is a cool, deep charcoal with an LRV of just 6! The paint color is dark enough for professionals to recommend using it sparingly for the best effect and outcome. While it adds a sense of sophistication to spaces, most people use it more on cabinets and furniture.

Compared to Sherwin Williams Cityscape, SW Iron Ore is several shades darker and closer to true black.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color LRV RGB Hex Value
Cityscape 22 R: 127 G: 129 B: 126 #7f817e
Iron Ore 6 R: 67 G: 67 B: 65 #434341

Black Magic vs. Cityscape

Sherwin Williams Black Magic SW 6991

Sherwin Williams Black Magic is one of the darkest paint colors from the manufacturer with an LRV of 3. It reads warm and as expected, has a bold presence that you just can’t help but notice in a space.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color LRV RGB Hex Value
Cityscape 22 R: 127 G: 129 B: 126 #7f817e
Black Magic 3 R: 50 G: 49 B: 50 #323132

Cityscape Benjamin Moore Version

Although the manufacturer has several dark green-gray paint colors, it has none with the name Cityscape. Furthermore, you will not find any Benjamin Moore paint product that looks exactly like Sherwin Williams Cityscape.

However, the following paint color looks a little similar:

  • Benjamin Moore Hidden Falls.
  • Benjamin Moore Hidden Falls

How Does Light Affect It?

Light affects Sherwin Williams Cityscape as well as it does other paint colors. However, since SW Cityscape has a low LRV, it doesn’t reflect as much light as other lighter neutrals and absorbs more.

When it comes to its undertones, the paint color does a good job of maintaining its appearance for the most part. Nevertheless, you will only detect its cool green in the most unpleasant circumstances.

Best Places to Paint Cityscape

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Cabinets01
Sherwin Williams Cityscape Cabinets02

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Exterior

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Exterior01
Sherwin Williams Cityscape Exterior02
Sherwin Williams Cityscape Exterior03

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Interior

Sherwin Williams Cityscape Interior01
Sherwin Williams Cityscape Interior02
Sherwin Williams Cityscape Interior03

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand Sherwin Williams Cityscape much better, you can go on to apply the lovely dark neutral to relevant spaces. Whether you want something relaxing and reserved or a dark gray that won’t wash out readily, SW Cityscape does it all.

As always, remember to sample the paint color first to ensure you want it in your space before committing to it.


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