Why You Should Unsubscribe

Yep, I said unsubscribe.

I want to be very clear about who my business, blog, and email newsletter is for and who it isn’t for, because I don’t want to waste your time or mine.

We’re not a good fit if:

1. You’re looking for ways to get rich quick. I believe in hard work.

2. You’re completely closed off to failure. I believe that you must be willing to fail to create anything worthwhile.

3. You aren’t interested in making a positive impact on each customer and client you sell to.

4. You’re offended by this video.

If any of these apply to you, go back to that welcome email and hit unsubscribe. If they don’t apply to you, then WELCOME! I’m 100% invested in helping you make your business more successful.

Please take a minute to email me at blacksburgbelle@gmail.com to let me know your biggest business struggle. Use the subject line, “Biggest Business Struggle.”

I try to reply to as many of these emails as possible, and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE. I plan my content, blog posts, email newsletters, and videos around your struggles, so let me know what you want help with.