You Want It All?

I'm talking about all of my products now and in the future...

Every once in a while, I try to make a big gesture to show that I care about you. Because, I really do care. I want you to have the most amazing, crazy successful creative business you can dream up. I want that for you so badly.

I want to show you that I appreciate that you allow me into your email, read my blog posts, and care about what I have to say. I do this on a regular basis by publishing helpful content on my blog three times per week. But, now I’m doing something a little nutty, because I know that you’re here because you want that super successful creative business.

So, here’s the deal: Until May 16th at 5pm, you can make one payment and receive all of my current products and all of my future products. That’s right. If you sign up today, you’ll get lifetime access to ARTrepreneur {$1164/year value}, Inspired Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs {$397 value}, and 10 Critical Factors that’ll Make Your Blog a Success or Hot Mess {$34 value}. PLUS, you’ll get access to every future product that I make.

And, if you’re already a monthly subscriber of ARTrepreneur and you want in, I’ll just cancel your monthly payment. Easy peasy.

Now, there are a couple caveats you need to know about:

1. This doesn’t include products or services that I put together with someone else, because those other people aren’t a part of this. For instance, I’ll be launching a really fun right-brain business planning guide with Mayi Carles soon. That won’t be included, because that’s not fair to Mayi. So, collaborative products are out.

2. And, it doesn’t include individual coaching packages. That would just be insane. But, it does include group coaching programs. My last group coaching program sold out within 2 weeks and it cost $397. When I do another round of group coaching {which I’m planning to do this fall}, you’ll automatically have a free ticket.

You’re probably wondering why I would do this…because I’d make a lot more money if you paid for stuff individually. Well, I’ve got one selfish reason and one unselfish reason. The selfish reason is that I’d like to have a group of people that I could “test” products and services on before they launch. For example, let’s suppose that you sign up for this offer, and I launch a marketing guide in June. I’d like to give you the guide a week or two before I launch it and get your feedback. The unselfish reason is what I said before. I like to reward people who want to grow their businesses and who support me.

Now, here’s the part where I’m supposed to really sell you on this, but I’m not gonna. It’s a great freaking deal, so I don’t think I need to sell it. And, if you don’t already know about the programs you’ll have access to, you can find all the details by clicking on them above.

If you decide to take me up on this super special offer, you’ll automatically get sent to sign up for ARTrepreneur. And, within 24 hours, I’ll get you signed up for the other two programs. Then, going forward, you’ll receive an email anytime I launch something new with your access information.

Sorry, this special offer has expired!

Sound like a deal? If you’re serious about growing your creative business, it’s a no-brainer.

P.S. I did this once before, but I’m absolutely 100% sure that I’ll never offer access to all my current and future products again. This is it.