Paint Color Palette

Discover a wide selection of ready-made paint color palettes to instantly transform any room.

With our ready-made palettes, you can easily implement designer colors to create a beautiful, pulled-together space.

Discover the Easiest Way to Pick Perfect Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for your home can be overwhelming with the endless options available today.

How do you even know where to start? How can you ensure the colors will work together and suit your space?

Our Ready-Made Paint Color Palettes take the guesswork out of selecting colors by providing professionally curated 3-5 color schemes designed to work beautifully in any room.

Keep reading to learn all about our convenient Ready-Made Palettes and how they make decorating with confidence easier than ever.

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Professionally Designed Schemes Save You Time

Our team of color experts have carefully crafted each Ready-Made Palette to take the stress out of decorating.

We utilize principles of color theory, psychology, and interior design trends to put together harmonious hues that complement each other perfectly.

You can trust that any palette you select will just work, no matter the room. No more wasting hours trying to coordinate colors and still feeling unsure about your choices.

Our palettes eliminate the time-consuming trial and error of creating color schemes from scratch.

Coordinated Colors Guaranteed to Work Together

The colors in each Ready-Made Palette are carefully selected not only for their stylish appearance, but also for their assured compatibility.

Our color experts pay close attention to undertones and contrasts to create combinations that are naturally cohesive and integrate seamlessly in your space.

The colors balance and build on one another – bringing out the best in each shade and ensuring a pulled-together look.

Discover Your Perfect Color Scheme

If the process of picking paint colors has felt daunting in the past, we’re here to prove choosing colors can be fun and stress-free!

Simply White Color Palette 01

Simply White Color Palette

Agreeable Gray Color Palette 01

Agreeable Gray Color Palette

SELECT Paint Color Palette

Browse our collection to discover palettes brimming with possibilities.

Sea Salt Color Palette 01

Sea Salt Color Palette

Hale Navy Color Palette 01

Hale Navy Color Palette


City Loft Color Palette

Westhighland White Color Palette 01

Westhighland White Color Palette


Simply White Color Palette


Stonington Gray Color Palette


Edgecomb Gray Color Palette


Wool Skein Color Palette

FOR MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT Ready-Made Paint Color Palette

Ready-made paint palettes are pre-designed color schemes that include 3-5 coordinating paint colors. The colors are professionally selected to work beautifully together in any space.

Ready-made palettes save you time and effort by providing expertly curated colors that are guaranteed to coordinate. It takes the guesswork out of creating harmonious schemes.

Our color experts use principles like color theory, tone, and temperature to carefully craft palettes that are cohesive and well-balanced.

Palettes include a wide variety of colors from neutral taupes and grays, to bold brights, to earthy and organic hues. There’s a palette for every style!

Yes! In fact, we recommend using colors across walls, trim, furnishings, and decor pieces to create a pulled-together look.

Most palettes include 3-5 colors, but you can use just 1 or 2 colors if desired. The schemes are flexible.

The color palette will include specific paint color names, codes, and brand recommendations so you can easily purchase samples and test the colors.

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