Color Consultation: 1 Room Paint Color Ideas


Looking to revitalize one room with a fresh new paint color but don’t know where to start? Our one room color consultations take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect hue.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, dining room or any space needing a mini makeover, our color experts will design customized palettes tailored to your architectural details, furnishings and personal style.

We help you achieve a beautifully coordinated room that reflects your unique taste and brings out the best in your decor. Our hassle-free consultation handles all the design work so you can simply recreate the perfect palette.

Bring new life into any room by leveraging our artistic skills and practical knowledge. We provide the clarity needed to finally paint your space in colors you’ll love.

Learn more about our one room consultation process and how we can help transform your room with confidence and ease. Breathe new life into your home one space at a time!

Contact us when you’re ready to actualize the room of your dreams with expertly designed color palettes made just for you.



Our one room color consultation provides everything you need to refresh any space with beautifully coordinated paint colors.

For your selected room, you’ll receive:

  • 3 customized color palette option
  • Detailed descriptions explaining why we chose those hues and how they will enhance your existing furnishings, architecture, and style. We focus on complete cohesion.
  • Specific paint brands and colors named/coded for easy purchasing. We provide the exact shades from top brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, etc.
  • Tips on proper prep work and application for flawless results painting your room. We set you up for DIY success.
  • Guidance on accents like trims and ceilings to pull the look together. We consider every element.

Our color expertise provides the clarity and confidence needed to finally make your room shine. Contact us when you’re ready to transform any space!

Optional Rendering Services

Further visualize your perfect room with our add-on rendering services. We create lifelike renderings showing proposed colors on the actual surfaces prior to painting.However, these are only available for exteriors, front doors, and cabinets. Renderings of walls are not included, as the program does not work as well for walls.

Color Consultation 1 Room Paint Color Ideas

If you choose the RENDERING add-on, your package will include at least ONE rendering but may include more, depending on the color options suggested.

Renderings allow you to see colors applied to walls, trims, ceilings and accents before purchasing any paint. This enables you to preview options and make an informed color decision.


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