Benjamin Moore Alabaster vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster: What’s the Difference?

Benjamin Moore Alabaster vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Are you torn between Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster and Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster? We know how you feel because both are beautiful paint colors. But what is the marked difference between them to help you make an informed decision? We are here to answer your question.

Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster and Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster paint colors are both warm whites with clear undertones. However, the difference between them is the undertones. BM Alabaster OC-129 has pink undertones, while SW 7008 Alabaster has gray-beige undertones. BM Alabaster is not as warm as SW Alabaster.

Because they are pretty similar, you may not be quick to know which works best where. So, let’s look at occasions when you can each paint color, depending on your specific needs.

When to Use Benjamin Moore Alabaster or Sherwin Williams Alabaster

It is one thing to know that both Aabaster paint colors are warm whites and have different undertones. But it is a completely different thing to know when to use each one. So, when is the best place or time to use each? Let’s give you a brief breakdown.

Use Benjamin Moore Alabaster if:

  • You want a warm white with a touch of color
  • You do not mind having a backdrop of warmth
  • Off-whites do not put you off

Use Sherwin Williams Alabaster if:

  • Neutrality is what you really want
  • You do not want to compromise warmth
  • You want a combination of brightness and creaminess in your decor

Now, you may be wondering how we know when it is best to use these paint colors. You are not alone if you have difficulty differentiating between them, but our analysis will go a long way to show you the unique aspects of these colors. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Visually Exploring the Differences Between BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster

Each Alabaster paint color is beautiful in its own right, and when used away from the other, they look the same to the untrained eye. However, you will notice some differences when both colors are close to each other.

Pictures will go a long way in exposing these differences, primarily in their undertones. Let’s take a look.

Here is a hallway painted in Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster:

Benjamin Moore’s Alabaste
Benjamin Moore’s Alabaste Image Credit:@albanypropainting

And this is Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster in this living room decor:

Sherwin Williams’ Alabaste
Sherwin Williams’ Alabaste Image Credit:@stephaniecameroninteriors

From the pictures above, it is clear that BM Alabaster is whiter than SW Alabaster. You will notice that although there is less light in the first picture, it shows more brightness than the paint color in the second picture.

This also means that SW Alabaster is warmer than BM Alabaster. The bright sunlight from the French windows only reveals the warmth of the SW Alabaster paint color, while the dim artificial light does not increase the warmth in the BM Alabaster paint color.

That is not to say that BM Alabaster is not warm. It is not pure white evidenced by the undertones. When you compare it to a whitey-white like Extra White or Chantilly Lace, the warmth jumps out at you. But let’s explore other aspects of these white paint colors for further comparison and analysis.

Emotional Effects: BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster

Everyone likes warmth, but many of us do not know that paint colors are vital to our reaction to any decor. Warm colors tend to draw us in, making us comfortable and more ready to relax after a long day.

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Since BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster are both warm colors, you may have the same emotional reaction to them. But we have mentioned that SW Alabaster is a tad warmer and creamier than BM Alabaster. Because of this, you may notice a little more fullness in the room.

This may mean more coziness and wellness, making you more comfortable in your home. You may look forward to going home to allow the stress of the day to leak out of you as you bask in the warmth that comes from SW Alabaster.

On the other hand, BM Alabaster produces more brightness and, consequently, serenity. The beautiful thing about this Alabaster option is that it has somewhat of a balance between the crispiness of a bright white and the warmth of an off-white. As a result, BM Alabaster produces calmness and serenity without compromising warmth.

In the Spotlight: Comparing BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster

What specific attributes or details make each white paint color unique? The chart below with different details may bring home to you the Alabaster paint color you need.

  BM Alabaster SW Alabaster
RGB 242, 239, 232 237, 234, 224
LRV 85.08 82
Undertones Gray-beige Pink


LRV of BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster: Which Reflects More Light?

Not sure what LRV means? You are not alone, especially if you are new to the color or paint world. LRV means light reflectance value, and this value refers to the amount of light that any color can absorb or reflect.

Dark colors like true blacks have an LRV of 0, while light colors like pure white have an LRV of 100. So, the value is weighed on a scale that measures from 0 to 100. However, no paint color has an LRV of 0 or 100; the range for paint colors is usually between 2.5 and 94.

BM Alabaster has an LRV of 85.08. Very few colors have LRVs this high, so it shows how bright the color is and how much light it can throw back into a room. However, this does not reduce its warmth.

SW Alabaster has an LRV of 82. This value is only slightly lower than that of the other Alabaster paint color. But that small number between them makes all the difference because BM Alabaster is noticeably brighter than SW Alabaster.

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster: Do They Have Similar Undertones?

The undertones in BM Alabaster are pink but subtle. At first glance, you may not readily see the undertones and may assume they are creamy. However, next to certain elements or other white paint colors, you will immediately see the pink hues in the white color.

On the other hand, SW Alabaster has gray-beige undertones, which sum up to greige undertones. Some see subtle yellow hues in the color, but this depends on the lighting and surrounding elements. These undertones make SW Alabaster creamier than BM Alabaster, hence, the stronger warmth.

The undertones in any paint color should inform you on where best to use it. It is already obvious that all whites are not whitey-white. And while these Alabaster paint colors are warm-toned, their undertones should guide your decision. It also helps to know that BM Alabaster can tilt slightly cool in certain lighting, so keep this in mind when using it in any room.

More on Undertones: A Closer Look at BM Alabaster

This paint color has subtle pink undertones that make the color warm. But in some rooms, it may look a little cool. This bedroom features BM Alabaster on the inner wall, and you can see a hint of pink compared to the blinds and the outer wall.

More on Undertones A Closer Look at BM Alabaster
More on Undertones A Closer Look at BM Alabaster Image Credit:@ my_petit_world

More on Undertones: A Closer Look at SW Alabaster

On the flip side, SW Alabaster is undeniably warm, with its gray-beige undertones. Some call it an off-white color, while others call it cream; that is how warm it is. The next picture is proof of this:

More on Undertones A Closer Look at SW Alabaster
More on Undertones A Closer Look at SW Alabaster Image Credit:@my_graceful_mess

We love these colors because they can stand alone without the infusion of other colors. It helps that they are warm, so you are not sacrificing color and coziness. However, BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster pair well with wood tones and light neutrals. You can also add soft pastels for some diversity.

If you are bold, incorporate saturated and deep colors that lean towards warmth than coolness. You can use black, navy blue, brown, deep red, or deep purple. You will find specific colors that make these warm whites look amazing if you take samples and use them side-by-side. Check contrasting, complementary, and matching colors if you want a complete palette.

Avoid using warm and cool colors in one room. While this may work sometimes, it is rare, and many times, such colors clash. That is why interior designers use warm color schemes and cool color schemes.

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Also, how much direct sunlight is available in a room should inform you of the best colors to use. Direct sunlight means warmth and cool colors work best, although some warm colors may also be a good idea. But a lack of direct sunlight means coolness and warm colors are your best bet in such a room.

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster: Are They Warm or Cool?

BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster are warm white paint colors. But SW Alabaster is a warmer white than BM Alabaster. In some cases, BM Alabaster shows signs of coolness.

This is because, although pink is typically a warm color, it can also lean towards the cool end. The same is true of gray. So, in a lot of bright sunlight, BM Alabaster shows a good amount of warmth.

In the same room, SW Alabaster will look more cream than white or may show promises of yellow. You can use brighter whites as trim paint colors where there is SW Alabaster or BM Alabaster. Doing this should bring out the hidden hues in these warm whites.

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster: Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those that you find on the opposite side of the color wheel from the central colors. When you live in a colorful world, it is easy to find what you want. But to the untrained or inexperienced eye, it is a little challenging to identify them.

This means that the best complementary colors for BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster should be the colors directly opposite them on the color wheel. One such color is light blue or soft shades with hints of blue. Let’s discuss these colors before we get ahead of ourselves.

Complementary Colors for Benjamin Moore Alabaster

Benjamin Moore Alabaster

It is easy to find complementary colors for white, whether warm or cool. BM Alabaster has several complementary colors, which include Calm, Amorous, and Baked Terra Cotta. All these colors are from Benjamin Moore.

Calm OC-22 is a white paint color with a hint of lavender-gray that presents a soothing face to tame the warmth of BM Alabaster.

Calm OC-22 
Calm OC-22 Image Credit:@oakbarrelcabinetry

Amorous AF-600 is a dusty purple that brings a sense of confidence to complement the opulence of BM Alabaster.

Amorous AF-600
Amorous AF-600 Image Credit:@Benjaminmoore

Baked Terra Cotta 1202 is an earthy terra cotta paint color with rosy pink undertones that lend depth to it. It is the perfect blend for a light color like BM Alabaster.

Baked Terra Cotta 1202
Baked Terra Cotta 1202 Image Credit:@ benjaminmoore

Complementary Colors for Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

The same rule of finding complementary colors for Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster also applies to Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster. Since it is a warm white, you only have to look for warm colors, whether bold or light. The complementary colors include Evening Shadow, Townhall Tan, and Dakota Wheat.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 is a crisp neutral with a blue hint that coordinates well with the warm white that is SW Alabaster.

Evening Shadow SW 7662
Evening Shadow SW 7662 Image Credit:@adorehousedecor

Townhall Tan SW 7690 is a mid-tone tan paint color that adds warmth to the decor and makes SW Alabaster appear vibrant.

Townhall Tan SW 7690
Townhall Tan SW 7690 Source: pinterest

Dakota Wheat SW 9023 is a light yellow paint color with wheat undertones that makes SW Alabaster pop, especially when white paint is used on trims.

Dakota Wheat SW 9023
Dakota Wheat SW 9023 Source: society6

BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster Color Palettes

We live in a world of colors; you only have to look around you to see it. While BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster can stand alone in any decor, they look their best when paired with other colors.

We are not talking about complementary colors alone. Color palettes should also include contrasting colors if you want a striking result. What are the best color palettes for these white paint colors? Let’s find out.

Color Palette for Benjamin Moore Alabaster

Benjamin Moore Alabaster

BM Alabaster looks great with navy blue, orange, and peach, although you can find other colors to add to the palette. But for the purpose of this guide, let’s use BM Fresh Peach, Patriot Blue, and Electric Orange.

  • Fresh Peach 060: This paint color has a hint of brown that complements the warmth of BM Alabaster. The touch of color also blends well with the warm white.
  • Patriot Blue 2064-20: It is a classic navy blue paint color that ties other colors in the decor together. Such a rich and deep shade brings out the best in BM Alabaster.
  • Electric Orange 2015-10: A vibrant shade of orange that brooks no arguments when it comes to making BM Alabaster work.

Color Palette for Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Benjamin Moore Alabaster

Like BM Alabaster, this paint color also works with many shades and hues. So, while it is safe to use similar light colors and neutrals, be adventurous and try something bold and different. For example, add Secure Blue, Lounge Green, and Begonia to your color palette.

  • Secure Blue SW 6508: It is a bright shade of blue that works on accessories or decor materials to add a burst of color when you use SW Alabaster.
  • Lounge Green SW 6444: This is a soft shade of green that brings a subtle coolness to mute the vibrant warmth of SW Alabaster.
  • Begonia SW 6599: With red hues, this pink paint color pairs well with SW Alabaster because of its slight contrast and vibrant shade.
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You do not have to use these colors in large amounts around the house. Bits of color here and there can bring everything together and make this color palette work. However, don’t take our word for it. Try swatches of these colors along with BM Alabaster or SW Alabaster to see how well they work.

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster on Cabinets

The best way to determine which Alabaster paint color is ideal for your decor is to see them at work. So, to help you narrow your choice, let’s show you real-life uses of each paint color.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Cabinets

This bright and warm white looks great on cabinets, and cabinets are one of the best places to test paint colors. What does it look like on them? Check out this picture:

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Cabinets
Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Cabinets Image Credit:@ann.carlsonann.carlson28

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Cabinets

White will always be a classic color for cabinets, whether warm or cool white. And SW Alabaster is a good palace to start because it makes your kitchen a warm and beautiful haven.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Cabinets
Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Cabinets  Image Credit:@weareislandpeoplenow

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster on Exteriors

Like cabinets, white is also a good color for the exterior of a house. This is especially true if it is white like BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster because of their creaminess. Let’s see how they perform in the exterior of a house.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on the Exterior

While it is not as creamy or warm as SW Alabaster, this paint color is also ideal for the exterior of your house. Check out this next picture for inspiration in using BM Alabaster.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on the Exterior
Benjamin Moore Alabaster on the Exterior Image Credit:@oakandpinehomes

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the Exterior

With the right trims, SW Alabaster can turn heads and start conversations. It is a safe color that does not allow you to compromise on quality. This next image shows the beauty of the color on the exterior of a house.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the Exterior
Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the Exterior Image Credit:@mydivinehome

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster on Interiors

The first place we want to paint is our interior walls. It does not matter whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, study, dining area, or any other space. And we always look for the best options. If you want a warm white for the interiors, see how BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster look.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Interior Walls

So, this bright white with some warmth is beautiful and relaxing on interior walls. It makes you want to come home and unwind, so it works well for every room.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Interior Walls
Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Interior Walls Image Credit:@my_petit_world

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Interior Walls

SW Alabaster invites you to stay and release stress with its warmth. Its versatility makes it one of the most popular white paint colors on the market. Therefore, it is no surprise to see how much people love using it in different rooms within their homes.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Interior Walls
Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Interior Walls Image Credit:@desertgrovehome

BM Alabaster vs SW Alabaster on Trims

We all know that trims and wainscotting look best when painted white. In some cases, you may find different shades of white on walls and trims. So, if you are on the lookout for ideal whites for trims, try BM Alabaster or SW Alabaster.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Trims

Dark colors look stunning with white trims, whether cool or warm. If unsure, play it safe with a fairly warm white like BM Alabaster.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Trims
Benjamin Moore Alabaster on Trims Image Credit:@paintyourapt

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Trims

As with BM Alabaster, this option also performs well on trims and wainscotting. This applies whether it is for a light or dark-colored wall. This next image is proof of the beauty of SW Alabaster on trims.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Trims
Sherwin Williams Alabaster on Trims Image Credit:@those_flippin_fraters

Lighting Effects on BM Alabaster and SW Alabaster

The amount of light that reflects on any paint color will determine the visible hues and how you perceive it. While a few colors are solid and hardly show any undertones, most colors readily display their undertones. And that is true of Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster and Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster.

If you are not a fan of too much warmth, it is best to go for BM Alabaster. However, if SW Alabaster is your first choice, tone down its warmth by reducing the amount of natural light in that room. Also, add cool-toned colors for a balancing effect.

Warm light can make SW Alabaster appear more yellow than you may like in your white paint. Keep this in mind when selecting, and go for BM Alabaster if the yellow in the former color becomes too obvious.

Final Words

There you have it: Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster and Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster are mostly the same color. But the undertones are different, creating a unique effect from each color. While BM Alabaster is a warm white, it is brighter and less warm than SW Alabaster.

You can learn more from this guide by looking at the RGB code, LRVs, and HEX values of each white paint color. Then, you can make an informed decision by picking the ideal Alabaster for your decor.

Do not hesitate to reach us in the comments section if you have more questions about these or other colors. Go on and create that warm haven in your home and have fun doing it with Alabaster.

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