13 Best Gray Paint Colors to Match Your Beige House

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What is the point of painting gray on walls in the same room with beige paint colors when you can just go greige? The answer is not always as simple as picking greige paint colors; sometimes, you cannot find the perfect shade. Moreover, complementing beige with gray has a different effect on decor than simply using greige.

But are there gray paint colors that match beige? We are glad you asked. This article contains the best gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to match your beige house.

What Undertones Do Gray Paint Colors Have?

Gray paint colors typically have three undertones: green, blue, and violet or purple. That is not to say that all these undertones always occur at the same in a gray paint color. Sometimes, it may have a combination of blue and green undertones. Other times, you may notice blue undertones with a hint of violet.

Regardless of how neutral a gray paint color is – based on its red, green, and blue color code (RGB) – there is always a hint of color peeking through. At first, the color may look neutral, but when exposed to some lighting, furnishing, or the exposure of that room, the undertone rises to the surface.

There is also the perception factor. People see colors differently, and this affects the visibly dominant undertone each time. Person A may see blue undertones, while person B sees violet undertones.

While some gray paint colors have undeniable undertones of a specific color, others are difficult to decipher. Nevertheless, this does not change what is in the color; only the perception is subjective.

Are Gray Paint Colors Warm or Cool?

Gray paint colors can be warm or cool, depending on the perceptible undertones. So, while gray is usually associated with cool tones, its undertones will determine the tone. If a gray paint color has blue undertones, it is a cool paint color.

But gray with hints of yellow or brown is a warm color. Some grays have beige undertones, which also means it is a warm color. Gray is one of the commonest neutrals, but we all know that true neutrals do not appear on any color wheel. That is because they are completely that one color.

However, no color is truly without hues because all colors are derived from the primary three: red, green, and blue. Even the blackest black and the whitest whites have a bit of color. The same applies to the most neutral gray paint color, and that bit of color decides its tone.

The Place of Orientation

Whether you choose warm grays or cool grays will depend on the orientation that the room faces. If the room where you want to use the paint faces south, select a cool gray to tone down the warmth. You can mix in some warm gray because warm tones go better with each other; cool tones can clash with warm undertones.

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For north-facing rooms, warm grays are ideal because of a lack of direct sunlight. East or west-facing rooms can go either way, so combine warm and cool grays in your color palette. However, beige is already a warm color, so you will need warm grays to match it.

13 Best Gray Paint Colors that Match Your Beige House

The following colors are the best from Sherwin Wiliams and Benjamin Moore to match your beige house:

8 Best Gray Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams to Match Beige

1. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

1. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

Deep gray with slightly taupe-brown undertones

Gauntlet Gray typically has taupe-brown undertones. But it also has a bit of purple undertones, barely perceptible except under certain light. The more dominant undertones make this color suitable to match a beige house, consider using it as part of your color palette.

1. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019

With an LRV of 17, Gauntlet Gray is a truly dark color, but you can coordinate it with light paint colors like Eider White, Armagnac, and Repose Gray. The color has an RGB color code of 120, 115, and 110 respectively.

1. Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 (2)

2. Dovetail SW 7018

2. Dovetail SW 7018

Warm gray paint color with slightly brown undertones

Dovetail is another dark gray paint color with enough neutrality to blend with any color. Bright or light colors pair best with this color because of how muted it is. Also, its neutral tones will accommodate beige in your home.

2. Dovetail SW 7018

With an LRV of 26 and an RGB color code of 144, 138, and 131 respectively, Dovetail is one of the best colors for beige and greige rooms. Use it on accents or cabinets to add a bit of character to an otherwise boring decor. Coordinate it with Inky Blue, Skyline Steel, or Eider White.

2. Dovetail SW 7018 (2)

3. Mindful Gray SW 7016

Mindful Gray SW 7016

Light gray paint color with greige undertones

Mindful Gray turns your house into a warm haven, especially with beige paint colors. It is one of the best grays from Sherwin Williams and is quite popular because of how it works with other colors. This may be because of its RGB color code of 188, 183, and 173 respectively.

3. Mindful Gray SW 7016

Mindful Gray has an LRV of 48, which is pretty close to the middle point to be ignored. You can coordinate it with Homburg Gray, Pearly White, or Eider White. Alternatively, pick other colors to complement the color along with the beige already in the house.

3. Mindful Gray SW 7016 (2)

4. Repose Gray SW 7015

4. Repose Gray SW 7015

Warm gray paint color with complex undertones

Grays do not have to have only one or two undertones, just like Repose Gray. It pulls cool in certain lighting, displaying purple-blue undertones. But in a south-facing room, it shows undertones of brown or greige. This is why it is suitable for warm and cool color schemes.

4. Repose Gray SW 7015

Repose Gray is such a great color, and we love how it plays with hues. It has an LRV of 58 and an RGB color code of 204, 201, and 192 respectively. The best colors with which to coordinate it are Coral Clay, Pavestone, and Eider White.

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4. Repose Gray SW 7015 (2)

5. Worldly Gray SW 7043

5. Worldly Gray SW 7043

Warm gray paint color with green-violet undertones

Well, it does not always have to be difficult to find other warm colors to match this one. Worldly Gray is such a superb neutral that beige works well with it. Your beige house will turn into a cozy and inviting space with a combination of this gray and beige.

5. Worldly Gray SW 7043

The tiny hint of violet makes this color slightly cool, but it is too warm to ignore. With an LRV of 57 and an RGB color code of 206, 198, and 187 respectively, coordinate this color with Whirlpool, Amazing Gray, or Shoji White.

5. Worldly Gray SW 7043 (2)

6. Useful Gray SW 7050

6. Useful Gray SW 7050

Warm gray paint color with yellow-green undertones

You already know that with this color, all you will get is warmth. Useful Gray has a mix of yellow and green undertones that make the color warm and inviting. Add some sophistication to the decor in your home with this color and other matching colors.

6. Useful Gray SW 7050

Note that earthy tones and bright colors match this color, especially when perfectly blended with beige. Pair it with an organic neutral like Acacia Haze or lighter neutrals like Greek Villa and Nuance. Useful Gray has an LRV of 59 and an RGB color code of 207, 202, and 189 respectively.

6. Useful Gray SW 7050 (2)

7. Agreeable Gray SW 7029

7. Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Warm gray paint color with beige undertones

We cannot complete our list without mentioning Agreeable Gray. As the most popular gray paint color, Agreeable Gray is the best-selling Sherwin Williams paint color that blends with almost any color scheme or paint color.

7. Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Warm up your space with Agreeable Gray and add other warm and vibrant colors to liven up the place. It has an LRV of 60 and an RGB color code of 209, 203, and 193 respectively. To get the best out of it, coordinate Agreeable Gray with Coral Rose, Extra White, and Incredible White.

7. Agreeable Gray SW 7029 (2)

8. Popular Gray SW 6071

8. Popular Gray SW 6071

Warm gray paint color with clay undertones

This paint color makes any space elegant and rich. It is soft and plays subtly with other colors in a room, including beige. Popular Gray is a timeless color for bedrooms, dining areas, living rooms, accents, and cabinets.

8. Popular Gray SW 6071

With an LRV of 61, Popular Gray has enough light reflectivity for any room. It has an RGB color code of 212, 204, and 195. Coordinate it with Exclusive Plum, Spalding Gray, or Heron Plume if you want to use it apart from beige.


5 Best Gray Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore to Match Beige

1. Balboa Mist OC-27

1. Balboa Mist OC-27

Warm gray paint color with beige undertones

If you are looking for the best warm gray paint color to match the beige in your house, Balboa Mist is one color to consider. Its beige undertones make it ideal for cool rooms or if you want to complement other warm colors.

1. Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa Mist has an LRV of 65.53 and an RGB color code of 218, 214, and 204 respectively. Match it with Cloud Cover and Rock Gray or Flint and Barista for the best results. Try wood tones or similar colors to create more warmth in your house.

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1. Balboa Mist OC-27 (2)

2. Himalayan Trek 1542

2. Himalayan Trek 1542

Mid-tone gray paint color with neutral tones

This mid-tone gray also has gray undertones, although it is a warm color. With a brown hint, Himalayan Trek is not as popular as some of the other colors on our list, but it is sure to perform well with the beige in your decor.

2. Himalayan Trek 1542

It has an LRV of 47.05, which is below the middle point of the light spectrum. And with an RGB color code of 190, 184, and 174 respectively, coordinate Himalayan Trek with Cloud Cover and Willow Grove or Dove Wing and Baby Fawn.

2. Himalayan Trek 1542 (2)

3. Classic Gray OC-23

3. Classic Gray OC-23

Light gray paint color with warm undertones

If you want a gray paint color that is light enough to work as an off-white, Classic Gray is your best bet. It is a classic color that is perfect for soft pastels, deep and saturated colors, and vibrant hues. Use it on your cabinetry or trims, or apply it on entire walls in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and nursery.

3. Classic Gray OC-23

It is best to coordinate Classic Gray with similar hues or slightly darker neutrals. Use Simply White and Indian River or Stone Harbor and Stone Brown for this purpose. It has an LRV of 73.67 and an RGB color code of 227, 224, and 215 respectively.

3. Classic Gray OC-23

4. Gray Owl 2137-60

4. Gray Owl 2137-60

Light gray paint color with green undertones

Green is typically regarded as a cool color, but in some cases, it throws up the warmth in a paint color. So, although Gray Owl has subtle green undertones, it is still a warm gray color that works well with beige and other warm colors.

4. Gray Owl 2137-60 (2)

Coordinate it with other Benjamin Moore colors like Taos Taupe and Midsummer Night or White Heron and Paradiso. Gray Owl has an RGB color code of 211, 212, and 204 respectively, with an LRV of 64.51.

4. Gray Owl 2137-60

5. Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Light gray paint color with green undertones

Edgecomb Gray is a perfect neutral for many decors because of how well it blends with various colors. Even with green hues, this light gray is an excellent choice to match the beige paint color in your house.

5. Edgecomb Gray HC-173

With an RGB color code of 217, 211, and 196 respectively, Edgecomb Gray has more red than green and blue. But it has far less blue than green, accounting for the undertones. And with an LRV of 63.09, consider matching this color with Boothbay Gray and White Heron or Pashmina and Dove Wing.

5. Edgecomb Gray HC-173 (2)


Beige and gray may not look like the best colors to pair unless they are mixed to form greige. But when you have the best gray paint colors to match different shades of beige, you may find that your decor takes on a new and more sophisticated appearance.

From Classic Gray and Gray Owl to Himalayan Trek and Popular Gray, our list contains perfect gray hues for any beige shade. However, you can also consider it a guide to finding other gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to match your beige house. This applies if you want to extend your options.

We would like to hear how you combined other gray shades with the beige in your house. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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