23 Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

23 Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Blue is a timeless color, and you can almost always get it right if you select the right shade for your decor. Kitchen cabinets look amazing when painted blue, but how do you pick the right shade when there is an unbelievable number of options?

Sifting through the choices can leave you feeling stumped. That is why we have picked the 23 best blue paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams that work exceptionally well on kitchen cabinets and islands. We selected different shades to give you varieties of choices.

Undertones in a Blue Paint Color

Blue is one of the coolest colors you will find, and many cool-toned paint colors have blue undertones. Because of this, determining the undertones of blue paint can be difficult. However, this is not to say that blue paint colors do not have undertones. One of the commonest colors on the market is the blue-gray.

That means a blue paint of choice can have gray undertones. Some can also have green undertones, while others may have blue undertones or violet undertones. You may also find some blue paint colors with turquoise undertones or yellow undertones, but they are not as common as the others.

When a blue paint color has blue, gray, or violet/purple undertones, it leans toward the cool end of the spectrum. And when it has green, yellow, or turquoise undertones, it leans toward the warm end. However, we must remember that most blue paint colors are cool; in some cases where the paint color has green undertones, it remains cool.

Warm or cool-toned blue paint colors will determine how the entire kitchen decor will turn out. Warm and cool color schemes tend to clash if used in one room. But there is no hard and fast rule to this; sometimes, they complement each other beautifully.

What to Consider When Picking Blue Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Apart from the tone of the color of choice, you must remember the lighting and other elements in the room. This is especially true if you have already decorated the kitchen and only want to change the cabinet colors.

Also, the shade of blue paint is important. Dark blue tends to show dirt, food spills, and chips than light blue. And the darker the blue paint color is, the more it is likely to overwhelm the entire decor. You will need white or light-colored flooring to balance things out.

Wood tones will always match blue kitchen cabinets, but do not overdo it so that you can keep the kitchen cheerful and fresh, especially if you use dark blue on the cabinets.

23 Best Blue Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

We picked colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, and the following is a review of the selected ones.

12 Benjamin Moore Blue Paint Colors that Look Fabulous on Kitchen Cabinets

1. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

1. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

Deep blue paint color with gray undertones

Van Deusen Blue is one of the staple blue paint colors from Benjamin Moore that look amazing on kitchen cabinets. Termed a foundational blue, it not only fits traditional spaces but also modern ones. The result is usually striking whether you pair it with wood tones or white.

1. Van Deusen Blue HC-156
Source: cabinetchic 

Van Deusen Blue has an LRV of 11.97 and an RGB color code of 72, 91, and 110 respectively. Pair it with Castleton Mist and Alpine White or Thunder and Cotton Balls.

1. Van Deusen Blue HC-156 (2)
Source: serendipitysocial

2. Windy Sky 1639

2. Windy Sky 1639

Light blue paint color with a hint of white

This sky blue paint color is what your kitchen cabinets need to look their best. We do not have an exact cabinet look with this paint color, but trust us when we tell you that pairing it with black or stainless steel appliances makes the color pop.

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Windy Sky has an RGB color code of 200, 216, and 217 respectively, with an LRV of 65.66. To make the best of the color, match it with Oxford White and Hemlock or Distant Gray and Metropolitan.

2. Windy Sky 1639

3. Hale Navy HC-154

4. Brittany Blue 1633

Navy blue paint color with gray undertones

We have heard it said that the darker the berry, the juicier it is, and Hale Navy is proof that navy blue may be the best color for kitchen cabinetry. It is a popular choice for a kitchen with white walls or stainless steel appliances, so consider it for your kitchen.

3. Hale Navy HC-154

Hale Navy has an RGB color value of 67, 75, and 86 respectively, with an LRV of 8.36. Because of its dark tone, you may want to pair it with light neutrals such as Coventry Gray and White Dove or Lenox Tan and Glacier White.

3. Hale Navy HC-154 (2)
Source: paintedbykaylapayne 

4. Brittany Blue 1633

4. Brittany Blue 1633

Sky blue paint color with gray undertones

Keep it light and simple in your kitchen with this choice of blue paint color. Brittany Blue provides an airy and cool feel in your kitchen, making it easy to combine with wood tones and darker shades.

4. Brittany Blue 1633

With an LRV of 61.48 and an RGB color code of 195, 208, and 210 respectively, the best colors to match with Brittany Blue include White Christmas and Cos Cob Stonewall or Simply White and Kasbah.

4. Brittany Blue 1633 (2)

5. Navy Masterpiece 1652

5. Navy Masterpiece 1652

Blackened teal paint color with slightly green undertones

It does not look like it, but Navy Masterpiece is one of the best blue paint colors you can use on your kitchen cabinets. As a deep and saturated tone, the paint color will need a lot of light and light neutrals to complement it. But you can decorate according to your style.

5. Navy Masterpiece 1652
Source: pinterest

Navy Masterpiece has an LRV of 9.14 and an RGB color code of 68, 82, and 85 respectively. If you want a guide on light colors to use with this deep blue, consider Navajo White and San Carlos Tan or Pure White and Boothbay Gray.

5. Navy Masterpiece 1652 (2)

6. Lake Placid 827

6. Lake Placid 827

Light blue paint color with hints of gray and violet

Lake Placid makes you want to protect the paint color and walls. It is such a beautiful and delicate shade that you cannot miss it, regardless of how minimally you use it. If you want a bright kitchen, use this paint color on the cabinets.

6. Lake Placid 827

Lake Placid has an RGB color balance of 197, 211, and 223 respectively, with an LRV of 64.8. Match it with neutrals such as Gray Mist and Brandon Beige or Dune White and Puritan Gray.

6. Lake Placid 827 (2)

7. Stained Glass CSP-685

7. Stained Glass CSP-685

Blue paint color with hints of green and gray

This paint color looks cool but can turn warm, depending on the lighting and where the kitchen faces. We like it because it can accommodate different colors, whether they are light or dark. And its unique hue adds a special look to the kitchen decor.

Stained Glass has an RGB color code of 68, 100, and 109 respectively, with an LRV of 13.15. Coordinate this color with Paper Doll and Lilac Hush or Cloud White and Sag Harbor Gray.

7. Stained Glass CSP-685

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Blackened teal paint color with blue-gray undertones

This is a rich and sophisticated blue color that is popular on kitchen cabinets. It paints a picture of radiance, luxury, and elegance, better than many other colors with a similar shade. That is why you will find it in kitchens today; it is trendy and perfect.

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Gentleman’s Gray has an RGB color code of 48, 70, and 86 respectively. And with a pretty low LRV of 7.26, consider coordinating it with light colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Chalk White and Stormy Monday or Gardenia and Charmeuse.

8. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 (2)

9. Iceberg 2122-50

9. Iceberg 2122-50

Light blue-gray paint color

While it looks light enough to be a perfect alternative to white or any light neutral, Iceberg has a bit of color that removes it from the list of bland colors. It is interestingly striking, especially when used with white or other shades of blue.

9. Iceberg 2122-50

So, if you are not open to navy or medium blue, or want something different, Iceberg is a good place to start. It has an LRV of 71.1 and an RGB color code of 214 224, and 224 respectively. Pair it with Snow White and African Violet or Cloud White and Cumulus Cloud.

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9. Iceberg 2122-50 (2)

10. New Providence Navy 1651

10. New Providence Navy 1651

Deep teal with blue-green undertones

Make your kitchen stylish and sophisticated with this teal paint color on the cabinets and island. Deep and navy blue paint colors are trendy for kitchen cabinets these days, so you cannot go wrong with this option. This is particularly applicable if you add light neutrals.

10. New Providence Navy 1651
Source: pinterest

New Providence Blue has an LRV of 10.58 and an RGB color value of 68, 90, and 97 respectively. The best matching colors include Seashell and Greenwich Village or November Rain and Mills Spring Blue.

10. New Providence Navy 1651 (2)
Source: laurbanasf

11. Beach Glass 1564

11. Beach Glass 1564

Light blue paint color with gray-green undertones

Dark or navy blue is not the only paint color for kitchen cabinets. And the alternatives do not even have to be bright blue or saturated hues. Light blues perform well on cabinets, and Beach Glass is proof of that.

11. Beach Glass 1564
Source: heatherednest

Use white or light gray to complement this color, or add wood tones to the decor. Beach Glass has an LRV of 49.7 and an RGB color code of 180, 189, and 184 respectively. Coordinate it with Snow White and Midnight Blue or Super White and Man on the Moon.

11. Beach Glass 1564 (2)

12. Kentucky Haze AC-16

12. Kentucky Haze AC-16

Pale blue paint color with gray-green undertones

This is another light blue paint color that performs well on kitchen cabinets. Reminiscent of colors that represent the history of the country, Kentucky Haze is a soft neutral that is part of America’s Colors palette. The color can change its hue, depending on the lighting.

12. Kentucky Haze AC-16

Pair it with light neutrals like Pure White and Super White to make your kitchen sparkle. Alternatively, go for darker neutrals as a backdrop for the lighter neutral. Kentucky Haze has an RGB color code of 165, 176, and 175 respectively, and an LRV of 42.28

12. Kentucky Haze AC-16 (2)
Source: camillestyles 

11 Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors that Look Great on Kitchen Cabinets

1. Marea Baja SW 9185

1. Marea Baja SW 9185

Denim blue with yellow-gray undertones

Marea Baja is a cool, unique, and sophisticated shade of blue. While it is saturated, it may just be the touch your kitchen needs to look striking. Try this option if you want a blue paint color with depth and character, especially with warm undertones.

1. Marea Baja SW 9185

Marea Baja has an LRV of 8, hence the saturated and deep hue. With an RGB color code of 46, 84, and 100 respectively, coordinate it with Avenue Tan, Nuance, or Creamy.

1. Marea Baja SW 9185 (2)

2. Upward SW 6239

2. Upward SW 6239

Light denim blue paint color with gray undertones

This is another denim blue on our list, but this time, it is light blue. Upward keeps the kitchen decor fresh and cool, preventing too much saturation. You can use it with other light colors, neutrals preferably, or choose wood tones to complete the effect.

2. Upward SW 6239

Upward has an LRV of 57 and an RGB color value of 191, 201, and 208 respectively. Match it with Natural Linen, Extra White, or Icicle. You can also choose darker neutrals like black or charcoal for a striking result.

2. Upward SW 6239 (2)

3. Icy SW 6534

3. Icy SW 6534

Cool violet paint color with blue undertones

While Icy is a popular color for bathrooms, bedrooms, and nurseries, it is also a great consideration for kitchen cabinets. You do not even necessarily have to add dark colors to the mix to make it better. Icy can stand alone and look spectacular.

3. Icy SW 6534

So, use it in your kitchen as well as in different rooms of the house or trims. Icy has an LRV of 56, lower than you would expect. And with an RGB color code of 187, 199, and 210 respectively, coordinate it with Trusty Tan, Modest White, or Rarified Air.

3. Icy SW 6534 (2)


4. Naval SW 6244

4. Naval SW 6244

Navy blue with gray-green undertones

Make your kitchen look striking and beautiful with Naval as the color on the cabinets. You can keep the walls white or light gray because they are neutrals that pair well with navy blue. Consider keeping the use of Naval minimal so you do not overwhelm the kitchen.

4. Naval SW 6244

Coordinate it with Roycroft Suede, Ramie, or Icicle for the best results. Naval has an RGB color code of 47, 61, and 76 respectively, with an LRV of 4.

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4. Naval SW 6244 (2)

5. Poolhouse SW 7603

5. Poolhouse SW 7603

Blue paint color with slate undertones

This is a unique shade of blue, and your kitchen will thank you if you use this option. Poolhouse is not commonly used n cabinets, but you can be a trendsetter. After all, the color is beautiful and safe.

5. Poolhouse SW 7603
Source: 2cabinetgirls

The best colors with which to coordinate Poolhouse include In the Navy, Lullaby, and Extra White. The paint color has an LRV of 29 and an RGB color code of 128, 149, and 160 respectively.

5. Poolhouse SW 7603 (2)

6. Gale Force SW 7605

6. Gale Force SW 7605

Dark blue paint color

Since the kitchen is the heart of every home, you need to make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. And because of that, Gale Force is one of the dark blue paint colors on our list that creates a calm and peaceful environment.

6. Gale Force SW 7605

It always looks great with white since it keeps the decor grounded. Besides, Gale Force changes its hue with different lighting, so keep that in mind. It has an LRV of 6 and an RGB color balance of 53, 69, and 78 respectively. Coordinate it with Utaupeia, Shiitake, or Extra White.

6. Gale Force SW 7605 (2)

7. Indigo Batik SW 7602

7. Indigo Batik SW 7602

Dark denim blue paint colors

Indigo Batik fits the popular trend of using navy and dark blue paint colors on kitchen cabinets. Play it safe with this beautiful denim blue, and have sophisticated decor. As with every other blue paint color on our list, light neutrals pair well with Indigo Batik.

7. Indigo Batik SW 7602
Source: pinterest

This paint color has an LRV of 8, slightly higher than Gale Force, and an RGB color code of 62, 80, and 99 respectively. Coordinate it perfectly with Sands of Time, Pacer White, and Icicle.

7. Indigo Batik SW 7602 (2)

8. Atmospheric SW 6505

8. Atmospheric SW 6505

Mid-tone blue paint color

As the name suggests, Atmospheric is an airy blue that sits smack dab in the middle of the spectrum. It is the perfect color for bathrooms, bedrooms, trims, and kitchen cabinets. If unsure, test the color on a small portion of a plain wall to see what it looks like when dry.

8. Atmospheric SW 6505
Source: knockoffdecor

Pair it with other Sherwin Williams paint colors such as African Gray, They call it Mellow, and Sky High. Atmospheric has an LRV of 67 and an RGB color code of 198, 218, and 224 respectively.

8. Atmospheric SW 6505 (2)
Source: sherwin-williams

9. Riverway SW 6222

9. Riverway SW 6222

Blue paint color with green-gray undertones

This is not your everyday blue paint color. Riverway is a slightly complex combination of blue, green, and gray that creates an amazing color. It is similar to a teal paint color with a green undertone, but the infusion of gray changes the game.

9. Riverway SW 6222

Riverway has an RGB color code of 93, 114, and 116 respectively, and an LRV of 16. Pair it with Tin Lizzie, Tinsmith, or Topsail to get the best out of it.

9. Riverway SW 6222 (2)

10. Stardew SW 9138

10. Stardew SW 9138

Slate blue paint color with neutral tones

Stardew is part of our list of the best colors for kitchen cabinets because of its neutral tones. While it is a beautiful shade of slate blue that creates a fresh ambiance, we like that you can use cool and warm color schemes for the decor without clashing with it.

10. Stardew SW 9138

Stardew has an RGB color code of 166, 178, and 181 respectively, with an LRV of 43. If you want to make this color pop, coordinate it with Coral Clay, Patience, or Mountain Air.

10. Stardew SW 9138 (2)

11. Waterloo SW 9141

11. Waterloo SW 9141

Deep blue paint color with undertones of warm gray

This striking blue is what you need to complete your kitchen decor. It would have been a busy blue but for the gray that keeps it muted. So, it does not overwhelm any decor, although it is a deep shade.

11. Waterloo SW 9141
Source: makinghomebase

With an LRV of 13 and an RGB color balance of 83, 104, and 114 respectively, consider coordinating this paint color with Coral Clay, Kestrel White, or Mountain Air.

11. Waterloo SW 9141 (2)


We have picked blue paint colors you did not know your kitchen cabinets needed until now. We carefully chose different shades to give you options instead of sticking to one shade or type. From Naval and Lake Placid to Waterloo and Riverway, there are enough colors to get you going.

However, you can use this review as a guide to creating a unique color palette for your kitchen. This is especially applicable if you are only just starting to decorate. Whether or not you have already decorated or are still thinking of where to start, we would like to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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