13 Best Dark Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and More

13 Best Dark Paint Colors for BedroomsLight neutrals are trendy because of how well they accommodate other colors, whether they are vibrant or soft. However, dark and saturated hues will always be timeless and classy. But do you know what colors are suitable for lying rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms?

Picking dark paint colors to use in specific rooms can be a challenge. You must be cautious about them because they are usually overwhelming and moody, especially when used in a small space. That is why we have taken the time to select the 13 best dark paint colors for different rooms.

Are Dark Paint Colors Cool or Warm?

Dark paint colors can be cool or warm depending on the underlying hues. Warm dark paint colors have undertones of yellow, red, orange, and other similar colors you get from combining these and more colors. Cool dark paint colors usually have green, purple, and blue undertones.

A combination of these and other colors can also produce cool tones, but they hardly ever deviate from these basic ones. Warm colors are called warm because of how cozier or narrower they make a room. Of course, this depends on the undertones in each color. In a way, it is as if warm colors ‘come closer’, closing the gap between one wall and another.

On the other hand, cool colors feel as if they ‘move away or recede’, one wall from another. While warm colors make a room appear smaller, cool colors make the same room size appear bigger. Therefore, when picking dark paint colors for any room, you must check the size and the effect. For serenity and crispiness, use cool colors.

But for coziness and warmth, use warm colors. Additionally, it is best to use cool colors in small rooms to give the appearance of size. Warm colors work better in large rooms to make them look inviting. You must note that black is a dark neutral, and while it is typically not termed a color, it still has a tone. Black is usually warm, but you may still find a few blacks with cool tones.

We would like to point out that some dark neutrals are mid-tone. That means they are neither warm nor cool, fitting into every color scheme. These colors are favorites of interior designers because they do not have to look for specific colors to match, coordinate, or complement them.

What Colors Pair Best with Dark Paint Colors in Various Rooms?

The beauty of dark paint colors is that many colors pair well with them. This is especially true for dark neutrals like black and brown. They create a blank canvas on which to get creative and play with colors.

However, light neutrals are the best colors to pair with dark paint colors. For example, black paint colors are a great backdrop for colors like light gray, cream, off-white, white, and pastels. They are also excellent with wood tones, browns, greens, blues, and reds. Simply put, black is great for all colors if you know how to combine them.

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The same applies to other dark colors. But because they are not all dark neutrals like black, they may be selective of complementary colors. Therefore, keep the existing decor and lighting in mind when picking these paint colors for your bedroom, living room, and more.

13 Best Dark Paint Color Choices for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and More

The following are some of the best dark paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to use in various rooms.

7 Best Dark Paint Colors for Various Rooms from Benjamin Moore

1. Beau Green 2054-20

1. Beau Green 2054-20

Rich blue with bold green undertones

Beau Green is such a rich, beautiful, and sophisticated color. If you want a saturated hue for your dining room, bedroom, living room, or personal space, we do not think you will do better than this perfect blend of sapphire and emerald. And no, we cannot get enough of this color.

1. Beau Green 2054-20

One of the best aspects of Beau Green is that it fits with other dark colors like a neutral black or a deep wood tone. With an LRV of 8.76 and an RGB color code of 10, 86, and 90 respectively, pair it with colors like Smoke and Snow White or Wedding Veil and Wish.

1. Beau Green 2054-20 (2)

2. Midnight Navy 2067-10

2. Midnight Navy 2067-10

Deep blue paint color with violet undertones

Another one of our favorite dark paint colors, Midnight Navy is a deep and saturated mixture of blue and violet. The color deepens with dim lighting, so you may need to use it in a well-lit room. However, it is the perfect color for a living room, dining room, or bedroom. You can even use it on your cabinets.

2. Midnight Navy 2067-10

With an LRV of 5.44, Midnight Blue is a truly deep color with little light reflectance value. The color also has an RGB color code of 51, 51, and 86 respectively. Match it with colors like Full Moon and Excalibur Gray or Cloud Cover and Gray Owl.

2. Midnight Navy 2067-10 (2)

3. Black Ink 2127-20

3. Black Ink 2127-20

Black paint color with neutral tones

As we mentioned, some black paint colors can have warm or cool tones. However, a few can be true blacks, not leaning to the warm or cool side. Such black paint colors are perfect for every color scheme, and Blck Ink is one of them. It is not too saturated, although it is undoubtedly black.

3. Black Ink 2127-20

Black Ink has an RGB color code of 55, 58, and 61 respectively, and an LRV of 5.81. Because of how dark it is, Black Ink matches best with light neutrals and pastels like White Diamond and Gull Wing Gray or Steam and Thunder.

3. Black Ink 2127-20 (2)

4. Ming Jade 2043-20

4. Ming Jade 2043-20

Bright green paint color with a touch of teal

It is not your usual green but a unique shade that combines a bit of teal to provide depth and saturation. When paired with white or cream, this cool color pops. But did you know it also pairs well with dark brown? This living room decor on Pinterest is proof of that.

4. Ming Jade 2043-20

The best matching colors include Polo Blue and Decorator’s White or Horizon and Sleigh Bells from Benjamin Moore. Ming Jade has an RGB color code of 0, 116, and 93 respectively, with an LRV of 14.05.

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4. Ming Jade 2043-20 (2)

5. Barista AF-175

5. Barista AF-175

Cool brown paint color with hints of violet

Did you know chocolate brown could have a touch of purple? Barista is proof of how well both colors work together. Barista is a deep brown that makes any room sophisticated and stately, especially when used with light colors.

5. Barista AF-175

Under certain lighting, Barista looks like a shade of red with a bit of brown in it. This may be because of the RGB color code of 88, 66, and 58 respectively. It has more red than green and blue. Barista also has an LRV color value of 8.1, so consider matching it with Templeton Gray and Ocean Beach or Etruscan and Frappe.

5. Barista AF-175 (2)

6. Wenge AF-180

6. Wenge AF-180

Chocolate paint color with hints of violet

Wenge is a unique color because it has hints of violet as well as black and brown. Because of this, it blends with different decor types and color schemes. Light wood tones and black also complement it well. Use in your bedroom with light neutrals or in living rooms with other dark colors.

6. Wenge AF-180

Wenge has an LRV of 4.79 and an RGB color code of 60, 45, and 43 respectively. It may be best to pair it with Flora and Crystalline or White Heron and Majestic Mauve. That means soft purple pastels will look amazing with this color.

6. Wenge AF-180 (2)

7. Newburyport Blue HC-155

7. Newburyport Blue HC-155

Dark blue paint color with hints of green

There is a powdery look to this paint color, but it has hints of green, judging from its RGB color code of 70, 85, and 102 respectively. There is more green than red in the color code. But this does distract from the beauty of the color, and we love how it turns a room into a cool haven.

7. Newburyport Blue HC-155

Newburyport Blue has an LRV of 10.31, pretty low for such a color. However, when paired with colors like Light Pewter and Rustic Taupe or Cotton Balls and Weston Flax, the color brightens. It also looks great with wood tones.

7. Newburyport Blue HC-155 (2)

6 Best Dark Paint Colors for Various Rooms from Sherwin Williams

1. Dark Night SW 6237

1. Dark Night SW 6237

Deep blue with slate undertones

If you have a personal space, this color may make it cozy and interesting. Paired with deep wood tones and light neutrals, the color is simply outstanding. Dark Night has more green than red, although it is undoubtedly blue with an RGB color code of 35, 56, and 63 respectively.

1. Dark Night SW 6237

Dark Night has an LRV of 4, which is close to the black end of the light spectrum. Its deep shade makes it most suitable for light colors, although there is no hard and fast rule for this. But consider coordinating it with Studio Clay, Gossamer Veil, or Rock Candy.

1. Dark Night SW 6237 (2)

2. Tricorn Black SW 6258

2. Tricorn Black SW 6258

True black paint color with neutral tones

If you want a true black paint color to pair with soft pastels or vibrant colors in your bedroom or living room, Tricorn Black is your answer. This paint color is an amazingly balanced neutral that is neither cool nor warm. So, it works with any undertone and color scheme.

2. Tricorn Black SW 6258

With an LRV of 3, Tricorn Black is one of the darkest shades of paint colors from Sherwin Williams. And with an RGB color code of 47, 47, and 48 respectively, coordinate this color with Blithe Blue, Classic Light Buff, or Ice Cube.

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2. Tricorn Black SW 6258 (2)

3. Seaworthy SW 7620

3. Seaworthy SW 7620

Dark blue paint color with slate undertones

You will feel cool and relaxed with this paint color in your bedroom. Seaworthy is a popular color for many decorators because of how it changes a space into one of the coziest places. The slate undertones give the color a bit of crispiness but nothing too much to make it icy.

3. Seaworthy SW 7620

Seaworthy has an RGB color code of 49, 77, and 88 respectively, and an LRV of 7. Surfin’, Rhinestone, and Extra White are some of the best colors with which to coordinate this color. Keep it light and simple like this kitchen decor from Interiors by Color, even if you use other deep colors or wood tones.

3. Seaworthy SW 7620 (2)

4. Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801

4. Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801

Red has hardly ever looked better than Rookwood Dark Red by Sherwin Williams. It is a beautiful dark red with slightly neutral tones because of its RGB color code of 75, 41, and 41 respectively. It is a great color for the interiors as well as the exteriors.

4. Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801

Rookwood Dark Red has an LRV of 3, which explains its deep and rich hue. And with this color code and LRV, coordinate it with Downing Earth and Downing Sand for the best results.

4. Rookwood Dark Red SW 2801 (2)

5. Cascades SW 7623

5. Cascades SW 7623

Deep blue with a mix of undertones

It is not every day you find a paint color with a mix of colors as undertones, whether a light or dark color. Cascades is unique in this aspect as it mixes blue, yellow, and gray as its undertones. Because of this, the color has a mysterious look and feel to it, and you may have to be selective with the colors you pair with it.

5. Cascades SW 7623

With an LRV of 4, and an RGB color code of 39, 62, and 62 respectively, consider coordinating Cascades with Hearty Orange, Oak Creek, and Extra White to make it stand out. Your accent wall, front door, or entryway will be a conversation starter with this color.

5. Cascades SW 7623 (2)

6. Urbane Bronze SW 7048

6. Urbane Bronze SW 7048

Deep brown paint color with gray hints

There is a reason Urbane Bronze was the color of the year for 2021. It is a cool mixture of brown and gray that reminds you of the earth and nature. This color brings an air of serenity and sophistication into any space without becoming overwhelming.

6. Urbane Bronze SW 7048

It performs as well on the exterior of any house as in the interior. And while it works well with many colors, Urbane Bronze looks its best when paired with light colors. It has an LRV of 8, and an RGB color code of 84, 80, and 74 respectively. Coordinate this color with Ivoire, Extra White, or Shoji White.

6. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (2)

Final Thoughts

It may look easy when it comes to picking a dark paint color for your living room, bedroom, or any other room. But you must consider the elements and lighting, as well as the LRV before picking one. However, when paired with light colors as we have described in this article, the results can be astounding.

Therefore, pick blacks, blues, browns, reds, and greens from our list to use in any room or even the exterior of your home. You can even combine some of these dark colors to make the room cozier and more saturated, depending on your style.

We love to hear about your decor stories and see pictures of how you complement these colors. Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section.

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