Sherwin Williams Softer Tan SW 6141 Review

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141

If you’re a fan of warm-leaning neutrals, then this article is for you. Sherwin Williams Softer Tan bursts forth with the goodness of tan and really interesting undertones. For this reason and more, it has earned its place in the Sherwin Williams Top 50 paint color collection.

Softer Tan has incredible warming properties, but it’s also dicey to work with as regards paring and layering. Thankfully, I’m here to make things easy.

In this article, I’ll help you find your way around this gorgeous color, including how best to use its specifications and coordinating colors to achieve the best results.

When to Choose Sherwin Williams Softer Tan?

There’s a reason for everything, including choosing to use Sherwin Williams Softer Tan in your space. If you need more clarity on why this color is a great choice for your project, this section addresses that. Here are some scenarios when choosing Softer Tan would be great.

You Love Those Warm Golden Tones?

If you’re a fan of the golden tones tan colors carry, then you should look into Softer Tan. This color definitely adds a much needed glow to your interior/exterior in the most subtle way when paired with the right lighting.

You Need a Touch of Yellow/Green in Your Home?

Neutrals, like Softer Tan, carry very vibrant undertones, hence one of its strong points. You can find winks of yellow and green in Softer Tan, and if you’re feeling it, you should totally hop on the train.

You Want a Neutral That Works With Everything?

Another rich quality of Softer Tan is how much range it has to work with other colors. If you’re the type to experiment with tones a lot, Softer Tan is a great backdrop for that.

A Versatile Neutral is Your Vibe

Be it modern or traditional decor; Softer Tan is up to the task. It can also hold its own outdoors or indoors.

What Color is Sherwin Williams Softer Tan (SW 6141)?

Softer Tan is a rich, warm neutral with a strong yellow/orange background responsible for the warmth in this color. It’s one of the most popular colors that leaves the right impression in any space.

What Color is
Image Credit: @Lowes

Softer Tan coordinates with most home decor as a neutral and holds its own as a main wall color. You’ll find that it is mostly used in large spaces, bathrooms, kitchens and open floor plans as it tends to reflect light and equally absorb the same amount.

Keep reading as I continue to unravel this amazing color.

Snapshot of Sherwin Williams Softer Tan

From LRV to Hex Code and RGB ratio, this section gives a peek into the statistical makeup of Sherwin Williams Softer Tan.

Color Name Sherwin Williams Softer Tan
LRV 60
RBG 218,202,178
Undertones Green, Yellow, Orange
Hex Code #DACAB2

LRV of Sherwin Williams Softer Tan

A light reflective value of any color is represented with a scale that runs from 0-100 and represents the percentage of light a color can reflect. So if your paint color’s LRV is 0,  this means it doesn’t reflect any light; while an LRV of a 100 means it reflects a great deal of light.

However, this scale has been tweaked to read from 3-97, as there’s no true black or white.

The light reflective value of Softer Tan is 60 and this is the perfect spot for me, why you ask?

Well, it’s above average and won’t read too pale or heavy in your space. However, The most important thing is that you sample these paint colors before fully committing to them.

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With the help of SAMPLIZE paint strips, you can get an idea of how your color will perform in a space and react to the different light situations and also how its LRV can be a major determinant on where and how to use it.

Undertones of Sherwin Williams Softer Tan (SW 6141)

Undertones add life and character to any color, and Softer Tan sure has a lot of that. Like most warm colors, Softer Tan carries yellow and orange undertones, but there’s a major twist as you can also see hints of green in it, especially when used in spaces with low lighting.

However, the display of these undertones is heavily influenced by natural light, artificial lighting and a host of factors which I’ve analyzed for you below.

Does Lighting Condition Affect Sherwin Williams Softer Tan?

Lighting affects Softer Tan, as expected, for every color formulated.

When used in a north-facing space, you’ll get a much cooler intensity to Softer Tan, which can cause it to appear more tan and dark. Be careful to use it in a small space in this situation.

However, in southern-facing rooms and spaces that get a high amount of light, this color becomes lighter and warmer, showing more off its yellow side; it is very possible you almost confuse it for orange.

Undertones of
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Does Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Read Yellow?

All warm colors either come with red, pink or yellow undertones, and Softer Tan has picked strong yellow undertones. Moreso, this color belongs to the yellow family on the official Sherwin Williams website.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (1)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Can I see Green in Softer Tan?

Absolutely yes, green undertones can appear in yellow situations, especially when there are brown or black materials around Softer Tan.

The presence of green in this color ensures Softer Tan doesn’t appear overly warm or lean too red. Instead, you get a soft golden glow that extends the neutrality of Softer Tan, making it work well with natural elements.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (2)
Image Credit: @Pinteres

Can I Find Orange in Softer Tan?

There’s definitely a touch of orange in Sherwin Williams Softer Tan, and it’s not so far-fetched why this color matches with blues and darker oranges effortlessly.

However, you may need to pair it with brighter or darker oranges for this side to really pop out.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (3)
Image Credit @Pinterest

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan: Is It a Warm or Cool Color?

All colors on the color wheel come in two variants- warm and cool.

This feature is interpreted directly in the spaces they’re applied, which means if your color falls under the warm category, you’ll most likely have a cozy and energetic space.

For a cool space, tranquility and isolation are at the forefront.

Warm colors typically have yellows, red, orange, and pink, while cool colors contain blue, purple, and green tones.

Based on the stated facts, Sherwin Williams Softer Tan is a warm color. However, don’t forget it also carries green undertones, which fall on the cool side. The presence of both warm and cool undertones in Softer Tan can only mean one thing- it’s a neutral paint color.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Color Strip: Lighter or Darker Exploration

Color strips are another interesting way to mix and match your color. They accidentally also fall into the monochromatic scheme, meaning any color you pair on this palette works in harmony with Softer Tan in any space.

The Sherwin Williams Softer Tan color strip consists of 7 colors, including Softer Tan itself, which opens the floor on location number 206-C1.

This means that Softer Tan is the lightest of the clan and the base color upon which different degrees of tints and shades were added.

Color strip shades are under one bring umbrella, and it’s an excellent choice for lovers of modern and simple aesthetics.

  1. Sherwin Williams Softer Tan (SW 6141)
  2. Sherwin Williams Macadamia (SW 6142)
  3. Sherwin Williams Basket Beige (SW 6143)
  4. Sherwin Williams Serengeti Grass (SW 9116)
  5. Sherwin Williams Dapper Tan (SW 6144)
  6. Sherwin Williams Thatch Brown (SW 6145)
  7. Sherwin Williams Umber (SW 6146)

Softer Tan SW 6141 (1)

Complementary Colors for Sherwin Williams Softer Tan

The idea behind the complementary colors palette is to capture and sustain your attention, but there’s more- the colors that complement your anchor shade will, in turn, cancel it out to produce black or white should they ever be mixed.

But pairing this color together in any space is a straight hit and aesthetically right before mixing.

With that being said, blue is famously opposite yellow on the color scheme, and Sherwin Williams Softer Tan being a neutral with strong yellow undertones means it’ll work with a soft yet vibrant blue/purple tone.

My glorious pick is Sherwin Williams Agapanthus (SW 9066), a gorgeous purple paint with rich blue undertones and an LRV of 56, just four points behind Softer Tan’s LRV.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (2)

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Coordinating Colors

The theme you see below is the various ways you can make Softer Tan make sense in your home.

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Color combinations are a well-thought-out process by professionals and color experts. Hence the creation of these themes is to help you place a finger on that vague idea in your head and make it tangible.

  1. Analogous Theme: These colors stand side by side on the color wheel; however, using them together may be very overwhelming. Cool things down by settling for one dominant color and two accent colors.
  2. Triadic Theme: Colors on the triadic theme are evenly spaced on the color wheel. While they produce a sharp contrast theme, they’re less intense than the complementary color combination, so this one has a more flexible usage.
  3. Split Complementary Theme: There are three colors in this arrangement. They include one base hue and two adjacent colors of your main hue on the color wheel to create a richer and more versatile outcome. E.g., Green, Purple-Red.
  4. Complementary Theme: The two colors on the complementary color theme are opposite on the color wheel, and combining them on a palette produces a very vibrant result. The high-impact color combo provides a brighter and more prominent result.
  5. Monochromatic Theme: This palette uses three shades, tones and tints of a single base color. It’s the most subtle and conservative of all the color themes and easy to use on any project and space for a harmonious outcome.

Coordinating Colors for Sherwin Williams Softer Tan

The coordinating colors on this list represent the peak level of harmony you can possibly find regarding Sherwin Williams Softer Tan. These colors share so many similarities with ST like undertones, LRV and even degrees, hence they’ll bounce off each other in any situation.

  1. Sherwin Williams Moderate White (SW 6140): A classic warm neutral/tan color with quite pink undertones and an LRV of 74. Pair moderate white with Softer Tan as an accent wall in your kitchen or living room. It can also work as a trim color for a Softer Tan exterior.
  2. Sherwin Williams Prairie Grass (SW 7546): This one is quite the Chameleon, but observing things closely makes it easier. Prairie Grass is neutral with a dark green undertone and an LRV of 38. This means it works with the green in Softer Tan and is even darker, so you can use them in your bathroom.
  3. Sherwin Williams Creamy ( SW 7012): Creamy has pale yellow undertones that keep it very bright, cozy and warm. This color has an LRV of 81, putting it in a very bright category, and it will work well with Softer Tan in the kitchen.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (3)

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Color Palette

From lovers of traditional to modern decor, there’s something for everyone in this section. Get familiar with how to mix your colors and share your style with everyone else around you.

Analogous Palette

  1. Sherwin Williams Classic Sand (SW 0056): Classic Sand is an orange paint with dominating pink undertones and an LRV of 53. It’ll surely pop against your Softer Tan wall due to the bright pink undertone it carries.
  2. Sherwin Williams Acanthus (SW 0029): A classic green paint color with an LRV of 60, the same as Softer Tan. This color balances out the warmth of Softer Tan due to its coolness, and it’s so pleasing to watch them complement each other most unusually.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (4)

Monochromatic Palette

  1. Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat (SW 6121): Like Softer Tan, Whole Wheat is a cool neutral/tan color with yellow undertones and just a wink of green. It has an LRV of 48, which means it reads darker than Softer Tan and will therefore make an excellent accent wall.
  2. Sherwin Williams Threaded Loom(SW 9512): Threaded Loom is another unique neutral with green undertones. It can also read tan (with hints of deep orange) under some lighting conditions.

It has an LRV of 54 and would work nicely as a trim color for a Softer Tan space. Consider it for a cabinetry color too.

  1. Sherwin Williams Lemon Drop(SW 7122): Lemon Drop has an LRV of 87. This absolutely bright neutral has impressive yellow and green undertones and would work well with Softer Tan outdoors or indoors.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (5)

Triadic Color Palette

  1. Sherwin Williams Free Spirit (SW 6973): A fresh purple color with an LRV of 49. Using this color against Softer Tan would produce a vibrant result. I recommend it for a Victorian-style or traditional-themed space.
  2. Sherwin Williams Jetstream (SW 6492): Jetstream is a cool blue color with green undertones and the same LRV of 60. Blue is an excellent complementary color for orange; the contrast you’ll get from this one will blow your mind.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (6)

Tetradic Color Palette

  • Sherwin Williams Reclining Green (SW 6744): Reclining Green has an LRV of 63. The coolness of this green is what I love about it. It’s perfect in a Sherwin Williams Softer Tan bathroom, as it’ll really bring that coastal vibe.
    • Sherwin Williams Hyacinth Tint (SW 6968): With an LRV of 60, Hyacinth Tint’s blue undertones pop radiantly when paired with Sherwin Williams Softer Tan in a traditional living room or nursery.
  • Sherwin Williams Novel Lilac (SW 6836): The darkest of the bunch with an LRV of 42 and the perfect candidate for an accent wall to accompany Softer Tan on the front porch.
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Softer Tan SW 6141 (7)

Softer Tan (6141) vs. Kilim Beige (SW 6106)

Judging by the rate of their market acceptance, Kilim beige is the most popular of the pair, especially for interior finishes. Kilim Beige has an orange undertone that resembles pink, as against Softer Tan, which has a wink of yellow and a touch of green.

Kilim Beige is also darker than Softer Tan, with an LRV of 57, just three points behind Softer Tan’s 60.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (8)

Sherwin Williams Croissant ( SW 7716) vs Softer Tan (SW 6141)

Sherwin Williams Croissant is one point ahead of Kilim Beige with an LRV of 58 and two points behind Softer Tan, which means it’s closer to ST. This color has sharp undertones of yellow, pink and a wink of green.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (9)

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Equivalent in Benjamin Moore and Other Brands

If you can’t find Sherwin Williams Softer Tan near you, these colors are excellent alternatives as they resemble Softer Tan in tones, LRV and undertones.
Behr Estate Limestone, Valspar Marble Tile, Farrow & Ball Stony Ground, Benjamin Moore Everlasting and Thousand Islands are great tan neutrals that work with various colors to create the space of your dreams.

Softer Tan SW 6141 (10)

Where Can you use Sherwin Williams Softer Tan?

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan is not only a gorgeous tan paint but can also show off its flexible and versatile side in any space you decide to apply it.

One thing I love about neutrals is how they can carry so much inside them and yet leave enough space for you to add more colors and expand your creativity.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Living Room

Softer Tan is an excellent choice for your living room’s main color. It’s soft, gentle and super versatile, which means it can work with any decor and color combination. As you can see in the image below, the color contrasts perfectly with the white trims and ceiling to create a balanced aesthetics.

Pair your Softer Tan wall with red, black and dark brown accessories to harmonize all the textures and elements.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (4)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Softer Tan Bedroom

Forget the brightness and strong warmth of Softer Tan. It can do amazing wonders in your bedroom, especially when you pair it with cool trims and accessories like the image below. You can also barely tell it’s orange or yellow here, as it shows off a fresh green hue.

I love the light blue bedding and pastel pillows, which add a soft, cozy touch to Softer Tan. Overall you’ll have a great night in this space.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (5)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Softer Tan in Kitchen

Keep things golden and lively with Softer Tan in your kitchen. This kitchen reminds me of a bright summer morning with sizzling hot toast and coffee for breakfast. I bet it smells like citrus there. I mean, the orange undertones are showing up and showing out.

Since Softer Tan can work as a neutral, pair it with creamy white trims, light and dark brown accessories and most importantly lots of natural light, and watch your space open up like never before.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (6)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Softer Tan in Dining Spaces

Understanding accompanying tones to pair with your anchor hue is everything. I’m so impressed with how this dining section turned out, especially after considering how much warm lighting was added.

Softer Tan doesn’t stray away from its orange/yellow roots here, but the introduction of the green plants and the light blue drapes cools things off as soon as you sit in that space.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (7)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Softer Tan on the Exterior

If you haven’t considered using Softer Tan for your exterior, then you should after observing that image and my review. So yes, all colors must get washed out outdoors due to the intense light and many other factors.

At its brightest, Softer Tan leans yellow, picking on surrounding elements easier, like the image below, where the yellow also reads as light green (thanks to the grass and greens around).

You can pair this color with dark grays for trims and roofing like in this image or use a very radiant white like Sherwin Wiliams Pure White or High Reflective White.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (8)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

Softer Tan in Laundry Room

Keep your laundry room less boring with Softer Tan on the wall. Depending on the elements present, this color may read neutral or show off any undertone. The gray cabinetry in this space is an excellent choice to cool things off.

Sherwin Williams Softer Tan Review SW 6141 (9)
Image Credit: @Pinterest

What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Softer Tan?

You can pair your Sherwin Williams Softer Tan wall with greens, dark browns, and soft purple colors. Blues and cool green grays like Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray are excellent choices to bring a cool side to your Softer Tan space.

That said, Softer Tan is a great neutral that allows you to add as many colors as you want, which is why I suggest you shouldn’t be one-way traffic with your pairing.

Keep things fun with the accessories, too. If you’re too careful with the walls, you can go all out with your throw pillows, bedding, kitchen island, cabinets, fireplace, etc.


I enjoy reviewing neutrals because they have so much to give upon application. Now that I’ve shown you the amazing things you can do with Softer Tan in your space, it’s only right you leave those insightful comments and suggestions in the box below.

Before I wrap things up, let me refresh your memory about Softer Tan

  • It’s a neutral with a truckload of undertones
  • Softer Tan has an LRV of 60
  • It’s perfect for cold regions, modern decors and traditional homes.

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