Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130: Review & Inspiration

Cloud White

Have you ever wondered if white can look anything other than creamy or crispy in a home? And if such a color exists, would it feel amazing in your space? I’ve got good news for you. Benjamin Moore Cloud White is definitely what you need.

White paint colors remain among the most popular neutrals, and Cloud White is arguably one of the most discussed. This white sometimes goes unnoticed until you try it out, and it rapidly becomes your favorite.

If you are here to learn more about this lovely white, you are in the right place. I have put together a comprehensive review for Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Read on to find details of the paint color, like its LRV, undertones, color pairings, and more.

When to Choose Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130)

Sometimes, it might not be enough to grasp the details and properties of a paint color alone. You still need to understand the right time and setting that warrants using said color. In this case, when do you choose Benjamin Moore Cloud White?

Fortunately, the bright white has a high versatility and can work with lots of colors. However, it still has its moments and perfect settings. The following tips will help you know when to pick Benjamin Moore Cloud White:

Want a cozy but not intense vibe?

Cloud White looks cozy but only when used as a standalone. When you pair it with other warm colors, the paint color looks closer to true white. This allows it to give subtle cozy vibes that will never overwhelm your space.

Abundant or limited lighting?

As a bright white color, Benjamin Moore Cloud White works well in any space, regardless of lighting. It brightens up spaces naturally and, therefore, can be paired with dark colors.

Want a safe option

Benjamin Moore Cloud White sits somewhere between warmth and coolness. Although homeowners see it as a warm color, experts perceive it as a balanced white. This makes the paint color a safe option if you want a white that doesn’t commit fully to being warm or cool.

Looking for a soft, clean touch?

Cloud White doesn’t just look bright, it has a soft, clean touch that makes it popular among homeowners. That makes the paint color an excellent option if that’s what you desire for your space.

Comfortable with a bit of yellow/taupe?

Cloud White has mild yellow/taupe undertones. Although they won’t show up readily, it’s always safe to assume that you’ll see them when you least expect them.

What Color is Benjamin Moore Cloud White?

What Color is
Image credit: @worthyventures.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White is a bright white with a soft touch for any space. With buoyant vibes and a sense of subtle calm, the paint color has just the right feel for a home. It falls somewhere between a creamy and crispy look.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (1)
Image credit: @bluegrass_traditional_home.

As its name implies, you can add a sense of dreamy, floating calm to your space with the paint color. Same way as the clouds, Benjamin Moore Cloud White doesn’t look stark. The paint color has subtly warm undertones that give it a cozy feel.

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Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (2)
Image credit: @antoninagrace.

It works wonders in both interior and exterior spaces, giving one of the best homely looks you can get from a white. Cloud White has high versatility, too, working well with a wide variety of colors.

Snapshot of Cloud White’s Specifications

The table below shows Cloud White’s core properties. These specifications influence how the paint color looks and works.

Specifications Cloud White
RGB 243, 238, 225
HEX Value #F3EEE1
LRV 85.05
Undertones Soft Yellow/Taupe


The LRV of Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Paint colors rely on light to give us their unique and wonderful looks. Therefore, knowing how they interact with it in any space is important. LRV is one such way to measure light-color interactions.

LRV refers to Light Reflectance Value, which indicates how much light a paint color reflects. This crucial attribute runs on a scale of 0 – 100, with true black having a value of 0 and true white having 100.

No paint color can be perfectly black or white because they contain other tones and constituents. Therefore, they fall within the range of 3 – 97.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White has an LRV of 85.05. This puts the paint color in the white section of the scale. Cloud White will look fine in both dark and bright spaces thanks to its high reflectance. This also contributes to the paint color’s versatility.

Undertones of Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130)

Undertones of
Image credit: @bluegrass_traditional_home.

A paint color’s undertone is another property that contributes to its look and uniqueness. Undertones mostly appear unexpectedly and, therefore, might pose surprises to unsuspecting persons.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (3
Image credit: @antoninagrace.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White has soft yellow undertones. These guys give it a mildly creamy look but aren’t intense enough to make it completely so. This is why the paint color can look cozy without heating up your space.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (4)
Image credit: @style_meetshome.

Warm lighting and south-facing rooms make Cloud White appear warm by bringing out more of its yellow undertones. On the other hand, north-facing rooms and cool lighting give the paint color a more balanced look.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (5)
Image credit: @antoninagrace

The fact that it doesn’t look stark and icy remains one of the reasons why homeowners love Cloud White.

Will Benjamin Moore Cloud White Look Green on Walls?

Cloud White doesn’t have green or cool undertones. Therefore, the paint color cannot look green or blue on your walls. Cool lighting only gives it more of a balanced look. But you’ll still feel its soft, cozy touch.

Is Cloud White Suitable for Cabinets?

Yes, Benjamin Moore Cloud White can work on cabinets and furniture in general.

Is Cloud White a Warm or Cool Color?

Benjamin Moore Cloud White is a warm white with cozy vibes and a soft touch. The popular paint color has gentle yellow undertones that put it on the warm side. They also contribute to its homely and cozy feel in interior spaces.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (6)
Image credit: @antoninagrace.

Although Benjamin Moore describes the lovely white as “Soft and balanced,” Cloud White shows warm vibes. It only looks balanced in cool lighting or south-facing rooms with cool natural light.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (7)
Image credit: @mcgregorfurniture.

Cloud White sits in a good spot between warm and cool white paint colors. This makes it a safer option in most cases where you’re unsure of which white to use.

Cloud White’s Complementary Color

Regardless of how good your paint color looks, you can still make it look better in your home. Pairing it with relevant colors is one such way to do this. And a complementary color is one of the numerous viable options.

A complementary color is basically the exact opposite of your paint color on the wheel. When layered on each other, both colors will cancel out to give black. However, pairing them together in a space also gives one of the best contrasts. This makes it important to know your color’s complement.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White’s complementary color is Benjamin Moore White Heaven.

Benjamin Moore White Heaven (2068-70)

White Heaven is a bright, lovely shade of lilac with pink undertones and an LRV of 76.69. The paint color has the closest look to the hue that complements Benjamin Moore Cloud White. It has a pale appearance that would’ve looked cold if the paint color lacked warm undertones.

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Benjamin Moore White Heaven works best on walls. Since it has a high LRV, the paint color works fine in any space.

Cloud White OC-130 (1)

Benjamin Moore Cloud White (OC-130) Coordinating Colors

Coordinating colors are another way to get a much better overall look for your main color and space. While your color can have one complementary hue, it can have several coordinating colors. This opens up your options, allowing you to put your creativity to use.

These colors fall into several schemes that give different vibes and looks. You can always utilize them depending on your preferences.

  1. Analogous Color Coordination: You can use this for a soft, gradient effect. Create it by picking colors that sit side-by-side on the color wheel.
  2. Triadic Color Coordination: As their name implies, triadic colors will form a triangle when you link their positions on the wheel. Use them for the most vibrant, lively, and energetic vibe.
  3. Complementary Color Coordination: These colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel. As I mentioned in the previous section, Complementary Colors give the best contrasts.
  4. Split Complementary Color Coordination: Pick one complementary color and two analogous colors to create this scheme. Split Complementary Color Schemes give a richer and more flexible look.
  5. Monochromatic Color Coordination: This scheme gives the cleanest and classiest look. Monochromatic color schemes consist of colors with similar tones but different shades and tints.

The following are some of the best matching colors for Benjamin Moore Cloud White:

  1. Benjamin Moore Champion Cobalt (2061-20): Champion Cobalt is a dark shade of royal blue with an LRV of 7.76. With soft teal undertones, the paint color looks sophisticated and intriguing in any space. Its depth makes it suitable for furniture too.
  2. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20): Pale Oak is a bright greige that leans more to the warm side. The paint color’s taupe undertones give it a sense of warmth and coziness that fits any interior space. Note that this doesn’t mean Pale Oak won’t give splendid results in exterior spaces.
  3. Benjamin Moore Yasmite Yellow (215): This bright, energetic yellow infuses any space with energy and cheerfulness. Use it to attract attention and hold it in any interior space. With an LRV of 57.19, the paint color won’t darken your room. However, Benjamin Moore doesn’t recommend using Yasmite Yellow in exterior spaces.
  4. Benjamin Moore White Down (OC-131): White Down gives a much brighter greige alternative to Pale Oak, with an LRV of 76.69. The off-white has mild greige undertones that give it a bit of color. Fortunately, it still reads warm and feels cozy in most spaces.

Cloud White OC-130 (2)

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Color Palettes

Cloud White has one of the highest versatility from Benjamin Moore. It fits well into almost any color palette you might have in mind.

Here are some viable palettes for Benjamin Moore Cloud White:

Analogous Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore Frosty Lime (2029-70): Bring a cool and refreshing vibe into your space with Benjamin Moore Frosty Lime. The bright green has an LRV of 85.88, which can give it an icy look in cool lighting. Fortunately, Cloud White’s warmth pairs nicely with Frosty Lime’s cool vibes for a balanced look.
  • Benjamin Moore Silky Smooth (1373): As its name implies, Benjamin Moore Silky Smooth has a soft, calming touch for your space. The lovely blend of lavender and pink looks refreshingly innocent anywhere you choose to use it. Silky Smooth has an LRV of 76.66 and feels cozy.

Cloud White OC-130 (3)

Triadic Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore Misty Lilac (2071-70): Misty Lilac is a bright shade of violet with an LRV of 77. It has a soft touch and romantic vibes that looks lovely in any space. Use Misty Lilac to add some color and calm to your home.
  • Benjamin Moore Irish Mint (2041-70): Irish Mint has an almost teal look because of its blue and green tones. The bright crisp color has a refreshing minty vibe that makes its excellent for spa-like decor.
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Cloud White OC-130 (4)

Monochromatic Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore Lighthouse Landing (1044): Lighthouse Landing gives you the feel of sands on an isolated beach. The bright beige has lots of warmth and coziness for your space. It has a stronger depth of color than Cloud White, allowing for a monochromatic pairing.

Cloud White OC-130 (5)

Benjamin Moore Cloud White vs. Similar Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Cloud White vs. White Dove

Both paint colors are bright whites. However, White Dove has a slightly lower LRV of 83.16 and less warmth. The paint color brings a clean touch to any space. It has greige undertones that put it on the warm side but prevent the paint color from looking too yellow or creamy.

Cloud White OC-130 (6)

Benjamin Moore Simply White vs. Cloud White

Simply White is significantly brighter than Cloud White, with an LRV of 89.52. Although it has a clean, crisp look, the paint color has yellow undertones. These guys give it warmth and coziness, especially in spaces with little light.

Benjamin Moore Simply White is one of the brand’s brightest and most popular white paint colors. It works well in any space and on cabinets too.

Cloud White OC-130 (7)

Benjamin Moore White Cloud vs. Cloud White

Although they have similar names and close LRVs, these paint colors aren’t the same. Benjamin Moore White Cloud has stronger warm tones than Cloud White. Also, its intensity puts it in the off-white range.

Go for White Cloud if you’re comfortable with a bit of orange in your space.

Cloud White OC-130 (8)

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Sherwin Williams Equivalent

Sherwin Williams doesn’t have a product called Cloud White. However, the brand has a paint color that appears close to Benjamin Moore Cloud White. This paint color also has similar vibes and tones.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the brand’s equivalent of Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

Alabaster is a warm, cozy white with an LRV of 82. The paint color offers you a white with mild creamy-but-not-too-yellow tones. Although it appears balanced, Alabaster leans to the warm side when compared to brighter, cool white colors.

It has one of the most beautiful looks and works in any space you desire. Sherwin Williams Alabaster remains popular among homeowners and has been a favorite of mine too.

This paint color has something that differentiates it from Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a tiny bit of green, making it suitable for nature-inspired decor.

Cloud White OC-130 (9)

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Living Room

Cloud White can look cool, balanced, or cozy in your living room. It all depends on the brightness of the space, type of lighting, and other colors in the area.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (8)
Cloud White on living room walls  Image credit: @jillgg
Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (9)
Cloud White in this living room Image credit: @antoninagrace
Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (10)
Cloud White on the living room walls Image credit: @hiddendreamhouse

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Furniture

Generally, Cloud White gives a lovely, cozy look to furniture. That doesn’t mean the bright white can’t look balanced and clean too.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (11)
Cloud White on the closet Image credit: @mcgregorfurniture

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Powder Room

Who says powder rooms can’t look beautiful and cozy at the same time? Cloud White makes this possible!

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (12)
Cloud White on the wall Image credit: @pamelalynn_interiors

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Bedroom

Set a soothing, cozy tone in your bedroom using Cloud White with warm colors like in the picture below. The paint color’s mild yellow undertones pairs nicely with the warm tones in this bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (13)
Cloud White on the bedroom walls Image credit: @elisabethcolette

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Cabinet

Cloud White gives a soft, mildly cozy look to any cabinet you use it on. The paint color often hides its mild creamy undertones on such surfaces.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (14)
Cloud White on the cabinets Image credit:
Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (15)
Cloud White on the kitchen cabinets Image credit: @sagehillcottage

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Bathroom

Bring a soft, cozy touch to your bathroom using Cloud White. The paint color can contribute to an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity in your bathroom.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (16)
Cloud White in a bathroom Image credit: @jillgg

Benjamin Moore Cloud White Kitchen

Cloud White gives a clean, calm look to kitchens when used in the spaces. Whether you choose to use it on cabinets or walls, the paint color will deliver splendid results.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (17)
Cloud White on the kitchen cabinets Image credit: @lancastercustoms
Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 (18)
Cloud White on the kitchen cabinets Image credit: @aloftgrp


Benjamin Moore Cloud White gives you a soft, balanced look that leans more to the warm side. It looks wonderful in both interior and exterior spaces. However, you should sample the paint color first, as with other colors, before use.

Here are a few points to recap this Cloud White review:

  • Cloud White has cozy tones but doesn’t look too yellow or creamy.
  • It has an LRV of 85.05.
  • The paint color looks less intense when compared to warm and cool white colors.
  • It reads warm in any space.
  • You can use this lovely white on furniture and cabinets too.
  • Benjamin Moore Cloud White won’t look green on your walls.

Feel free to drop any questions you might have in the comments section. I look forward to answering them.

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