18 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors For 2023

18 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors For 2023

Everyone is painting their homes with the navy blue color and the reason is no longer far-fetched. Navy blue is the color to beat this year because of its deep dark blue shades.

There’s not just one Navy blue color so if you are looking to use this color, it may be confusing at first making a choice of shades. This article is set to expose the best navy blue paints for 2023. First, why is it called navy blue?

Why It Is Called Navy Blue

The answer to this dates back to 1748 when the Royal Navy—the naval force of the British fleet—officers wore dark blue which was paired with naval whites.

Not long after, other countries’ naval officers began to wear this color too. At first, some would call it marine blue. The name, navy blue, stuck instead. Navy blue has different variations from Indigo dye, Crayola, peacoat, purple navy, Persian indigo, and space cadet.

So What Is the Navy Blue Color?

So What Is the Navy Blue Color

In short, the navy blue color is a dark blue color that is almost black but not quite. It can be mistaken as black color and indeed, in poor lighting, you may think it is black. It is considered a weighty color, an official shade of blue. If you’re wondering if it’s the same thing as dark blue, you are right, it is.

As you are going to learn in this article, there’s not just one type of navy blue. And there are different brands of navy blue with different undertones—more on undertones later—and shades. Some of the best navy blue paints are produced by brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Farrow And Ball.

About Undertones and LRVs

Paint producers often blend several paint colors together. This is what creates what is called “undertones.” For example, navy blue paint can be blended with gray and white paint colors. This mixture can create undertones of gray.

And LRVs? Well, this is an acronym for Light Reflectance Value. All colors absorb and reflect light but not in the same proportion. Some reflect more than they absorb and vice versa. Darker paints reflect less light than they absorb and lighter paints reflect more than they absorb. As you will soon see, navy blue colors reflect less light and absorb plenty of it, which is why they are darker.

List: 18 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors For 2023

1. Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue HC-156

1.Van Deusen Blue HC-156

RGB 70, 93, 110
LRV 12
Undertones Gray
Matching Colors Castleton Mist, Alpine White, Thunder

First on this list is navy blue paint from Benjamin Moore called Van Deusen Blue. It is dark with an LRV of about 12. This navy blue is able to straddle the terrain between a traditional and modern space. It calls to mind the origins of this beautiful color and merges perfectly with whatever modern color you pair it with, be it Castleton Mist, Alpine White, Thunder, or Cotton Balls, all from Benjamin Moore paints.1.Van Deusen Blue HC-156

The undertone of the Van Deusen Blue is gray because it has been mixed with some gray paint. Certain light conditions will allow Van Deusen Blue to exhibit some of these gray undertones. Some of the best places to use this paint are in rooms and kitchen cabinets.

2. Benjamin Moore’s Polo Blue 2062-10

Polo Blue 2062-10

RGB 48, 59, 66
LRV 5.67
Undertones Black
Matching Colors White Diamond, Paper Mache, Wrought Iron, Instinct

This paint is a deeper navy blue than the first one. Most homes are using this paint to achieve a sophistication that is rare among paints. One look at this paint and you can already see the black undertone. It’s got an LRV of 5.67 and reflects very little light. It is an almost black navy that is ideal for that corner near the living room, for doors, and for cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen. It is a color used by many to create a dash of superiority and importance.2.Polo Blue 2062-10

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The matching colors for this paint include White Diamond and Paper Mache for trimmings. Also, this paint can be paired with Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron and Instinct. You may consider painting male rooms with this color considering how it is a masculine black color.

3. Benjamin Moore Old Navy 2063-10

3.Old Navy 2063-10

RGB 42, 55, 72
Undertones Blue, purple-indigo
Matching Colors Marilyn’s Dress, Deep Silver, Luxe, Black Bean Soup,

This is one of the most popular navy blue from Benjamin Moore. It is loved because it is very dark, yet able to catch the eyes and set off some drama. It has an LRV of 5 and its matching colors are Marilyn’s Dress, Deep Silver, Luxe, and this one with a curious name called, Black Bean Soup, all from Benjamin Moore.3.Old Navy 2063-10

The Old Navy will do well in entryways when painted not on the doors but around them. The door can be painted with Marilyn’s Dress and the rest of the wall painted Old Navy. This color has an undertone that hovers between indigo and purple if the light is weak. In strong light, the Old Navy has a real blue undertone.

Some of the best places the Old Navy is used by most designers include the bedroom, and living rooms, especially over the fireplace. When paired properly in the kitchen the color can give the aura of modernity.

4. Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay 1680

4.Hudson Bay 1680

RGB 63, 82, 102
LRV 9.77
Undertones Purple
Matching Colors Seashell, Timothy Straw, Muslin, and Maple Syrup

For a bold yet warm feel, the Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay is the color to use in 2023. It gives every room where it is used a lived-in feeling. This versatile color plays with light the way kids play with toys. It is able to manipulate light to fit into whatever the utility is.4.Hudson Bay 1680

For example, this paint color makes a kitchen feel like one while doing the same for your living room. A beautiful navy blue that gives one of the most authentic pairing experiences, this navy blue will pair exquisitely with Seashell, Timothy Straw, Muslin, and Maple Syrup. The LRV is 9.77. This paint looks like Van Deusen Blue but is softer with a hint of purple in the undertone.

To get the most out of this paint color in the year 2023, paint the wood and parts of the kitchen like the island with the Hudson Bay. Focus on pairing the color with the matching colors on the cupboard and cabinet.

5. Moscow Midnight by Sherwin-Williams 9142

5. Moscow Midnight by SW 9142

RGB 35, 71, 82
Undertones Green
Matching Colors Mountain Air, Pearly White, Comfort Gray

This clean navy blue is from Sherwin Williams. For interior rooms, use this paint color to achieve the untiring feel of mystery. There is something personal but unexplainable about this beautiful color that makes it one of the best on this list for bedrooms or any room where the family spends time together.5. Moscow Midnight SW 9142

It’s got an LRV of 5. Match the Moscow Midnight with Mountain Air, Pearly White, and Comfort Gray from Sherwin Williams for the best look anywhere from the hallway, or stairway to the kitchen. In the bathroom, it can be used in the whole walls and trimmed with the Pearly White on the doors.

Let the low LRV guide where you paint this color because it absorbs most of the light that hits it. So if your hallway gets inadequate light, you may want to use it as a trim instead of as the main color. Same as for rooms where the natural light is not sufficient.

6. Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams 7605

6.Gale Force by SW 7605

RGB 53 / 69 / 78
Matching Colors Extra White, Shiitake, Utaupeia
Undertones Blue

Sherwin Williams Gale Force is a cool, dark blue with a moody shade. It is very dark with an LRV of 6. It is also a cool navy blue which should be paired with white colors that are warm to help the color stand out. The paint has a hint of blue in its undertone. A neutral color, this paint can be used in most light conditions and in about any room.

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Most people who use this color do so for bedrooms and pair it there with their favorite white. It is a versatile color so you can do this as well. To get the best of this color in 2023 pair it with Extra White, Shiitake, and Utaupeia.

6.Gale Force SW 7605


7. Indigo Batik by Sherwin-Williams 7602

Indigo Batik SW 7602

RGB 62  80  99
Matching Colors Icicle, Pacer White, Sands of Time
Undertone Navy Blue

The Indigo Batik from Sherwin Williams is the kind of navy blue that lights up a room that gets plenty of lighting and feels cool in dark rooms. This is one of the darkest of the navy blue colors on this list with an LRV of 8.

You can use this navy blue any way you see fit but a suggestion is to use it in collaboration with the Icicle, Pacer White, or Sands of Time. You can get any of these matching paint colors from Sherwin Williams. For example, Indigo Batik can be trimmed with Pacer White in the living room. Doors can be painted navy blue while the frames are painted white.

The undertone of this color is a deep navy blue. When choosing a paint to match, make sure to choose colors that have subtle tones.

7.Indigo Batik SW 7602


8. Benjamin Moore Lead Gray 2131-30

8.Lead Gray 2131-30

RGB 68 78 82
LRV 7.30
Undertones Gray, Green
Matching Colors Horizon OC-53, Gossamer Blue 2123-40

The near-black shade of dark gray provides an impeccably manly aesthetic to a library or a workspace of a sophisticated gentleman. This paint color has a shade of black with gray, green, and blue undertones to soften it up.8.Lead Gray 2131-30

The shade is also moody black which can set it off quite nicely in bedrooms with white ceilings. This paint color pairs well with Chantilly Lace, and Woodlawn Blue.

9. Benjamin Moore Washington Blue CW-630

9.Washington Blue CW-630

RGB 48, 70, 86
Undertones Blue
Matching Colors Parish White, White Diamond, Nicholson Green, Arctic Gray

The Washington Blue is a dark blue paint with an LRV of 7 and is considered a very respectable color for living rooms and bedrooms on account of how much it inspires a cultural vibe in spaces.9.Washington Blue CW-630

There is a gentleness to the Washington Blue that you don’t quite see in other navy blue paints. Though the light reflectance in this paint is low, it has been used by designers even in rooms with little natural light. It lights up softly by itself.

In kitchens, this paint makes a great impression when paired with lighter colors like Parish White, White Diamond, Nicholson Green, and Arctic Gray.

10. Benjamin Moore Baltic Sea CSP-680

10.Baltic Sea CSP-680

RGB 94 137 143
LRV 22.2
Undertones Green, Blue
Matching Colors Barely There CSP-725, Lost Locket CSP-410

The Baltic Sea CSP-680 is a navy blue you should use this year. It is one of the shades of navy blue that is rich in presence. Make your living room dramatic with this navy blue that reeks of the invigorating gust of wind originating from the Baltic Sea- with a serene shade of bluish green, indeed an ideal sensation to transport one into the present moment.10.Baltic Sea CSP-680

The Baltic Sea CSP-680 can give your exterior walls a strong presence. It also works well for all round painting in the living room with only trim around the fireplace.

11. Sherwin Williams Naval 6244

11.Naval SW 6244

RGB 47 61 76
Undertones Gray-Green
Matching Colors Ramie, Roycroft Suede, Icicle

The Sherwin-Williams is a popular navy blue color. If you have not used this paint, it’s time to try it out this year. It is the navy blue to beat this year. It comes with an LRV of 4 making it almost black. It is a very dark color recommended for sparing use in the living room with pairing colors like Ramie, Roycroft Suede, and Icicle.

Depending on your furniture and other elements of the decor, plus lighting, you can use this color everywhere. Provided you are using other soft colors to step down its coolness.

11.Naval SW 6244

12. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

12.Hale Navy HC-154

RGB 67, 76, 86
Undertones Gray and Blue
Matching Colors Coventry Gray, White Dove, Lenox Tan, Glacier White

This Benjamin Moore navy blue comes with a classic maritime feel to it. Hale Navy is also a popular navy blue. It has been accepted as a navy blue that can be used everywhere in the rooms, hallways, and kitchens. It has an LRV of 8, making it one of the very dark colors with a low light reflectance. Hale Navy’s matching colors are Coventry Gray, White Dove, Lenox Tan, and Glacier White.12.Hale Navy HC-154

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Hale Navy is considered the best navy blue on the market because of its versatility. It looks beautiful on walls, cabinets, and cupboards. The availability of light does very little to dampen this beauty. Hale Navy will shine in natural or artificial light.

13. Benjamin Moore Blue Note 2129-30

13.Blue Note 2129-30

RGB 64, 76, 84
Undertones Blue
Matching Colors November Rain, Brilliant White, Cliffside Gray, Moonlight White

Okay, this paint looks black in its barest essence but with strong navy blue tones that give it a pass into this navy blue club. The black is so light that it gives off its navy blue shade effortlessly.

The LRV here is 9. You can get this paint representing navy blue just by giving it the right amount of light and pairing it with beautiful colors like Moonlight White, November Rain, Brilliant White, and Cliffside Gray.13.Blue Note 2129-30

There’s an oceanic blue tone to the blue note. This is what makes this navy blue a favorite for kitchens, and accent elements in the living room.

14. Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

14.Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

RGB 45, 72, 85
Undertones Teal blue
Matching Colors Gardenia, Charmeuse, Stormy Monday, Chalk White

Balance and restraint are why this navy blue from Benjamin Moore is called the Gentleman’s Gray. The color here isn’t really gray but teal blue. The LRV of 7 is what gives this navy blue the blackened shade. This navy blue will make a great deal of sense in living rooms and rooms. Pair Gentleman’s Gray with Chalk White, Stormy Monday, Gardenia, and Charmeuse.14.Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Gentleman’s Gray is a totally masculine navy blue color. It is bold and formal. In 2023 you should definitely try this navy blue on your office walls or study.

15. Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent SW 7615

15.Sea Serpent SW 7615

RGB 62  75 84
Undertones Green
Matching Colors Ice Cube, Lullaby, Uncertain Gray

Like the Gentleman’s Gray, this Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent exhibits boldness but with more sophistication and a dash of mystery. Which makes it a great choice for your rooms and bathrooms. Of course, offices with large windows for plenty of light can have this paint too. The LRV of the Sea Serpent is 7.

You should definitely paint your walls and doors with this navy blue, then trim with these Sherwin Williams paints: Ice Cube, Lullaby, and Uncertain Gray.

15.Sea Serpent SW 7615


16. Sherwin Williams In The Navy SW 9178

16.In The Navy SW 9178

RGB 40 / 56 / 73
Undertones Blue
Matching Colors Dirty Martini, Illusive Green, Pure White

Sherwin Williams offers solidity with this navy blue, very dark color for offices, living rooms, and for cupboards and cabinets. It comes with an LRV of 4, one of the lowest on this list. With neutrals like Dirty Martini, Illusive Green, and Pure White, you can create a solid look for your study and even kitchen and living room elements.

16.In The Navy SW 9178


17. Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Navy 1624

17.Westcott Navy 1624

RGB  79, 84, 87
LRV 9.87
Undertones Blue
Matching Colors Gray Lake, Misted Green, Cloud White Antique Bronze

As the name suggests, this Benjamin Moore paint delivers the tones of navy blue while being able to also give off black tones. This paint is one of the most sophisticated paints here with an LRV of 9.87.17.Westcott Navy 1624

This is one of the most interesting navy blue paints to play within your home. The shade of black and gray makes it versatile. You can pair this navy blue with Benjamin Moore’s Antique Bronze, Gray Lake, Misted Green, and Cloud White.

18. Sherwin Williams Salty Dog SW 9177

18.Salty Dog SW 9177

RGB 35 64 88
Undertones Blue
Matching Colors Pure White, Favorite Jeans, Gray Screen

This Sherwin Williams is one of the deepest blues on this list. It is mixed to give your room a personality of its own. To get this navy blue going right, make sure the decor matches well with the personality you want to see. For example, use this navy blue in your office or study sparingly and trim with Pure White, Favorite Jeans, and Gray Screen.

The LRV of this navy blue is 5. The Salty Dog will give your living room a bold look especially if there is abundant natural light flowing in.

18.Salty Dog SW 9177

Final Thoughts

Paints can either light up a room or give a building more fullness. The possibilities with paints are almost endless. And their beauty can only be matched by books. Your walls and general decor can be a work of art if you use the best colors. In 2023, navy blue is the rave and the ones listed here are the most popular. Stuck to navy blue paints from the producers featured here and don’t forget to use the suggested pairs.

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