15 Most Popular Blush Pink Paint Colors in 2023

15 Most Popular Blush Pink Paint Colors in 2023

Picking out blush pink paint colors may be a task you look forward to, but do you know the best ones? While blush pink may look like it has only a few variations, it may surprise you to know there are many different shades, depending on the undertones.

Whether you call it blush, pink, blush pink, or millennial pink, this color is suitable for different areas. This article shows the 15 most popular blush pink paint colors in 2023 from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. You will also see how versatile the color is for various rooms and walls.

Is Blush Pink Paint Colors Cool or Warm?

Most blush pink paint colors are usually warm because of the presence of red. The red, green, and blue color code (RGB) represents the amount of red, green, and blue in any color. And blush typically has more red, which means it leans more to the warm area.

You must know that blush pink has yellow, red, or orange undertones. These hues correspond to the top color, and they give blush its unique hues. However, you may find some blush paint colors with purple undertones. If the blush has purple undertones, it leans slightly toward the cooler side.

Best Places to Use Blush Pink Paint Colors

Pink is not everyone’s cup of tea, much less blush pink. However, the lightness of this shade of pink makes it easy to use as a neutral color. Therefore, you can use it in any room or accent walls. Also, it is best in nurseries, children’s rooms, or bathrooms, especially if it is a warm blush.

Consider painting your ceiling, accent walls, or even your front door blush pink for a unique look. How you use it will depend on your style, but consider complementing it with dark blues, light grays, oranges, and reds. Blush pink can be versatile, particularly when it is of the lightest shade.

15 Most Popular Blush Pink Paint Colors in 2023

The following are the best and most popular blush pink paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to give your home a warm look:

8 Best Blush Pink Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

1. Frosted Petal 2089-70

1. Frosted Petal 2089-70

Warm blush pink paint color with peach undertones

This is a beautiful warm shade of blush pink with a slightly peachy undertone. It can pass for a neutral color except for the clear warmth. You can use it instead of white if you want a bit of color and it is suitable for every type of wall.

1. Frosted Petal 2089-70 01

It has an LRV of 82.48 and an RGB color code of 249, 236, and 231 respectively. Consider coordinating it with Smoke Gray, Horizon, High Park, and White Heron.

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1. Frosted Petal 2089-70 02

2. Mauve Hint 878

2.Mauve Hint 878Cool blush pink paint color with a hint of blue

Just as the name suggests, Mauve Hint has a bit of mauve, which is a blue hue that shows through the surface. This soft color presents such a cool face and makes any room serene. Because of its softness, Mauve Hint can pass as a neutral color. So, consider using it with vibrant colors that may add some warmth.

2.Mauve Hint 87801

Coordinate it with Badlands, Sandlot Grays, Alabaster, and Mineral Alloy, among other complementary colors. Mauve Hint has an LRV of 76.6 and an RGB color balance of 238, 227, and 222 respectively.

2.Mauve Hint 87802

3. Bashful 1171

3. Bashful 1171

Warm blush pink paint colors with beige undertones

It gives the impression of being beige or greige, but it is a soft pink with beige tones. It is a welcoming color that works as a standalone or for portions of a room. It works well with green, coral, orange, and black.

3. Bashful 117101

You can also coordinate this color with White Down, Simply White, and Steam. Bashful has an LRV of 70.8 and an RGB of 235, 218, and 204 respectively.

3. Bashful 117102

4. Ballerina Pink 2082-70

4. Ballerina Pink 2082-70

Cool blush pink paint color with purple hues

Ballerina Pink is one of the pinkest blush pink paint colors you will find on our list. This may have something to do with the reddish-purple hue that gives the color some character. While it makes it a cool color, it also adds some vibrance to the entire result of the paint.

4. Ballerina Pink 2082-70 01

It is not ideal for the exterior of a house, although the choice is ultimately yours. However, you can use it on ceilings, walls, cabinets, or a powder room. Its LRV is 77.64 and its RGB color code is 243, 226, and 230 respectively. Coordinate it Gray Owl, White Dove, Pottery Red, or White Opulence.

4. Ballerina Pink 2082-70 02

5. Cream Puff 2174-70

5. Cream Puff 2174-70

Cool blush pink paint color with gray undertones

Cream Puff displays a bit of cream and a hint of gray that makes it cool and warm at the same time. Depending on the lighting and surrounding decor, this chalky blush pink color changes the look of any room without trying.

5. Cream Puff 2174-7001 With an LRV of 82.08 and an RGB color code of 249, 232, and 227 respectively, consider coordinating Cream Puff with Brilliant White, Super White, Cumulus Cloud, or Abalone.

5. Cream Puff 2174-7002

6. First Light 2102-70

6. First Light 2102-70

Warm blush pink paint color with a touch of beige

You do not always have to stick with the typical beige or white. Benjamin Moore’s First Light is a pure shade of blush pink with enough neutrality to stand in for the more obvious neutrals. With the extra color it adds, First Light is a great substitute for other shades of pink and blends well with other colors.

6. First Light 2102-7001

Its best-matching colors include Normandy, Amherst Gray, White Heron, or Chantilly Lace. First Light has an RGB of 239, 226, and 222 respectively, and an LRV of 75.86.

6. First Light 2102-7002

7. Pink Bliss 2093-70

7. Pink Bliss 2093-70

Cool blush pink paint color with a slight purple hue

If you want a true representation of blush pink, take a look at Pink Bliss from Benjamin Moore. With some coolness showing through, this blush pink paint color is the real color that fits nurseries, ceilings, or cabinets in a powder room.

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7. Pink Bliss 2093-70 01 Because of its softness and warmth, consider using it as the main color in a bedroom and pairing it with grays, blues, and burnt orange. This is why its best coordinating colors include Storm Cloud Gray, White Opulence, Cement Gray, and Chantilly Lace. It has an RGB color code of 245, 234, and 231 respectively, with an LRV of 81.58

7. Pink Bliss 2093-70 02


8. Tissue Pink 1163

8.Tissue Pink 1163

Warm blush pink paint color with beige undertones

This may look like a soft brown, beige, or greige when you first see it. But it is a blush pink color with the faintest touch of red. The reddish hue gives it a brownish hue that makes the color warm.

8.Tissue Pink 116301 It has an RGB color code of 237, 219, and 205 respectively, with an LRV of 71.16. Consider coordinating it with colors such as Ciao Bella, Ashley Gray, White Opulence, and Alabaster.

8.Tissue Pink 116302


7 Best Blush Pink Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

1. Appleblossom SW 0076

9. Sherwin Williams Appleblossom SW 0076

Warm blush pink paint color with red hues

This color is pink and has a glaringly red undertone. With an LRV of 51, Appleblossom does not have a high light reflectance value. While this may be a downside for some, its seeming dullness and clear color more than make up for the lack of light reflectance.

1.Appleblossom SW 0076 01 It is a fantastic color choice for any room because it is not too light. Consider pairing it with light grays and whites, or coordinating colors such as Urban Jungle and Roman Column. Its RGB color code is 218, 181, and 180 respectively.

1.Appleblossom SW 0076 02

2. Fading Rose SW 6296

10.Sherwin Williams Fading Rose SW 6296

Cool blush pink paint color with a touch of red-purple

Fading Rose leans toward the red end of the RGB color code, with a balance of 218, 189, and 193 respectively. There is more blue than green in it, accounting for the purple hue you see in the color. It is a full-bodied blush color that is suitable for interiors and exteriors.

2.Fading Rose SW 6296 01 With an LRV of 55, Fading Rose is not a color with a particularly high light reflectance value. Therefore, consider coordinating it with Polished Concrete, Shell White, and Ibis White. This little girl’s nursery is a perfect example of where to use this color.

2.Fading Rose SW 6296 02

3. Intimate White SW 6322

11.Sherwin Williams Intimate White SW 6322

Warm blush pink paint color with red undertones

This color is one of the lightest blush pink hues on our list. It is not loud but has an obvious light orange or peach tone to it. This creates a warmth that nothing else can match. You may not immediately notice it, but the color becomes obvious when placed next to a clearer pink shade.

3.Intimate White SW 632201 Intimate White is ideal for a nursery or a children’s bedroom, although it may look great on cabinets. It has an LRV of 77, which is high enough on the spectrum, and an RGB color code of 240, 225, and 216 respectively.

3.Intimate White SW 632202


4. Pink Shadow SW 0070

12.Sherwin Williams Pink Shadow SW 0070

Warm blush pink paint color with red tones

Under certain light, Pink Shadow comes off as a deeper shade of pink like in this workspace, but that is not the case. As with many others on our list, this color is a soft shade with a bit of yellow and red under it.

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4.Pink Shadow SW 0070 01 It has an LRV of 58, so while it is still in the mid-range of the color spectrum, it is high enough to reflect some light. And with an RGB color code of 222, 195, and 185 respectively, it is clear that the amount of red in it is high. Coordinate it with Quiver Tan and Panda White for the best results.

4.Pink Shadow SW 0070 02

5. Faint Coral SW 6329

13.Sherwin Williams Faint Coral SW 6329

Cool blush pink paint colors with a slight yellow-red hue

Think about your favorite coral shade. Now, imagine it in a softer and lighter shade with a hint of yellow-red. Faint Coral is a beautiful shade of blush pink that fits in the red-hue family. You will also notice a hint of warm yellow, although the blush is more cool than warm.

5.Faint Coral SW 6329 01

Pair it with darker colors or select light grays and whites to produce an even airier feel. It works in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other similar rooms. It has an LRV of 75, pretty high on the light scale, and has an RGB of 235, 222, and 213. The best-coordinating colors include Rojo Dust, Ibis White, and Creamy.

5.Faint Coral SW 6329 02


6. Pale Pink SW 9696

14.Sherwin Williams Pale Pink SW 9696

Warm blush pink paint color with a faint beige hue

With an LRV of 80 and a barely-there hue, Pale Pink is one of the brightest blush pink shades. It can reflect a lot of light, which makes it even lighter than usual. However, the slight beige hue makes it warm, adding a certain coziness and intimacy to any room.

6.Pale Pink SW 9696 01 It has an RGB of 238, 230, and 222 respectively, and its coordinating colors include Ibis White and lighter grays such as Light French Gray. Use it as your workspace color or for the nursery and other rooms.

6.Pale Pink SW 9696 02


7. Innocence SW 6302

15.Sherwin WilliamsInnocence SW 6302

Warm blush pink paint color with a reddish hue

You cannot go wrong with Innocence if you want light pink paint with a splash of color. You may notice a hint of purple under a specific kind of light, but it remains one of the truest blush pink shades.

7.sInnocence SW 630201

It has an RGB color balance of 235, 209, and 207 respectively, putting it firmly within the red-hue family. With an LRV of 68, coordinate it with Polished Concrete, Gossamer Veil, and Ibis White. Light brown and white also blend well with Innocence if you know how to pair them well.

7.sInnocence SW 630202


Blush pink will always be a superb alternative to neutrals, especially if you want a touch of color. There are many options, but we have narrowed them to 15 choices from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to make the job easier for you.

Consider using the dusty Cream Puff or dusky Bashful, or switch to Pink Shadow or Fading Rose. Keep your intended or existing decor in mind when selecting a blush pink paint color. How the color matches your home will be determined by how you coordinate the colors.

Your best bet is to sample, and the brands have just what you need. Have you already used one or more of these colors? We would love to hear about your experiences. Share them with us in the comments section.

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