October Mist vs Evergreen Fog: How to Choose

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog

How do you choose between Benjamin Moore’s October Mist vs Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog? This question is not strange because both colors look almost the same to the untrained eye.

However, they are not as similar as they appear at first glance. While they are sage green paint colors, there are slight differences. October Mist is brighter than Evergreen Fog. It is also the warmer of the two paint colors because it can show a bit more yellow than Evergreen Fog.

These are only the basics, and they can quickly help you choose the ideal one for your decor. But that is not all about the colors, and if you want to learn more about them, come along with me as I review both paint colors.

When to Use October Mist vs Evergreen Fog

This part is crucial to discovering how to choose between October Mist and Evergreen Fog. After all, the point of looking at them is to determine which will fit your decor better. So, when is the best time and place to use one over the other? I can help with that.

Use October Mist if:

  • If warmth is part of your requirements for a sage green paint color
  • You don’t mind a bit of yellow in the color
  • You don’t fancy a muted green paint color

Use Evergreen Fog if:

  • You want a muted shade of sage green
  • Your decor already favors a cool color scheme
  • The room has enough warm lighting to brighten the paint color

This is probably the most challenging part to figure out, that is, when and where to use each paint color. But once you are sure of where each works best, the rest is easy. I mentioned that both paint colors are similar shades of sage green, but one is warmer than the other.

Check your decor and be sure of which shades fits better. Evergreen Fog is pretty muted and is not typically a bright paint color. It is also more neutral than October Mist so it may work better in the place of gray. Some experts call it a green-gray, while October Mist is an obvious green.

Visually Comparing October Mist vs Evergreen Fog

It is one thing to know when and where to use October Mist or Evergreen Fog. But it is different when you see each one in action. Pictures say much more than words, so I want you to see October Mist and Evergreen Fog in real images.

First, let’s look at October Mist and what it looks like in a room:

Visually Comparing October Mist
Image Credit:@benjaminmoore

And here is Evergreen Fog looking cool, calm, and collected:

Visually Comparing vs Evergreen Fog
Image Credit:@christianbrothersinterior

There is a reason October Mist is the 2022 color of the year from Benjamin Moore. And Evergreen Fog is the 2022 color of the year from Sherwin Williams. They are gorgeous shades of sage green, not too bright but not too dull or muted. In many cases, they work well as neutrals.

From the pictures above, you can see that they have hints of gray. However, October Mist looks brighter and warmer, showing a bit of yellow. On the other hand, Evergreen Fog is cool and almost gray with a hint of blue. This is despite the natural light shining on it.

With white colors complementing them, October Mist and Evergreen Fog look amazing. But I have other specific details about them that further explain the differences and make it easier to choose.

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October Mist vs Evergreen Fog: A Rapid Comparative Analysis

There are details about colors that make them what they are. Those details may be small, but they are significant enough to change the game, especially when it comes to lighting. Let’s explore them and see what they hold.

  October Mist Evergreen Fog
RGB 182, 184, 165 149, 151, 138
LRV 46.54 30
Undertone Yellow-gray Blue-gray
HEX Value #B6B8A5 #95978A

Emotional Effects: October Mist vs Evergreen Fog

Since Evergreen Fog is the more neutral and muted of the two paint colors, you will get the same feeling of serenity and calmness that come from cool colors. While it has a bit of warmth in certain lighting, that is not the primary tone. Evergreen Fog is typically a cool color.

The best part of this color is its closeness to gray. It does not compromise color so that it appears bland. But at the same time, it is the perfect backdrop for vibrant colors, as long as they have the same cool tone.

On the part of October Mist, it is warm with a hint of yellow. You can bank on it to deliver in a room facing north. Roms with northern exposure usually have cold light, which means warm colors are ideal. October Mist will produce the coziness and airy freshness that you need after a long day.

It may appear too warm in a south-facing room because of the direct sunlight. However, you can use it minimally or add some other neutral color to tone it down a bit if it shows too much yellow. But if you need to create a relaxing haven with warmth, October Mist may be a finer fit than Evergreen Fog.

LRV of October Mist vs Evergreen Fog: Which Reflects More Light?

The LRV of color is simply its capacity to reflect or absorb light. It means the light reflectance value of a color, and it is measured between 0 to 100. Pure blacks have an LRV of 0 and pure whites have an LRV of 100. Every other color falls within this range.

However, no paint color is pure black or pure white. There is always an undertone that keeps it from being an absolutely single color. So, paint colors use a range of 2.5 to 94, which are values that are pretty close to both ends of the scale.

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist has an LRV of 46.54. You can call it a mid-range color because of its closeness to the middle point of the scale. However, it is still below this point, so it is not so bright a color.

Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, much lower than that of October Mist. Because of this, it is pretty muted and does not reflect a lot of light. In simple terms, October Mist reflects more light than Evergreen Fog.

Lighting is crucial to the choice of paint color for any decor. Rooms that do not have a lot of natural lighting may benefit more from paint colors with high LRVs. And rooms with bright light, whether artificial or natural, can accommodate colors with low or high LRVs.

But I will tell you more about lighting conditions later. Let’s look at the undertones of these paint colors and how they affect them in different settings.

Undertones of October Mist vs Evergreen Fog: Are They the Same?

October Mist has obviously warm undertones, reading a bit yellow-gray in most lighting conditions. Warm colors fit better with other warm colors, but yellow can be fussy. It can read a little green, which makes it less accommodating of different colors.

Undertones of October Mist

However, you may find October Mist looking neutral. That is it shows a bit of gray and tends to balance out other colors like a neutral paint color would. Moreover, the actual color you see may be a matter of perspective as different people tend to see different colors.

Evergreen Fog has blue-gray undertones, looking green-gray than any other color in most rooms. This makes it a truly muted color, made even darker by its relatively low LRV. To put it simply, the undertones of October Mist and Evergreen Fog can look similar but are not exactly the same.

Undertones of vs Evergreen Fog

A Closer Look at the Undertones of October Mist

To drive home my point about the differences in their undertones, here is a picture of October Mist showing a lot of yellow and warmth:

A Closer Look at the Undertones of October Mist
Image Credit:@goldenmeadow_ma

A Closer Look at the Undertones of Evergreen Fog

This paint color looks cool and serene in this next picture because of the combination of green, gray, and blue.

A Closer Look at the Undertones of Evergreen Fog
Image Credit:@hilltophome192

There is no doubt that October Mist is warm, while Evergreen Fog is cool because of its undertones. If you want to use any trim color for Evergreen, choose a lighter color with a cool tone like the picture above. The undertones of a warm color may clash with those of a cool color.

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The same rule applies to October Mist. Since it is a warm color, using any cool white as trim color may bring out the yellow in it, making it look too yellow. Pair warm colors with warm and cool colors with cool.

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog: Are They Warm or Cool?

By now, you already know that October Mist is warm, while Evergreen Fog is cool. But sometimes, it is not as straightforward as that. October Mist can, on rare occasions, read cool. And on rare occasions, Evergreen Fog can look warm.

Sage green paint colors typically have yellow in them. The amount of yellow they have will determine their tone or warmth. From the pictures I’ve already provided, you can see that October Mist has more yellow than Evergreen Fog. The brightness of the color may also contribute to how you see it.

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are part of the team that makes any color work well. They are colors that, when combined with the main hue, produce black or white. This is because the main hue and the complementary color cancel each other.

The colors I’m reviewing in this guide are not specific hues you may easily find on the color wheel. Since complementary colors sit opposite the main color on the color wheel, how do you find the complementary colors that match these sage green paint colors? Let me help you out.

A medium-light shade of blue magenta is the best complementary color for October Mist. And the Benjamin Moore color that best matches it is Central Mauve 1412. It is a dusty lilac that looks amazing when paired with different colors. Another name for it is Heather Field CC-970. You can also try Behr’s Luxe Lilac N560-3.

October Mist Complementary Colors

For Evergreen Fog, a shade of blue magenta is the best complementary color. It is not exactly the same as that of October Mist because it is a darker shade. And the best Sherwin-Williams color to fit this description is Gentle Grape SW 9074. It is a deep shade of purple that complements the muted sage green. You can also try Benjamin Moore’s Irises 1440.

Evergreen Fog Complementary Colors

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog  Color Palettes

The beautiful thing about color palettes is that you can add different types of colors. In other words, you can add complementary colors, coordinating colors, and matching colors among others. So, what are the best color palettes for these sage green paint colors? Let’s find out.

Color Palette for October Mist

Chantilly Lace, Venetian Portico, and Hale Navy are some of the best colors to match with October Mist. This palette includes cool white, cool blue, and a warm color.

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65: A pure white paint color with almost no undertones that match all colors and hues
  • Venetian Portico AF-185: A soft earthy tone that brings versatility and added warmth to the decor
  • Hale Navy HC-154: A deep shade of blue that gives a cool feeling and tones down the warmth

Color Palette for October Mist

Color Palette for Evergreen Fog

Ethereal White, Urbane Bronze, and Bakelite Gold look amazing with Evergreen Fog. I have included a warm paint color to keep it from looking too cool.

  • Ethereal White SW 6182: A rich off-white paint color with gray hues that perfectly match Evergreen Fog
  • Urbane Bronze SW 7048: This is a dark paint color that can look warm in most spaces but can also turn cool in others
  • Bakelite Gold SW 6368: Another warm color, this time vibrant, that can turn the muted shade of Evergreen Fog around

Color Palette for Evergreen Fog

You don’t have to stick with these colors. Switch things up by adding other colors or replacing what I already provided. I love to see creativity at work, so I encourage you to experiment until you find a palette that works for you. Only use this as a guide for sorting through colors to know what fits October Mist or Evergreen Fog.

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog in Bedrooms

These sage green paint colors can look regal and beautiful inside the house. If you have never tried them in a bedroom, you may be surprised at the results.

October Mist on Bedroom Walls

Here is October Mist used in a room with a green color theme. Does it look off? It would have been overwhelming except for the white wall on the window side. As a result, it is a beautiful room.

October Mist on Bedroom Walls
Image Credit:@houseofcolor.cv

Evergreen Fog on Bedroom Walls

Unlike the picture of October Mist, this net picture combines neutrals with Evergreen Fog. And the paint color looks slightly warm, probably because of the warm artificial light.

Evergreen Fog on Bedroom Walls
Image Credit:@bndecoraz

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog in Cold Light

I want to show you how much these paint colors can change with lighting. In this section, we will look at cold light which usually comes when a room faces north and does not get direct sunlight.

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October Mist Under Cold Lighting

You may want to test this paint color in a room facing north or with cold light before using it. This is because it can turn from warm to slightly cool in no time.

October Mist Under Cold Lighting
Image Credit:@sanfordcollectiveinteriors

Evergreen Fog Under Cold Lighting

If you plan on using Evergreen Fog in any room, you must ensure it has a lot of warm lighting. Cold lighting makes the paint color look too cool and grayish. Unless that color is what you need in that space, it may not be the best combination for the other colors.

Evergreen Fog Under Cold Lighting
Image Credit:@cocostivers

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog on Cabinets

You may already know what October Mist and Evergreen Fog look like on cabinets. Gone are the days when you felt the need to paint your cabinets white. And while white will always be one of the best and safest colors for cabinets, the trend is moving toward deeper colors.

October Mist on Cabinets

October Mist looks greener and cooler than it usually does, although it still shows more green in it than any other paint color. Paired with white, it looks so beautiful and bright.

October Mist on Cabinets
Image Credit:@interiorlogicgroup

Evergreen Fog on Cabinets

It looks soft and buttery in this bright light and paired with white. With a hint of blue, it looks pretty cool and beautiful.

Evergreen Fog on Cabinets
Image Credit:@buildwithrh

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog on Doors

You don’t always have to go with the norm with every part of your house. Try something different and become a trendsetter. How about October Mist or Evergreen Fog on a doo for starters? It is a safe step to begin your journey.

October Mist on Doors

Since it is a soft and warm color, October Mist is one of the most welcoming off-white and unconventional colors for a front door. See how it performs in this picture.

October Mist on Doors
Image Credit:@astoldbymichelle

Evergreen Fog on Doors

In this kitchen, Evergreen Fog is surrounded by white and dark wood tones. It is different yet, pretty neutral, which makes it easy to blend with the other colors.

Evergreen Fog on Doors
Image Credit:@thelittlehouseonahill.tx

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog on Exterior Walls

Although they look pretty light, October Mist and Evergreen Fog are ideal for exterior walls. They may not be your first choice, but if you use them with white or another light trim, you will have striking results.

October Mist on Exterior Walls

This house would have faded into the background but for the peculiar paint color, October Mist. With white trim color and surrounding greenery, the house looks great.

October Mist on Exterior Walls
Image Credit:@Kristi Hauke

Evergreen Fog on Exterior Walls

This porch is, well, warm and cozy. I don’t know how else to explain how beautiful the space is. Part of the charm is the Evergreen Fog wall that pairs so well with the white and gray bricks.

Evergreen Fog on Exterior Walls
Image Credit:@the_dani_design

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog with Various Colors

How do these colors perform when paired with other colors, especially vibrant colors? You are about to find out.

October Mist Paired with Various Colors

There are various colors at play in this kitchen, with October Mist being at the center and the primary hue. Because it is soft and has some gray, it blends well with every color.

October Mist Paired with Various Colors
Image Credit:@coloramazingdesigns

Evergreen Fog Paired with Various Colors

There are also various colors in this living room, but the dominant color is Evergreen Fog. You have to agree with me that it is nothing short of striking.

Evergreen Fog Paired with Various Colors
Image Credit:@that_blonde_painter

October Mist vs Evergreen Fog in Bathrooms

Green may not be your go-to paint color of choice for your bathroom. But you can use October Mist or Evergreen Fog because of their neutral tones. Let’s see real pictures to see if they really work.

October Mist in Bathrooms

It looks muted and toned down in this bathroom. The white color in the room helps it work, but it may look too laid-back for you.

October Mist in Bathrooms
Image Credit:@Rachel

Evergreen Fog in Bathrooms

It is pretty similar to using gray with a hint of green. But in this bathroom, it actually looks green and beautiful, not muted at all.

Evergreen Fog in Bathrooms
Image Credit:@hartleybrothers

Lighting Conditions

Throughout the article, we have seen how these paint colors change from bright and green to muted and cold. Lighting is crucial to how you perceive paint colors, so use paint samples in the room where you plan to use the paint before deciding.

Different exposures can affect the color, especially for a muted and cool color like Evergreen Fog. You may want to use this option with a lot of natural lighting or a sufficient artificial one. For October Mist, you can keep it warm because of its undertones. Too much warm lighting may make it too yellow and warmer than usual.


Pick October Mist if you want a slightly bright and warm sage green paint color that does not show too much yellow. But go for Evergreen Fog if you are fine with muted sage green paint colors that may look gray or blue-gray in cold lighting.

This guide shows you the undertones and the LRVs that determine how much light the colors reflect. You will also find complementary colors and possible color palettes that should start you off well. You can always add, remove, or change the colors on the palettes to accommodate your choices.

You don’t have to go on this journey alone. Feel free to ask questions about these or other paint colors to get further clarification. Send your questions to me in the comments section.

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