23 Best Paint Colors for Kids’ Rooms in 2023

23 Best Paint Colors for Kids’ Rooms in 2023
Selecting the right paint color for your kid’s room is not a walk in the park. Paint color selection is exciting, especially if you have an amazing array to go through. You would be amazed at the number of colors available, even from just one brand.

And if you are already in the market, it can become daunting to narrow your choices. Kids are picky, especially at a specific age. They want their private spaces to have a special look and feel, and if you get it wrong, you may have to swap bedrooms or redo the painting project.

However, it does not have to be difficult, especially with our guide to selecting the 23 best paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for your kid’s room, keeping it trendy in 2023. The colors on our list will work for your kids, whether they still use a nursery or are already taller than you.

What Are the Most Popular Colors for a Kid’s Room?

Pale colors and soft pastels are popular for kids’ rooms, even in 2023. The reason is not a mystery: these colors have a calming effect on the kids and the parents. They tend to sleep better and find matching accessories that fit their age in those colors than in saturated or deep tones.

Blue in all shades is a popular paint color for a kid’s room, whether you use it on one wall or the entire room. You cannot go wrong with the color, so you may want to play it safe. You can also use aqua greens, soft yellows, and warm pinks along with neutrals, both light and dark. When you pick these colors and more, consider pairing them with dark and saturated colors to create unique decor.

23 Best Paint Colors for Kids’ Rooms in 2023

The following are some of the best paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore that fit any kid’s room and remain trendy in 2023.

12 Best Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams for a Kid’s Room

1. Forever Lilac SW 9067

Lilac paint color

1. Forever Lilac SW 9067

This soft pastel has the power to draw your kid home. If you are ever in doubt about the color to use for your kid’s room, Forever Lilac is one to try. It is versatile enough to work with other soft pastels and keep the room airy and bright.

1.Forever Lilac SW 9067

Forever Lilac has an LRV of 40 and an RGB color code of 175, 165, and 199 respectively. This is a testament to the higher blue color. And although it is lilac, the paint color has some depth that ensures it does not look washed out even in the brightest light. Coordinate it with Breaktime, Alabaster, or Original White.

1.Forever Lilac SW 9067 (2)

2. Limon Fresco SW 9030

Lemon paint color with a hint of green

2. Limon Fresco SW 9030

We know this color looks bright, but you must remember that paint colors on your screen do not look the same in real life. Nevertheless, Limon Fresco is one of the best colors to use in your kid’s room, along with light neutrals such as white.

2. Limon Fresco SW 9030

Limon Fresco has an LRV of 50, right at the middle point. That means it can reflect a good amount of light into the room. You want to keep your kid’s room light and airy instead of gloomy. With an RGB color code of 206, 188, and 85 respectively, coordinate Limon Fresco with Peppercorn, Greek Villa, or Daybreak.

2. Limon Fresco SW 9030 (2)

3. Mild Blue SW 6533

Light blue paint color with a hint of gray

3. Mild Blue SW 6533

As the name suggests, Mild Blue is a light color that evokes freshness and calmness in a room. Because it is a cool color, you may want to warm up the room with wood tones and a few other brown shades along with neutrals.

3. Mild Blue SW 6533

This beautiful shade of blue has an LRV of 65, a good value that shows the color’s brightness. And with an RGB color code of 203, 213, and 219 respectively, coordinate it with Stone Lion, Greek Villa, or Rarified Air.

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3. Mild Blue SW 6533 (2)

4. Alpaca SW 7022

Warm beige gray paint color

4. Alpaca SW 7022

Alpaca is an exquisite neutral that pairs well with many other colors. This is why it made it to our list. Since your kid’s room will need a balancing note, Alpaca may be just what you need to make that happen. It has a bit of pink-purple that makes it soft.

4. Alpaca SW 7022

To make the best of Alpaca in your Kid’s room, coordinate it with Moonlit Orchid, Alabaster, and Simple White. Then, add vibrant colors, soft pastels, and other neutrals to make a breathtaking room. Alpaca has an LRV of 57 and an RGB color code of 204, 197, and 189 respectively.

4. Alpaca SW 7022 (2)

5. Soft Suede SW 9577

Soft beige paint color

5. Soft Suede SW 9577

Soft Suede is a beautiful neutral that makes you want to come home. Pairing it with white, navy blue, and wood tones make it an excellent choice for a kid’s room. You can try mixing these colors or a few others in your color palette to see how it works out for the decor.

5. Soft Suede SW 9577

With an LRV of 57 and an RGB color code of 208, 198, and 184 respectively, you may want to coordinate Soft Suede with In the Navy, Simply White, or Incredible White.

5. Soft Suede SW 9577 (2)

6. Exuberant Pink SW 6840

Bright pink paint color with violet undertones

6. Exuberant Pink SW 6840

It does not get pinker than Exuberant Pink, a bright shade that makes a room vibrant. It is a truly saturated color that needs to be muted so the room does not become choked. Exuberant Pink is one of the best colors for a little girl’s room, especially when paired with lighter shades of pink and white.

6. Exuberant Pink SW 6840

This paint color from Sherwin Williams has an RGB color code of 181, 77, and 127 respectively. This code explains the bright pink hue. It also has an LRV of 17, which means you will need lighter colors with high LRVs to keep the room bright. Coordinate it with Slate Violet, Shell White, and Ibis White.

6. Exuberant Pink SW 6840 (2)

7. Caviar SW 6990

True black paint color

7. Caviar SW 6990

This may be the most surprising and unconventional paint color for a kid’s bedroom on our list, but you would be amazed at how well it turns out. If the room is small, use it on an accent wall and complement it with light grays, whites, soft pastels, and vibrant colors. It is a true black paint color, so it is not selective of matching shades or color schemes.

7. Caviar SW 6990

Alternatively, use it on cabinets or the ceiling to create a unique look in the room, especially if it is a boy’s room. Caviar has a pretty low LRV of 3 with an RGB color code of 49, 48, and 49 respectively. Coordinate it with light colors like Oh Pistachio, Taupe Tone, and Snowbound.

7. Caviar SW 6990 (2)

8. Languid Blue SW 6226

Soft blue paint color

8. Languid Blue SW 6226

This light blue color is perfect for a nursery, powder room, living room, or bedroom. In other words, Languid Blue is a versatile color, and its lightness makes it easy to blend with other colors.

8. Languid Blue SW 6226

There is a reason it is called languid; it evokes the feeling of relaxation and gentleness. That is why it is the perfect color for your kid’s safe space. Coordinate it with Urban Jungle, Nuance, or Mountain Air. Languid Blue has an LRV of 46 and an RGB color value of 164, 183, and 189 respectively.

8. Languid Blue SW 6226 (2)

9. Alyssum SW 6589

Soft pink paint color with hints of red

9. Alyssum SW 6589

Experts love this color as part of the decor for a kid’s room and for good reason. Alyssum is a paint color that can stand on its own, producing warmth and making the room comfortable. Throw in some whites or soft pastels, and you have a paradise for your little girl.

9. Alyssum SW 6589

With an LRV of 71, Alyssum is a bright color that keeps the room airy and light. And with an RGB color code of 242, 213, and 215 respectively, coordinate this paint color with Sunbeam Yellow, Arcade White, and Ibis White.

9. Alyssum SW 6589 (2)

10. Country Squire SW 6475

Deep blue paint color with green undertones

10. Country Squire SW 6475

It is teal, and teal paint colors usually are saturated. You may be skeptical about using this paint color for a kid’s room, but you would only be missing out. Besides, you cannot go wrong with blue, especially when paired with lighter blues and other colors.

10. Country Squire SW 6475

Your teen wi enjoy this color but do not take our word for it. Use it on accents or furniture to see how well it matches other colors. Country Squire has an LRV of 5 and an RGB color code of 18, 74, and 66 respectively. Coordinate it with other Sherwin Williams colors such as Hazel, Gossamer Veil, and Green Trance.

10. Country Squire SW 6475 (2)

11. Passive SW 7064

Light gray paint color with cool blue undertones

11. Passive SW 7064

Passive paint color lives true to its name. It is mellow and soft, working well as a background color or a blank canvas for other colors. If you want a pale neutral with a hint of color, do not look further than Passive.

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11. Passive SW 7064

It has an LRV of 60, surprisingly lower than it appears to be in most rooms. It also has an RGB color code of 203, 204, and 201 respectively. It is best to coordinate Passive with Green Onyx, Shell White, and Nebulous White for the best results.

11. Passive SW 7064 (2)

12. Naval SW 6244

Deep blue with gray-green undertones

12. Naval SW 6244

Remember how we said you cannot go wrong with blue paint colors, regardless of the shade? This is proof of it. Naval is a deep, rich, and saturated shade of blue that is popular in kids’ rooms. That is why it is one of the colors picked by experts as trendy in 2023.

12. Naval SW 6244

It does not matter where your use it – nursery, toddler’s room, or teen’s room – the result is simply regal and perfect. Add light gray or white to the decor with bits of red and peach, and you have a picturesque setting. Naval works well with Roycroft Suede, Ramie, and Icicle. This is because it has a pretty low LRV of 4 and an RGB color code of 47, 61, and 76 respectively.

12. Naval SW 6244 (2)

11 Best Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore for a Kid’s Room

1. Yellow Lotus 2021-50

Light yellow paint color with tan undertones

1. Yellow Lotus 2021-50

Kids love colors, and yellow can be the color that keeps them interested. Yellow Lotus is a light yellow that has the potential to turn vibrant except for the hints of tan in it. As a result, it has an understated elegance that is not lost in a kid’s room.

1. Yellow Lotus 2021-50

It is not surprising that the paint color has an LRV of 79.2, high on the spectrum. This means it can throw light back into the room, which is convenient for darker rooms. With an RGB color code of 255, 236, and 158 respectively, coordinate Yellow Lotus with Mountain Peak White and Cascade White or Chantilly Lace and Cream Cloak.

1. Yellow Lotus 2021-50 (2)

2. Enchanted Forest 700

Dark green paint color with gray undertones

2. Enchanted Forest 700

It may not look like it, but Enchanted Forest is a popular paint color for a kid’s room. It would have been a deeply somber color except for the gray cast. Therefore, it has muted tones that remind you of a rich forest.

2. Enchanted Forest 700

Enchanted Forest has an LRV of 15.96 and an RGB color balance of 96, 110, and 99 respectively. Because of its low light reflectance value (LRV), it is best to pair it with lighter colors. So, consider Snow on the Mountain and Senora Gray or White Heron and Feather Gray for this purpose.

2. Enchanted Forest 700 (2)

3. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

Blue paint color with gray-purple undertones

3. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

Van Deusen Blue is another saturated color on our list, but you can already guess how much we like blue. It is the perfect color to give your kid’s room a grown-up look, especially if they have been looking forward to having that vibe. Add white trims and curtains to complete the look.

3. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

Its low LRV of 11.97 makes it ideal for other rooms in the house as long as they are well-lit. And with an RGB color value of 72, 91, and 110 respectively, it may be ideal to match it with other Benjamin Moore colors such as Castleton Mist and Alpine White or Thunder and Cotton Balls.

3. Van Deusen Blue HC-156 (2)

4. Summer Sun Pink 2012-40

Bright coral paint color

4. Summer Sun Pink 2012-40

You do not always have to use pink for your kid’s room, even if you add other colors. If you want a truly jaw-dropping color that commands attention, Summer Sun Pink is one to try. It is such a rich and saturated hue that instantly takes over any room.

Summer Sun Pink has an LRV of 44.63 and an RGB color code of 254, 153, and 137 respectively. Because of its vibrant hue, you may want to tone it down with colors like Wedding Veil and Marilyn’s Dress or Frostine and Lookout Point, all from Benjamin Moore.

4. Summer Sun Pink 2012-40

5. Woodacres 1020

Light brown paint color with rosy undertones

5. Woodacres 1020

Bring earth home to your kids with this rich shade of brown. A touch of rose peeking through removes every hint of dullness from Woodacres, making it an excellent paint color of choice for entire walls, accents, cabinets, and accessories in your kid’s room.

5. Woodacres 1020

With an LRV of 25.91 and an RGB color code of 157, 135, and 116 respectively, your best bet at getting a good result is to use lighter colors to complement Woodacres. So, try Alabaster and Kitten Whiskers or Super White and Driftscape Tan.

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5. Woodacres 1020

6. Million Dollar Red 2003-10

Mid-tone red paint color

6. Million Dollar Red 2003-10

There is a good balance of shades in this color which succeeds in making it both understated and bold. You cannot ignore the color but will not be overwhelmed when used in a room. You will always get it right if you add white to the mix when using Million Dollar Red.

6. Million Dollar Red 2003-10

So, pair it with Snow White and Witching Hour or Sea Haze and Copley Gray for the best results. Million Dollar Red has an RGB color value of 181, 51, and 44 respectively, with an LRV of 12.58.

6. Million Dollar Red 2003-10 (2)

7. Vanilla Milkshake OC-59

White paint color with cool gray undertones

7. Vanilla Milkshake OC-59

White will always be a classy and go-to color for any decor. It is not just about the beauty and purity it adds, but also about how well it allows you to use other colors. Now, you do not even need to compromise on color when using white paint colors; just choose Vanilla Milkshake.

7. Vanilla Milkshake OC-59

It is one of those paint colors that can reflect a lot of light with an LRV of 80.97. And with an RGB color code of 236, 236, and 227 respectively, consider matching Vanilla Milkshake with other colors like White Heron and Gray Timber Wolf or Chantilly Lace and Imperial Gray.

7. Vanilla Milkshake OC-59 (2)

8. Wedgewood Gray HC-146

Light blue paint color with hints of gray

8. Wedgewood Gray HC-146

At first, you may think Wedgewood Gray is a gray paint color, but it is a light blue that hints at gray. This beautiful color is soothing, so it may be best for a nursery or your bedroom. Keep it light and simple with whites and light grays to complete the decor.

8. Wedgewood Gray HC-146

Wedgewood Gray has an RGB color code of 172, 191, and 189 respectively, with an LRV of 49.59. While light neutrals are great for this color, you may also want to add more saturated hues to keep the room from looking too washed out. Coordinate it with Branchport Brown and Steam or White and Winter Ice.

8. Wedgewood Gray HC-146 (2)

9. Sterling 1591

Neutral mid-tone light gray paint color

9. Sterling 1591

Use Sterling as a perfect backdrop for other colors because of its color and neutrality. It can be a superb alternative to white, so you do not have to look far.

9. Sterling 1591

Sterling is bright and reflects a fairly good amount of light with an LRV of 62.33. It also has an RGB color code of 207, 211, and 207 respectively, which is an almost perfect neutral code. Match it with Mountain Peak White and Beachcrest Sand or Cotton Balls and Raintree Green.

9. Sterling 1591 (2)

10. Gray Shower 2125-30

A cool slate gray paint color

10. Gray Shower 2125-30

Gray Shower is another neutral that you can incorporate into your kid’s bedroom decor. Because it is cool, you can use it in a small room, although it is a deep gray shade. Add white and light gray to the decor to complement the dark color and make it pop.

10. Gray Shower 2125-30

Surprisingly, Gray Shower has an LRV of 18.29, higher than it looks. Simply put, it can throw some light into the room; it does not absorb as much light as a few other colors on our list. With an RGB color value of 109, 115, and 120 respectively, match this color with Distant Gray and Whitestone or White Dove and Collingwood.

10. Gray Shower 2125-30 (2)

11. Pale Oak OC-20

Light greige paint color with gray undertones

11. Pale Oak OC-20

Pale Oak is a neutral that makes you want to run your hand over the walls. It is versatile, so you can use it outside your kid’s room. Try this color on your kitchen cabinets, dining area, living room, bedroom, or on trims to see how beautiful it looks.

11. Pale Oak OC-20

Use light pastels and wood tones along with this paint color to create some versatility in the decor. The best-coordinating colors for Pale Oak include Chantilly Lace and Timber Wolf or Dinner Party and Wrought Iron. Pale Oak has an LRV of 68.64 with an RGB color code of 222, 216, and 205 respectively.

11. Pale Oak OC-20 (2)


Your kid’s room does not have to be a staple or boring color. Create a unique color palette by following our guide and finding the best colors to match each other. If you already have colors and only want to spice things up, there are varieties from which to choose.

From soft pastels to light neutrals and saturated hues, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have some of the most classic colors that are trendy in 2023. Make that room a safe and lovable haven with the right colors without compromising on beauty.

Do you have a unique color palette for your kids’ rooms? We never get tired of seeing real-life pictures of these colors in action. Share your amazing stories with us in the comments section.

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