Sherwin Williams Silver Strand vs Sea Salt: How to Choose?

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand vs. Sea Salt

Sometimes, we prefer to use colors with a mild touch in our space. However, we also don’t want to use full-on neutrals. This is where lovely paint colors like Silver Strand and Sea Salt appear on our radar.

But then, what if you can only choose one between the two? Thus begins the Silver Strand vs. Sea Salt comparison. What differentiates these colors? Can one replace the other? How do you make the right choice?

Here’s the short answer. Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is a nice blend of green and gray, with blue undertones. SW Sea Salt is a green-gray paint color with blue undertones too. However, Silver Strand has stronger gray tones, while Sea Salt has a stronger blue and green tone.

For the well-documented answer, join me as I examine both colors on several attributes. These include their specifications, undertones, color pairings, and much more.

Let’s get started!

When to Choose Silver Strand or Sea Salt?

Both paint colors have strong similarities, especially in their looks. As such, it can pose a challenge to make a choice between them. So, when do you choose Sherwin Williams Silver Strand or Sea Salt?

I have highlighted some quick tips to help you choose properly.

Choose Silver Strand if:

  1. You want a mild green with strong gray tones for your space.
  2. You don’t mind a bit of ‘chameleon-like’ behavior from the color.
  3. Your space has abundant light. This will help the color reach its full potential.
  4. You want a mild neutral with natural tones.

Choose Sea Salt if:

  1. You want a cool and cheerful vibe in your space.
  2. You want a soft green with gray and blue tones.
  3. The color occasionally leaning into blue isn’t an issue for you.
  4. You want some beachy vibes in your space.

While the above highlights a quick way to make a decision, there is more to comparing both colors. Keep reading to discover how both paint colors vary in several crucial aspects.

A Visual Comparison of Silver Strand and Sea Salt

To begin, let’s take a look at both colors separately. The pictures show Silver Strand and Sea Salt on walls in homes.

A Visual Comparison of Silver Strand
Image Credit:@our_heirloom_home
A Visual Comparison of Silver Strand and Sea Salt
Image Credit:@2galspropainting

Quick Comparison: Silver Strand vs. Sea Salt

Let’s quickly compare both colors. The table below shows each paint color’s specifications.

Attributes Silver Strand Sea Salt
RGB 200 / 203 / 196 205 / 210 / 202
LRV 59 63
Undertones Gray and Blue Gray and Blue

Emotional Effects: Silver Strand vs. Sea Salt

Most people call Silver Strand and Sea Salt neutrals. However, I don’t see them as such, at least not in the way they mean. The paint colors are more colorful than your average neutral but not as much as being distinct from them. So, you could say they sit somewhere in between.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand gives a refreshing and ‘minty’ feel. It won’t make your space feel smaller. But rather give it a light and mildly breezy feel. However, its gray tones ensure that your space never feels icy or cold. You can say it makes you feel relaxed without being fully cozy or warm.

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On the other hand, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt has a bit more color. As such, it makes you feel energetic amidst the calm and serene vibe it brings. Of the two paint colors, Sea Salt has the stronger beachy vibe. Its tranquil feel also makes it a popular choice for spas.

So, pick Silver Strand if you want a refreshing and light-hearted feel. But if you want tranquil vibes with a cool touch, Sea Salt does it better.

LRV of Silver Strand and Sea Salt: Which Reflects More Light?

A paint color’s LRV refers to its Light Reflectance Value. This property indicates how strongly the color reflects light. LRV runs on a numerical scale of 0 – 100. This means that lower values indicate weak reflectance, and higher values show strong reflecting capabilities.

Note that true white has an LRV of 100, and true black has one of 0. However, no paint color can match either one of the two. Therefore, every other paint color falls within the LRV range of around 3 – 97.

Silver Strand has an LRV of 59.

Sea Salt has an LRV of 63.

The above values mean that Sea Salt looks a shade lighter than Silver Strand. That is another testament to Silver Strand’s stronger gray tones.

However, both paint colors are bright enough to work well in both dim and well-lit areas. This boosts their versatility greatly.

Undertones of Silver Strand and Sea Salt: Are They the Same?

 Both paint colors display similar undertones. However, they do it with varying strengths.

Silver Strand mostly shows strong gray undertones. Sometimes, it can display mild cyan undertones too. Regardless of the undertones it shows, you will always be able to observe its green.

Undertones of Silver Strand and Sea Salt

Sea Salt alternates between green and blue most of the time. In fact, some folks still believe that it is a blue paint color with green undertones. The reason is that it sometimes leans strongly into its blue undertones. Since it has weaker gray undertones, it easily becomes the more colorful of the two.

Undertones of Sea Salt

So, what happens when you place both colors side-by-side? Silver Strand displays more gray than green compared to Sea Salt.

A Closer Look at Silver Strand Undertones

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand will mostly show soft gray undertones. Especially in spaces with predominantly warm lighting, like in the picture below.

A Closer Look at Silver Strand Undertones
Image Credit:@the_willow_teahouse

However, there are times when Silver Strand displays its blue undertones. Check the picture below. The paint color looks blue, mostly because of the surrounding cool lighting.

Silver Strand Undertones
Image Credit:@catharinenorelius

A Closer Look at Sea Salt Undertones

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a green-gray blend with strong blue undertones. In bright cool areas, the paint color can lean into blue.

A Closer Look at Sea Salt Undertones
Image Credit:@stephanieballdesign

Other times, the paint color will display its natural green with little gray tones. This is mostly the case in warm lighting and south-facing rooms.

Sea Salt Undertones
Image Credit:@stilettosandshiplap

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt – Are they Warm or Cool?

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand and Sea Salt are both cool paint colors. Even though their green is close to the yellow hue, the blue puts them on the cool side.

You will most likely notice only blue tones in areas like north-facing rooms. Coupled with their LRVs, this can give them a cool, breezy feel. Thanks to their gray tones, Silver Strand and Sea Salt will not look icy or cold in such settings.

South-facing rooms and warm color pairings strengthen their green tones. While this won’t give them a warm look, it makes them cozy regardless.

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt Complementary Colors

Both Silver Strand and Sea Salt look wonderful in any space. However, you can get a more impressive result by pairing them with complementary colors.

You can find the right complementary choice by looking for the color opposite your main color on the color wheel. Every paint color has a complementary color that helps them look better when paired.

Silver Strand Complementary Color

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand picks its complementary color from the purple hue.

Sherwin Williams Grape Mist (SW 6548)

Grape Mist is a mid-toned purple with gray undertones and an LRV of 54. Just like Silver Strand, the paint color works well in any space, regardless of lighting.

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However, it has more gray, which helps it maintain its color in bright light.

Sherwin Williams Illusive Green

This soft green color has cyan and gray undertones that give it a peaceful vibe. It works particularly well with Silver Strand for nature-themed decor.

As its name implies, the paint color has an illusive green tone. This is why it can sometimes appear gray with mild cyan undertones. It works well in interior and exterior spaces.

Sherwin Williams Reserved White

This is a bright white paint color with an LRV of 74 and serene vibes. It has green undertones that make it particularly good for Silver Strand. Since it has a high LRV, Reserved White can go in any space, regardless of lighting.

Silver Strand Complementary Color

Sea Salt Complementary Color

Just like Silver Strand, Sea Salt’s complementary color comes from purple too.

Sherwin Williams Sensitive Tint (SW 6267)

This paint color belongs to the Purple Color Family. However, it has strong gray undertones, so much so that it can hide its purple in certain lighting or rooms.

An LRV of 59 means that Sensitive Tint doesn’t depend on lighting to look good.

Sherwin Williams Summit Gray

Sea Salt goes well with this dark gray in any space. While you can pair them up on walls, you can also use Summit Gray on cabinets instead.

Sherwin Williams Summit Gray has an LRV of 30 and purple undertones. As such, it gives a cozy and inviting feel.

Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel

This bright white has dreamy vibes and tiny green undertones. It pairs nicely with Sea Salt in any space. You can also use it as a trim color. Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel has an LRV of 72. It is perfect for creating a beachy vibe with Sea Salt.

Sea Salt Complementary Color

Silver Strand and Sea Salt Color Palettes

Now that we have gotten their differences out of the way, let’s check out how these colors pair with others. I have prepared a unique palette for Silver Strand and Sea Salt. Each palette explores the paint color’s strength and beauty.

Silver Strand Color Palette

This palette plays to Silver Strand’s natural green tone. Not only that, but I also included a deep blend of black and green. This Silver Strand Color Palette will give a calm vibe, like taking a refreshing walk through the forest.

Note that it will not overwhelm your space with stifling green tones.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand (SW 7057)

This is our main color. Silver Strand is a mild green paint color with strong gray and soft blue undertones. It works well in interior and exterior spaces. You can use it on walls or cabinets, depending on your taste.

Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005)

Pure White is a bright white paint color with subtle yellow and black undertones. It is the most popular white color from the brand. The reason is that Pure White has an almost limitless versatility.

It pairs nicely with Silver Strand. You can also use it as a trim or ceiling color.

Sherwin Williams Greenblack (SW 6994)

As its name implies, Greenblack is a wonderful blend of black and green. It has strong green tones that give it more color than your average black paint color. The lovely neutral works best on furniture and accent walls.

It has an LRV of 4. Therefore, avoid using it in dim-lit areas.

Sherwin Williams Illusive Green (SW 9164)

If you were expecting this color in the palette, you guessed right! What better green shade to add than one that coordinates well with Silver Strand? Sherwin Williams Illusive Green is another green paint color that has strong gray tones.

Silver Strand Color Palette

It fits into this palette because of its subtle green tones.

Sea Salt Color Palette

This paint color has high versatility and works with a wide range of color palettes. Regardless, here is one that gives a subtle vibe of comfort and relief.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204)

The main color for this palette. Sea Salt is a cool, muted green with gray and blue undertones. It is a popular color from the brand because of its beauty and vibe.

You can use Sea Salt on the walls or cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Summit Gray (SW 7669)

Summit Gray is one of the best coordinating colors for Sea Salt. The dark gray has a welcoming vibe that looks particularly well in dining spaces and bathrooms. It has an LRV of 30.

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You can use it on walls or cabinets too.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound (SW 7004)

Snowbound is a popular and versatile bright white. It has mild gray undertones and pairs nicely with Sea Salt. With cool tones and a beautiful feel, this white goes well in any space you choose to use it.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069)

Iron Ore is a cool black with brown and gray undertones. It adds some extra sophistication to this palette. While it looks amazing on accent walls and furniture, you should use it sparingly in interior spaces.

Sea Salt Color Palette

Also, abundant light helps it reach its full potential.

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt on Cabinets

Both paint colors look good on cabinets, especially when paired with white. Let’s check them out.

Silver Strand on Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand looks natural on the kitchen cabinets. Notice how it adds green tones to the space without stifling the overall vibe.

With the white on the wall, the space easily maintains a tranquil feel.

Silver Strand on Cabinets
Image Credit:@artonthelakehotsprings

Sea Salt on Cabinets

Who says you can’t style your kitchen with Sea Salt and add in some majestic vibe too? Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the kitchen cabinets brings a soft green touch to the space.

The paint color also gives a balanced look. Between its coolness and the warm lights, the kitchen maintains a truly calm feel.

Sea Salt on Cabinets
Image Credit:@quesera.interiors

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt in Bedrooms

Bedrooms are spaces where you should feel relaxed. The right paint colors can set the right tone for such an atmosphere. Let’s see how Silver Strand and Sea Salt look in bedrooms.

Silver Strand in Bedrooms

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand looks cozy and calm in the picture below. The paint color shows strong gray tones here. However, you can also see its green, ensuring that the space doesn’t look too warm.

Silver Strand in Bedrooms
Image Credit:@tammysmayo

Sea Salt in Bedrooms

Sea Salt pairs nicely with white for a welcoming and relaxing vibe in this bedroom. Note how the paint color shows a hint of blue on the right wall. That is because of the abundance of light in that side.

The left wall has more shade and reveals a bit more green.

Sea Salt in Bedrooms
Image Credit:@glenstmary_farmhouse

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt in Living Rooms

How do these paint colors look in a living room? Do they fit well into the extra spaces? Let’s find out, shall we?

Silver Strand in Living Rooms

The paint color looks amazing on these walls. Notice how well the white trim color helps to enhance its homely feel.

Also, it adds just enough color to establish a soothing vibe in the space.

Silver Strand in Living Rooms
Image Credit:@our_heirloom_home

Sea Salt in Living Rooms

Remember when I mentioned this paint color’s beachy vibe? Well, this picture shows it clearly. Sea Salt pairs nicely with the white to give a relaxed and lighthearted feel in this living room.

Sea Salt in Living Rooms
Image Credit:@4_shore_beats_work

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt on Furniture

Most of the time, you will encounter these paint colors on cabinets and nightstand furniture. Let’s check them out!

Silver Strand on Furniture

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand looks amazing on these drawers. Its green appear stronger, adding to the overall spa feel.

Silver Strand on Furniture
Image Credit:@studiohdesignsinc

Sea Salt on Furniture

The paint color looks lovely and clean on the bathroom cabinet. It displays a lighthearted green here which has rich spa vibes.

Sea Salt on Furniture
Image Credit:@the.pearce.home

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt in Bathrooms

After seeing the paint colors on bathroom cabinets, let’s check out how they look on bathroom walls.

Silver Strand on Bathroom Walls

The paint color shows strong green tones on the walls here. Also, you can notice a bit of its gray in the shaded areas.

Regardless, Silver Strand gives a relaxing feel in bathrooms.

Silver Strand on Bathroom Walls
Image Credit:@megannpil

Sea Salt on Bathroom Walls

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt looks amazing with light green tones on the walls. It easily exudes a tranquil and inviting vibe in this space.

Sea Salt on Bathroom Walls
Image Credit:@megannpil

Silver Strand vs Sea Salt on Exterior Walls

Would these paint colors look good on exterior walls? Yes, they do and I’ve got pictures to show.

Silver Strand on Exterior Walls

As you can see in the picture below, Silver Strand looks lovely on exterior walls. Its green tones give a cheerful and welcoming vibe.

Silver Strand on Exterior Walls
Image Credit:@judyriddelldesignbuild

Sea Salt on Exterior Walls

Sea Salt looks light and lovely on the lower exterior walls. Its green tones pair nicely with Sherwin Williams Retreat (upper exterior walls).

Sea Salt on Exterior Walls
Image Credit:@simoninhomedesigns


Now, you know how to choose between Silver Strand and Sea Salt. Although both paint color have similar tones, Sea Salt offers more color. Also, you should make a choice depending on the space you want to beautify.

The following tips will help you to make a decision when it comes to Silver Strand vs Sea Salt.

  • Do you mind the color leaning into blue sometimes? Sea Salt does this.
  • Do you prefer a bit more gray in your color of choice? Silver Strand has more gray.
  • Does your space need a bit more color? Sea Salt has slightly stronger green and blue tones.
  • Are you working towards an airy spa vibe? Both paint colors fit. However, Sea Salt is more popular.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to drop them in the comment section. I’ll gladly give answers.

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