Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152: Review & Inspiration

Super White OC-152

White paint colors have found success as one of the most versatile neutrals out there. However, the average white only works best in the right setting or space. What if I told you that you could get a white paint color that performs well all-round?

Benjamin Moore Super White is that white paint color. Although it isn’t the brightest white, the paint has a clean look that fits into any decor you have in mind. It reminds you that keeping things simple can sometimes lead to the best results.

Interested in knowing more about Benjamin Moore Super White? Join me as I explore the paint color in this Benjamin Moore Super White Review. You will find out details like its undertones, LRV, specifications, color pairings, etc.

When to Choose Benjamin Moore Super White (OC-152)

Knowing the right time to pick a paint color is almost as important as knowing its qualities. However, this might appear difficult sometimes. This is why I’ve included a few tips to help you decide when to choose Benjamin Moore Super White.

Pick Super White if you are:

Looking for simplicity and clarity in a white color

Benjamin Moore Super White is the definition of simplicity and clarity in a white paint color. The bright white lacks the sophistication and stylish touch of others but makes up for it in versatility and largely unproblematic looks.

Comfortable with a cool undertone (specifically blue)

Super White has gray and blue undertones. While you won’t notice these guys often because of its high LRV, they can pop up sometimes. They’re largely responsible for the paint color’s cool, refreshing vibe.

Looking for a ‘multi-purpose’ white

While other white paint colors excel at one type of look or the other, Super White simply works well in almost any setting. This makes it more of a multipurpose white and if that’s what you want for your space, Super White it is!

Working on areas like a study or workspace

Benjamin Moore Super White brings a sense of focus to any space. The paint color helps prevent distractions from colors because of its simple look and vibe. This makes it suitable for spaces like a study or any area where you need clarity.

What Color is Benjamin Moore Super White?

What Color is
Image credit: @_homeiswherethehartis.

Benjamin Moore Super White is a bright white with a sense of clarity and focus. The paint color’s main attraction is its ability to work with almost any decor because of its simplicity. Where other whites have varying colorful tones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one in Super White.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (1)
Image credit: @marcoriccastudio.

This simple, clean white has one of the highest versatility you can get out there. I believe this goes well with its name, as Super White can come to your rescue when you don’t know which white to pick for your palette or decor.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (2)
Image credit: @stephanie_fegel

However, Benjamin Moore Super White isn’t true white, even though it can come close. Note that its simplicity also makes it susceptible to influence from other colors and lighting in your space.

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Snapshot of Super White’s Specifications

Let’s take a look at Super White’s core specifications. These attributes strongly influence how the paint color looks in a space and interacts with other colors.

Specifications Super White
RGB 242, 243, 239
HEX Value #F2F3EF
LRV 87.36
Undertones Mild, soft gray and blue


The LRV of Benjamin Moore Super’s White

Light plays one of the most important roles in how colors appear in any space. This makes it crucial to understand how these colors interact with it. That is where LRV comes in.

LRV refers to Light Reflectance Value, which shows how well a paint color reflects light. This attribute runs on a scale of 0 – 100, with 0 indicating true black and 100 indicating true white.

However,  paint colors only fall between 3 – 97. The reason is that no paint color can be perfectly black or white because of other components and tones.

Benjamin Moore Super White has an LRV of 87.36. This value puts it on the bright side of the scale. Super White has one of the highest reflectances of Benjamin Moore white paint colors. This plays a huge role in how its undertones look.

Undertones of Benjamin Moore Super White (OC-152) 

Speaking of undertones, they strongly influence which paint color you choose to use. These guys can easily show up all the time or when you least expect them. Therefore, it’s important to get used to your paint color’s undertones.

Undertones of
Image credit: @stephanie_fegel.

Benjamin Moore Super White has gray and blue undertones. However, the paint color’s high reflectance makes it hard to spot its undertones. This contributes to its clean look, sometimes making Super White look close to true white.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (3)
Image credit: @stewardofdesign.

Note that this also means color pairings and surrounding lights can influence Super White’s appearance. This is one of the paint color’s downsides.

Is Benjamin Moore Super White Too White?

Super White has a high reflectance and a simple, clean look. Understanding whether or not the paint color is too white for your space depends on a couple of factors. The lighting in your space and other colors in the area influence Super White’s appearance.

When used in dim-lit spaces, Benjamin Moore Super White won’t look too bright. In fact, the paint color can brighten up such areas.

What is the Difference between Super White and Chantilly Lace?

Although they can look the same at first glance, these paint colors have some differences. Firstly, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace has a higher LRV and reflectance. Also, Super White looks less stark and has a lower tendency to feel cold in a space.

Is Super White a Warm or Cool Color?

Thanks to its subtle blue undertones, Benjamin Moore Super White leans to the cool side. Although its simplicity sometimes makes it challenging to spot, Super White displays mild cool vibes.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (4)
Image credit: @michaeladams.

Benjamin Moore Super White appears cooler than usual in areas like north-facing rooms. Fortunately, the paint color won’t go all the way into looking icy or cold. However, it’s good to pair it with warm colors in such spaces, except if you enjoy cool, crisp vibes.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (5)
Image credit: @p.a.bleasedecoratingspecialist.

On the other hand, south-facing room and warm lights give the paint color a significantly lesser cool look. While it won’t read warm in such spaces, Super White displays mild warmth and a bit more gray.

Super White’s Complementary Color

Complementary colors help your paint color look better in a space when paired with it. These colors are directly opposite to your color on the wheel. And when layered or mixed with your color, you will get black because both colors will cancel each other out.

However, your color’s complement also gives the best contrast when you pair them together. This makes it important to know which specific color or hue complements your paint color.

BM Super White’s complementary color is Benjamin Moore Mirage White.

Benjamin Moore Mirage White 2116-70

Mirage White is a lovely, bright off-white with soft violet and gray undertones. It has an LRV of 80.69, which should ideally put it on the white side of the LRV scale. However, its undertones give it some extra color, making it look more like off-white.

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Benjamin Moore Mirage White works well in any space in a home except exteriors. It has refreshing vibes that fit well into areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

 Mirage White 2116-70

Benjamin Moore Super White (OC-152) Coordinating Colors

Coordinating colors also help your color look better, and they give your space a more impressive overall vibe. Fortunately, you’ll always have lots to pick from, unlike complementary colors that are restricted to one hue.

Colors that coordinate well with your choice fall into several color schemes. Each scheme gives a different vibe, and you can create them quite easily.

  1. Analogous Color Scheme: This color scheme comes from picking colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel. It gives a gentle, gradient vibe.
  2. Triadic Color Scheme: As its name implies, you create a triadic color scheme by picking colors whose positions on the color wheel form a triangle. The scheme gives the most vibrant vibe.
  3. Complementary Color Scheme: Yes, you guessed it right. Complementary color schemes consist of hues that complement your main color. As one would expect, these schemes give the best contrast effects.
  4. Split Complementary Color Scheme: This color scheme offers more variation by combining a complementary color and two analogous colors.
  5. Monochromatic Color Scheme: This color scheme gives the classiest look of them all. It consists of different shades and tints of the same color.

Following the above categories, you can pick several different colors for Benjamin Moore Super White. However, the following are one of the best coordinating/matching colors for the lovely white:

  1. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154: Hale Navy is a popular deep, navy blue from the brand. It has an LRV of 8.36 and calm maritime vibes. Together with Super White, you can set a serene, relaxing feel in your space. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy can work on accent walls and cabinets.
  2. Benjamin Moore Pure White OC-64: Not to be confused with the Sherwin Williams version, this paint color has gray undertones and a hint of blue. As such, Benjamin Moore Pure White brings cool, refreshing vibes to any space.
  3. Benjamin Moore Juneau Spring 2041-40: Juneau Spring is a mid-toned teal with lovely spa vibes. The paint color offers a relaxing feel and some extra color for your space. You can use it on the walls, applying Super White as a trim instead.
  4. Benjamin Moore Horizon OC-53: Horizon is a cool off-white with strong gray and mild blue undertones. It has a significantly lower LRV than Super White and shows some more color.

 Super White Coordinating Colors

Benjamin Moore Super White Color Palettes

One of the things I love about Super White is that you use the paint color in a wider variety of palettes than the average white. I have included some palettes that work well with the paint color.

Remember that you can tweak these palettes to better suit your tastes or preferences for your space.

Triadic Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore White Diamond 2121-60: White Diamond has cool vibes and a sparkling feel. With its LRV of 83.37, the paint color doesn’t need abundant lighting to look good. It has a bit more blue than Super White.
  • Benjamin Moore Mirage White 2116-70: Remember this paint color? Yes, it has the complementing hue for Super White. Surprisingly, it also fits into a triadic palette for the paint color. However, Benjamin Moore Mirage White will only work well in interior spaces. If you want some extra depth, go for something deeper.

Coordinating Color Palette

Coordinating Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154: This deep navy blue brings refreshing depth to any space. It works well in interior and exterior spaces, looking amazing on walls and furniture alike. Hale Navy can anchor other colors on your palette.
  • Benjamin Moore Horizon OC-53: Horizon has a lower LRV and stronger gray undertones than Super White. You can use it on the walls and trim it with Super White or vice versa. Both methods will yield good results.
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Coordinating Color Palette

Monochromatic Color Palette

  • Benjamin Moore Titanium OC-49: Titanium is a bright gray with lovely green and blue undertones. Most time, the paint color looks cozy with strong green tones. It has a lower LRV of 68.41, which gives a monochromatic look when you pair the paint color with Super White.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Benjamin Moore Super White vs. Similar Paint Colors

Chantilly Lace vs Super White

Although it has mild blue undertones, Chantilly Lace has more of a balanced look. It doesn’t lean too much into a cool feel and won’t read warm in your space. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace has a higher LRV of 90.04 and reveals less undertones than Super White.

As you might’ve guessed, Chantilly Lace has a higher versatility.

Chantilly Lace

Decorators White vs. Super White

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is a favorite among designers because of its brightness and beauty. The paint color has an LRV of 82.68 and a cool look, thanks to its gray and mild blue undertones.

Decorator’s White works best as a trim ad ceiling color because of its clean, sophisticated vibe.

Decorators White

Super White vs. Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a mildly warm white paint color with a high LRV of 89.52. It has subtle yellow undertones that give it a cozy feel in dark spaces. However, the paint color mostly appears crisp in bright areas.

Simply White is more popular than Super White because it has a bit more personality.

Simply White

Super White vs. Pure White

Benjamin Moore Pure White falls into the off-white category because of its LRV of 78.94 and gray undertones. The cool white has blue undertones but doesn’t look icy or cold, even in bright spaces.

Don’t confuse this paint color with Sherwin Williams Pure White, which is more popular and more versatile. Regardless, Benjamin Moore Pure White can always work wonders with relevant colors.

Pure White

Benjamin Moore Super White Sherwin Williams Equivalent

Paint brands can sometimes have colors that look similar or carry the same names. In this case, Sherwin Williams has a paint color called Super White. However, the brand already moved it into the archives and it’s no longer available.

Fortunately, the brand has a paint color that comes to Benjamin Moore Super White in appearance.

Sherwin Williams Extra White is the brand’s equivalent of Benjamin Moore Super White.

Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006)

Extra White is a bright white with a clean, crisp look and an LRV of 86. It has around the same reflectance as Benjamin Moore Super White and similar tones. However, Sherwin Williams Extra White sometimes looks cozy by displaying hints of green-yellow undertones.

While the paint color works well on interior and exterior walls, homeowners have gotten splendid results using it as a trim or ceiling color too.

Both paint colors have around the same versatility. But Sherwin Williams Extra White is a bit more popular.


Benjamin Moore Super White Living Room

Super White brightens up any living room, while subtly resonating surrounding tones. It has a clean vibe that brings clarity to the space.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (6)
Super White on the living room walls (Image credit: @michaeladams).
Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (7)
Super White on the living walls and furniture (Image credit: @marcoriccastudio).

Benjamin Moore Super White Kitchen

Super White looks wonderful on both walls and cabinets in the kitchen. Use the bright white to give your kitchen a soft, simple touch.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (8)
Super White on kitchen cabinets (Image credit: @sharplinecabinetry).
Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (9)
Super White on the kitchen cabinets (Image credit: @leashulman)

Benjamin Moore Super White Furniture

Most of the time, furniture need a simple touch to look their best and Super White does it well.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (10)
Super White on the cabinets, shelf, and door (Image credit: @sharplinecabinetry).

Benjamin Moore Super White Exterior

Give your home’s exterior a simple, bright look that will end up looking sophisticated and stylish. Benjamin Moore Super White does a good job of bringing this look to exterior walls.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (11)
Super White on exterior walls (Image credit: @oldcampbell_lakehouse).

Benjamin Moore Super White Cabinet

Super White looks good on cabinets and woodwork, adding a soft touch of simplicity and clarity to the space.

Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (12)
Benjamin Moore Super White on the cabinets (Image credit: @mscarpentryltd).
Benjamin Moore Super White OC-152 Review & Inspiration (13)
Super White on cabinets (Image credit: @mscarpentryltd).


I hope you enjoyed learning about Benjamin Moore Super White as much as I enjoyed reviewing it. The paint color might not have the elegance of some other white paint colors, but it proves that “simplicity is best” with its look and vibes.

Before wrapping up, here’s a quick summary of Benjamin Moore Super White’s paint color review:

  • Super White is a bright, mildly cool white paint color.
  • It has gray and blue undertones but looks close to true white because of its high LRV.
  • The paint color has a sense of clarity and simplicity.
  • Super White has a high versatility, pairing with a wide variety of colors.
  • It has an LRV of 87.36.
  • Its Sherwin Williams equivalent is SW Extra White.

That brings us to the end of this paint color review. You can drop any questions you have in the comments section.

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