11 Best Dark Sage Green Paint Colors for Interiors and Exteriors

11 Best Dark Sage Green Paint Colors

Sage green is becoming all the rage, and many people want to get the best of them for interiors and exteriors. That is why you will find an amazing array of sage-green shades from different manufacturers. However, with so many options, how do you select the best one for your home?

It can get tedious when you decide to search for dark sage green paint colors. But you do not have to do it alone; we have picked the best from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Now, you do not have to do the work yourself.

What Is a Dark Green Sage Paint Color?

Dark sage green paint colors are a combination of red, blue, and green in different amounts. Typically, blue and green make green, but adding a little red can darken the paint. And if you want a lighter color, you can add a bit of white.

You can also mix black and white to create a gray paint color. Then, add it to a green paint color to create a beautiful shade of sage green. It is not your everyday shade of green paint; there is something muted and cool about it. Therefore, you must use it only if you are sure of the lighting and surrounding elements.

Is a Dark Sage Green Paint Color Warm or Cool-toned?

The tone of any dark green sage paint color depends on the dominant undertone. As mentioned, sage green usually has gray in it, but there can also be a good amount of yellow. So, if the dark sage green has more gray in it, the color will lean toward the cool end. But if the dominant hue is yellow, the sage green color is warm-toned.


Simply put, the undertones in a dark sage green paint color determine the tone of the color. Yellow is a warm color, while gray is usually cool, although there are warm grays. Sage green can also have a brown undertone that gives it the same muted hue as ray but with a touch of earthiness.

For a cool color scheme, you need to select dark sage green paint colors with gray or green undertones. And for a warm color scheme, select dark sage green paint colors with yellow or brown undertones.

What Are the Best Colors to Pair with Dark Sage Green?

Sage green is a neutral color, so all neutrals pair well with it. This is even truer for dark sage green. The darker the shade, the more striking it is when used with light neutrals like light gray, white, and off-white.

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Wood tones are also another color to consider, especially when paired with dark sage green paint colors with brown hues. Of course, you can add other colors to the decor to create a unique appearance. Dark orange and yellow are examples of bright colors to complement dark sage green. For softer colors, try using pastel blue.

However, you must ensure that each chosen color matches the dark sage green to avoid clashes. In addition, choose colors that do not overwhelm the shade of dark sage green. Otherwise, it will look too weak and subdued.

11 Best Dark Sage Green Paint Colors Suitable for Your Home in 2023

The following are the best Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore dark sage green paint colors to try:

6 Best Dark Sage Green Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

1. Retreat SW 6207

1. Retreat SW 6207

Deep sage green paint color with gray undertones

This muted sage green is what you need to complement light grays and whites in your home. The color brings freshness into your home and works on kitchen cabinets or bedroom walls. You may also use it on the exterior with white trims.

1. Retreat SW 6207

Retreat has an LRV of 21, which is low enough to absorb light. That means you will need a lot of natural or artificial light to keep it bright. And with an RGB color code of 122, 128, and 118 respectively, consider coordinating it with other Sherwin Williams colors such as Verdigreen, Origami White, and Spare White for the best results.

1. Retreat SW 6207 (2)

2. Evergreen Fog SW 9130

2. Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Dark sage green paint color with hints of gray and blue

Evergreen Fog is a popular sage paint color from Sherwin Williams. It is a muted shade that looks elegant and graceful on cabinets. It is little wonder that it is the color of the year for 2022. It is still relevant and trendy in 2023, and that is why the color made it to our list.

2. Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Evergreen Fog is great for exteriors as much as it is for interiors. But try a sample pot to be sure it is the correct shade for your decor. It has an LRV 30, and an RGB color code of 149, 151, and 138 respectively. Use colors such as Dried Edamame, Neutral Ground, and Ethereal White from Sherwin Williams.

2. Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (2)

3. Acacia Haze SW 9132

3. Acacia Haze SW 9132

Sage green paint color with slate undertones

Keep your home sophisticated and cool with this sage green paint color. Acacia Haze is one of the best sage greens you will find in the market, and you can use it in any room. Also, you can use it in the foyer or entryway, front door, or exterior.

3. Acacia Haze SW 9132

Coordinate it with Favorite Tan, Dover White, or Spare White if you want to see a striking contrast. Your kitchen cabinets will look amazing in this color, but the entire walls in your bedroom will also look great in this color. Acacia Haze has an LRV of 32 and an RGB color code of 150, 156, and 146 respectively.

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3. Acacia Haze SW 9132 (2)

4. Rosemary SW 6187

4. Rosemary SW 6187

Deep sage green paint color with cool gray undertones

Rosemary is a deep green that makes you want to sit and relax in your private space. This is especially true when combined with wood tones and other shades of green. You simply bring nature into your home. We are not surprised it is the color of the month for November 2022.

4. Rosemary SW 6187

This paint color has an LRV of 14, pretty low and dark. Rosemary absorbs a lot of light, so you may want to use it where you have natural lighting. And with an RGB color code of 100, 105, and 92 respectively, coordinate it with Deep Forest Brown, Oyster White, or Ethereal White.

4. Rosemary SW 6187 (2)

5. Dried Thyme SW 6186

5. Dried Thyme SW 6186

Deep green paint color with hints of blue

Dried Thyme presents a calming yet classy face with a touch of the outdoors. If you are unsure of what other sage green to use, try this color and how well it performs. It works well in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, accents, and other places.

5. Dried Thyme SW 6186

With an RGB color value of 123, 128, and 112 respectively, and an LRV of 21. This makes it suitable for the outside of your house, especially if you use wood or white trims. Coordinate it with light colors like Prairie Grass, Grecian Ivory, and Etherea White.

5. Dried Thyme SW 6186 (2)

6. Sage Green Light SW 2851

6. Sage Green Light SW 2851

Sage green paint color with gray undertones

Sage Green Light is anything but light, despite its name. It is a deep color that is muted by the hints of gray in it. If you want a dark look in a personal space, add dark wood tones and a bit of white to spice things up.

6. Sage Green Light SW 2851 (2)

Sage Green Light has an LRV of 16, which is not as seep as you would expect. However, it absorbs a lot of light, so use it as minimally as possible. With an RGB color code of 115, 112, and 94 respectively, coordinate it with Renwick Golden Oak or Roycroft Vellum for the best results.

6. Sage Green Light SW 2851 (1)

5 Best Dark Sage Green Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

1. Night Train 1567

1. Night Train 1567

A mix of green and cool gray

There are not many shades of sage green that look better than Night Train, especially with the hint of blue. The green and blue add depth to the paint color, making it fuller than other similar colors.

1. Night Train 1567 (2)

Match it with other Benjamin Moore colors like Brilliant White and All-a-Blaze or Vanilla Milkshake and Titanium. Night Train has an RGB color balance of 122, 132, and 127 respectively, with an LRV of 22.8.

1. Night Train 1567 (1)

2. High Park 467

2. High Park 467

Green paint color with gray undertones

You do not have to go green with envy when you see sage green paint colors somewhere else. Now, you can use High Park in your home and have others give you compliments. It is a rich green that would have been too bright except for the gray in it.

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2. High Park 467

High Park has an LRV of 30.43 and an RGB color code of 140, 153, and 133 respectively. To get the best out of this color, you may want to pair it with Cascade Mountains and Kensington Blue or Steam and Venetian Portico.

2. High Park 467 (2)

3. Gloucester Sage HC-100

3. Gloucester Sage HC-100

Dark sage green with gray undertones

You may notice a hint of yellow, which makes this paint color a little warm. However, you can also fit it into cool color schemes. Mixing wood tones also makes this color look rich, only that they will deepen the green shade.

3. Gloucester Sage HC-100

Gloucester Sage has an LRV of 19.25, higher than some on our list but still dark enough to require adequate lighting. With an RGB color code 123, 118, and 101 respectively, coordinate this color with Cloud White and Saybrook Sage, which is a lighter shade of sage green, or White Opulence and Soft Satin.

3. Gloucester Sage HC-100 (2)

4. Carolina Gull 2138-40

4. Carolina Gull 2138-40

Mid-tone green paint color with notes of warm green and gray

This rich shade of green is one of the best colors on our list because of how well it fits into any color scheme. While you can mix warm tones with it, cool tones can also make the sage green paint color pop. That makes it suitable for various areas.

4. Carolina Gull 2138-40

With an RGB color code of 133, 141, and 129 respectively, and an LRV of 27.41, consider matching Carolina Gull with Mountain Peak White and Light Khaki or Soft Chamois and Nantucket Gray.

4. Carolina Gull 2138-40 (2)

5. Louisburg Green HC-113

5. Louisburg Green HC-113

Green paint color with gray undertones

While gray is obviously in this color, there are also hints of yellow that warm the color. Louisburg Green is an excellent addition to your existing decor. But you can use it as a backdrop for other neutrals if you are only just beginning to decorate.

5. Louisburg Green HC-113

Louisburg Green comes with an LRV of 33.79, which is a decent value that will not absorb too much light. The paint color also has an RGB color code of 156, 158, and 135 respectively. Match it with Wickham Gray and Guildford Green or Lancaster Whitewash and Tangy Orange.

5. Louisburg Green HC-113 (2)


Sage green is a beautiful and understated color, often overlooked because of its muted tones. However, with the right color palette, sage green comes out amazing and spectacular. And that is why we have picked the best in different dark shades suitable for your needs.

Coordinate any dark sage green paint color with light colors and neutrals, including wood tones. Check the undertones and the possible matching colors before choosing. Since sage green can fit any room or area, you do not have to bother about using it in the wrong place.

Let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments section.

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