21 Best Black Paint Colors that Change the Look of Any Room

21 Best Black Paint Colors that Change the Look of Any Room

Black is not always the go-to color for any room, but it can turn out to be spectacular if used well. But what is the best black paint color you can use for any room? You will find what you need in the stables of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Whether you want a simple black or a rich deep black, these brands provide different shades of this color. While it is true that they have a wide array of black paint colors, we have reduced the number to the top 21 options to ease the selection process. Let’s get right to it to see what black colors work for any room.

What Is Black Paint Color?

Black is a color at one end of the color spectrum, just like white is at the other end of the spectrum. It is the darkest version of any color, and checking the applicable paint strips will show you the underlying tone or hue.

Black paint colors work well for trims, window frames, door frames, and entry doors. However, it is not usually the first option when considering the paint color for a room. But it should not be an issue if you understand that black paint has undertones. These undertones remove the blandness of the color, making them an interesting choice for any room.

What Are the Common Undertones in a Black Paint Color?

Purple, green, and blue are the commonest undertones you will find in a black paint color. These hues understate the elegance, formality, power, sophistication, and status of this color. So, you must carefully consider these undertones when selecting a black paint color for any room.

The red, green, and blue (RGB) color balance in any color determines its undertones and eventual hue. If a color has a lot more red than green and blue, it leans toward the dark end of the color spectrum. A lot more blue moves the color to the lighter end of the spectrum, and this rule also applies to black.

Black can also be warm or cool. The more red there is in it, the warmer the color becomes. And if the color has more blue in it, it becomes cooler. Some black shades also come off as mid-toned, which means they are neutral-toned and true blacks. Additionally, a few options look more gray than blue-black or warm black.

Is a Black Paint Color Typically Cool or Warm?

As explained above, black paint colors can be cool or warm, depending on the underlying hues or undertones. With blue-gray or blue undertones, the black paint color is considered cool. And with green or red undertones, black is considered warm.

For neutral blacks, there is usually no distinguishable undertone or hue. They are also called mid-toned blacks because of this attribute. They are smack dab in the middle of the tonal spectrum, so they can be quite versatile. True blacks fit into almost any environment because they complement all tones.

What Colors Pair Best with Black Paint Colors?

The versatility of black paint colors makes them compatible with almost every other color. Of course, every paint color has coordinating or matching colors, but black is also highly compatible with navy or gray. You can also pair it with yellow in some cases or mix it with lilac, green, terracotta, or shades of brown. The list is endless in the true sense.

However, before deciding the best colors to pair with a black paint color, you must know whether or not the paint has hues or undertones. It would be jarring, for example, if you pair a black paint color that has a blue-gray undertone with a completely dissimilar color. It may ruin the decor and change the look of the black paint.

Where Can You Use Black Paint Colors?

Black paint colors are popular with trims because of how well they complement other colors, especially if they are bright colors. This is particularly true for window and door trims. They are even a great choice for front doors because they make a strong statement.

But recently, we have seen trends where black is the color of choice for accent walls, cabinets, and house exteriors. Some use them as the paint for the entire exterior of their house, which is a bold choice. You may even find black as the ceiling paint in some homes. The truth is that black is popular for both interiors and exteriors.

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What Is the Most Popular Blak Paint Color?

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is the most popular black paint color on the market today. Its popularity may be because it is the truest black. Its light reflectance value (LRV) is low and it has no undertones, so it is fitting for any room or decor.

21 Best Black Paint Colors That Fit Any Room

The following are the best and most popular black paint colors from the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore brands:

11 Amazing Black Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

1. Iron Ore SW 7069

Cool black paint color with green undertones

Iron Ore SW 7069

When you first see this black paint, your first thought is that it is not completely black. And you may be right if you see it this way because it has hints of charcoal gray in it. However, the true undertones are green, which completely changes how you see and pair this color with your decor.

1.Iron Ore SW 7069

This color is an amazing choice for exteriors and interiors. Consider using it on your doors and window trims, accent walls, or the exterior of your house, even without any trimmings. It has an LRV of 6 and an RGB color balance of 67, 67, and 65 respectively. Its coordinating colors include Cityscape, Extra White, and Nebulous White.

1.Iron Ore SW 7069 (2)

2. Greenblack SW 6994

Cool black with a slight green undertone

Greenblack SW 6994

This is a full-bodied black paint color that changes the look of any room. Its rich tone makes it sophisticated and elegant; in some light, you cannot tell whether you are looking at a deep green or black. That is one of the best aspects of this color. And it is also why it is popular as a paint choice for modern architecture.

2.Greenblack SW 6994

With an LRV of 4, Greenblack is a deep shade with little light reflectance value. Its RGB color balance of 55, 58, and 58 respectively explains why it has such a rich tone. Consider pairing it with a cool neutral such as Quietude by Sherwin Williams. Alternatively, coordinate it with Rave Red, Extra White, and Snowbound.

2.Greenblack SW 69941

3. Black Magic SW 6991

Warm black paint color

Black Magic SW 6991

Picking out a black paint color must be done carefully, especially when you go for the deep blacks. With an LRV of 3, Black Magic is too close to the black end of the color spectrum. This means the paint color is dark, and while it is rich, it can make any room look smaller than it is.

3.Black Magic SW 6991

Its RGB color balance of 50, 49, and 50 respectively also gives you an idea of how close to neutral this shade of black is. However, its warmth makes up for what it lacks in color or light reflectivity. Moreover, it is compatible with many colors because of its neutrality.

So, consider pairing this color with light grays or bright colors. Its coordinating colors include Anjou Pair, Lemon Meringue, and Snowbound, all of which are bright colors.

3.Black Magic SW 69911

4. Black Fox SW 7020

Warm black paint colors with brown/greige undertones

Black Fox SW 7020

Black Fox looks more brown than black, and that is because of its rich undertones. It leans more toward red than green or blue with an RGB color balance of 79, 72, and 66 respectively, which explains its warmth and color.

But it can also serve as a neutral, as you can see in this bathroom setup by Houzz:

 Black Fox SW 7020

It has an LRV of 7, close enough to the blackest end of the spectrum. If you opt to use this color, it may be best to use it in a room with a lot of light. Alternatively, use it only on accent walls or as trims on windows.

Best of all, Black Fox is a stately color for the exterior of your house if you are bold enough to make such a statement. Its coordinating colors include Cool Avocado, Greek Vanilla, and Eider White.

 Black Fox SW 70201

5. Inkwell SW 6992

Cool black paint color with blue undertones

Inkwell SW 6992

If you want a sophisticated and timeless look in any room in your house, consider using Inkwell by Sherwin Williams. The black paint is like no other because it adds an instant elegance and coolness to the decor.

Inkwell SW 6992

It is an excellent choice for bathrooms when paired with shades of white. But the color can also be standalone because of the blue hue; Inkwell is not a bland black, although its LRV is only 4. However, its RGB of 49, 54, and 58 respectively points to why this black paint has an obvious blue hue. You can coordinate it with Truly Taupe, Gauzy White, and Snowbound.

Inkwell SW 69921

6. Caviar SW 6990

Cool black paint color with neutral tones

Caviar SW 6990

If you want a deep and full black paint color without any undertones, you may want to choose Caviar. Under some lighting, this paint color has a certain tint to it but is not easily distinguishable. When used on a house’s exterior, as is popular today, it brings drama and sophistication to one place.

Caviar SW 6990

With an LRV of 3, Caviar gives the impression of being too dark for any room. But you could not be further from the truth; this sitting room decor is proof of that. You only just need to know the best colors that match it.

Its RGB color balance is 49, 48, and 49 respectively, explaining its neutrality. Coordinate this rich and deep black with Oh Pistachio, Taupe Tone, and Snowbound.

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Caviar SW 69901

7. Tricorn Black SW 6258

True black paint color

Tricorn Black SW 6258

Tricorn Black is a popular black paint color for interior designers and lovers of black. It has an RV of 3 and an RGB of 47, 47, and 48 respectively, making it a true black. Because of its neutrality, you can use it with any undertone.

Tricorn Black SW 6258

However, you may want to coordinate it with light colors, especially Blithe Blue, Classic Light Buff, and Ice Cube. The choice is yours to use the color as you like since it is neutral.

Tricorn Black SW 62581

8. Black of Night SW 6993

Cool black paint color with green undertones

Black of Night SW 6993

You can make any room stand out with this shade of black paint color. Black of Night is true to its name and with its slight green undertones, you are sure to add class to walls or decor. The best part is that it is suitable for interiors as well as exteriors, especially if you know how to make it work.

Black of Night SW 6993

It has an LRV of 4 and an RGB color balance of 50, 54, and 57 respectively. Choose the right coordinating colors from Sherwin Williams, including Berry Frappe, First Star, and Snowbound. You cannot go wrong with this black paint shade if you use bright colors to complement it.

Black of Night SW 69931

9. After the Storm SW 9685

Cool black paint color with blue undertones

After the Storm SW 9685

After the Storm stands out for us because it is so black, yet it has a distinct blue hue to it. It is not so blue as to confuse you about its actual color. But it is not a bland color; it changes its hue in different types of lighting.

Because of its LRV of 3, it needs light colors like white or light grays to make it work.

9.After the Storm SW 9685

It has an RGB color code of 42, 48, and 55 respectively. Coordinate it with Snowbound, Pure White, and Extra White because of their brightness. You can also choose light grays and creams because of how well they set off different shades of blue.

9.After the Storm SW 96851

10. Darkroom SW 7083

Warm black paint color with purple undertones

Darkroom SW 7083

An undeniably warm black, Darkroom is a favorite for people who like to create a vintage look in their homes. This color distinguishes itself from other blacks by its rich purple undertones. This hue makes this black look more brown than any other color.

Darkroom SW 7083

With an LRV of 5 and an RGB color balance of 68, 62, and 64 respectively, it is clear that the red in Darkroom adds the purple hues. You can coordinate it with Autumn Orchid, Drift of Mist, and Original White if you want to see the best results. Darkroom works for interiors and exteriors since it is a beautiful color.

Darkroom SW 70831

11. Domino SW 6989

Warm black paint color with blue-purple undertones

Domino SW 6989

Never doubt the power of a black paint color that displays blue and purple undertones. Such a versatile black color can change its look with different lighting. And if this happens, you get the best of purple hues and blue hues. But you must select the best lighting to complement this dark color.

Domino SW 6989

Domino works well with light colors, as all dark colors do. Its LRV is 3 and its RGB color balance is 53, 51, and 55 respectively. Coordinate it with Aquitaine, Aged White, and Snowbound. Yellows and creams also work with this color.

1Domino SW 6989

10 Best Black Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore for Any Room

1. Black Satin 2131-10

Cool black paint color with a blue undertone

Black Satin 2131-10

Black can be a sleek color, just like Black Satin from Benjamin Moore. There is a reason it has satin in its name; a look at the color shows you how silky and smooth it is. This silkiness and softness make it easy to blend with other colors, such as Raspberry Truffle, Northampton Putty, Classic Gray, and Cloud White.

 Black Satin 2131-10

With an LRV of 4.58 and an RGB color balance of 49, 52, and 53 respectively, Black Satin is your go-to color for exteriors and interiors, especially cabinets, trims, and accent walls.

1 Black Satin 2131-10

2. Onyx 2133-10

Warm black with a slightly neutral undertone

Onyx 2133-10

It is not common to see any warm colors with neutrality. Warmth usually means that the color is leaning toward the red end of the balance spectrum, but Onyx is still beautiful. The extra red in it makes it a warm black, rounded and luxurious. The color truly stands out when used minimally against a backdrop of a lighter color.

Onyx 2133-10

Onyx is pretty low on the color spectrum, coming in at only 4.99. Its undertone is largely due to its RGB color balance of 53, 52, and 52, pointing to an almost neutral hint. Consequently, Onyx’s neutrality allows it to blend with many colors. Coordinate it with Gypsy Love, London Fog, Gray Owl, and White Dove for a spectacular effect.

1Onyx 2133-10

3. Black 2132-10

Neutral black with blue-purple undertones

Black 2132-10

There is no better way to describe this paint color from Benjamin Moore except to call it black. It is as simple as that. And because it is neutral, Black is versatile in its choice of matching colors, evident in this warm decor:

Black 2132-10

It has an LRV of 4.56 and an RGB of 49, 49, and 50 respectively. This color balance is as good as it gets, although it appears to have more blue in it than green or red. Coordinate it with colors that include Benjamin Moore’s Paper White, Sultan’s Palace, Baby Fawn, and Distant Gray.

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1Black 2132-10

4. Wrought Iron 2124-10

Cool black paint color with blue undertones

Wrought Iron 2124-10

If you are in the market for a black paint color that does not deeply embody blackness, you may want to consider Wrought Iron. It is a soft black paint choice with blue hues that feels muted. Some see it more like charcoal than black, and this helps them use it in the most suitable places.

Wrought Iron 2124-10

It is such a spectacular color on cabinets and trims, whether they are inside the house or on exterior windows. With an LRV of 8.17 and an RGB color balance of 73, 74, and 75 respectively, Wrought Iron is one of the best black paint color options in the market.

Consider coordinating it with Jack O’Lantern, Wedgewood Gray, White Cloud, and White Ice. Here is the cozy black paint color on cabinets against a backdrop of a light color.

1Wrought Iron 2124-10

5. Black Beauty 2128-10

Warm black paint color with purple undertones

Black Beauty 2128-10

Aptly named, this warm black is what your garden shed, window trims, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom needs to complete its look. It is a stately black that fits a variety of places, although it has a low LRV of 5.32. Check out how Haven List combines it with grays and whites in this breathtaking kitchen.

Black Beauty 2128-10

So, add some warmth to any room with this black paint while maintaining airiness with light colors. Black Beauty has an RGB color balance of 57, 55, and 54 respectively, explaining the warmth that comes through the color. For excellent results, pair it with Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray, Cloud White, Desert Twilight, and White Dove.

1Black Beauty 2128-10

6. Raccoon Fur 2126-20

Soft black with blue hues

Raccoon Fur 2126-20

You do not have to settle for a black paint color without any character. Go for Raccoon Fur with its soft black color and violet/blue hues. You can use it on your accent walls or cabinets and surround it with light grays, creams, blues, purples, and white.

Raccoon Fur 2126-20

It has an RGB of 70, 74, and 77 respectively, and an LRV of 8.28. Coordinate it with Silken Pine, Stonington Gray, White Dove, and White Heron. How this color turns out in your decor will depend on the lighting. Check it out under artificial lighting.

1Raccoon Fur 2126-20

7. Soot 2129-20

Cool black with blue undertones

Soot 2129-20

Just like the name suggests, Soot is as black as you expect it should be. With blue undertones, this color can fully lay claim to the gray-black family. This means it can work as a deep gray or as a true black color in your decor.

Soot 2129-20

It has an RGB of 55, 60, and 65 respectively, leaning toward the blue end of the spectrum. Its LRV of 6.19 indicates that it is low enough in the light reflectivity value chart to serve as a true black. As a result, you can coordinate it with Cumulus Cloud, White Dove, Ggray Cashmere, and Icicle.

1Soot 2129-20

8. Black Panther 2125-10

Cool black paint color with a rich blue hue

Black Panther 2125-10

It is like looking at a panther’s coat, the same as feeling the rich texture of the large cat’s fur. Its soft and silky feel is the same inspiration behind this paint color, and it is evident in how you decorate with it.

Black Panther 2125-10

With an LRV of 6.51 and an RGB color balance of 61, 63, and 64 respectively, Black Panther is not much different from several other options on our list. However, you can coordinate it with Boothbay Gray, White Heron, Sea Haze, and White Wisp.

1Black Panther 2125-10

9. Jet Black 2120-10

Cool black paint color with inky blue undertones

Jet Black 2120-10

This color is as jet black as any other black paint color but has a touch of deep blue. It adds coolness, serenity, and calmness to any room, making it suitable for bathrooms, accent walls in living rooms, and the exterior of your house.

Jet Black 2120-10

It has an RGB color balance of 51, 51, and 52 respectively, giving it neutrality, and an LRV of 4.71. Match it with Pale Avocado, Metro Gray, Cloud White, and Chantilly Lace.

1Jet Black 2120-10

10. Midnight 2131-20

Cool black paint color with deep green undertones

Midnight 2131-20

Do you want a shade of black that makes you want to run your hand all over the walls? Midnight draws you in with its sinful shade, coupled with the deep green that attracts you with its richness. It is a favorite with interior designers looking for that unique touch for interior decor. Use it in a room with natural lighting to appreciate it fully.

 Midnight 2131-20

Midnight has an LRV of 6.2 and an RGB color code of 55, 61, and 63 respectively. This means some blue can show through to the surface of the black paint under some lighting. Coordinate it with Peanut Shell, Breath of Fresh Air, Snow White, and Glacier White for the best results.

 1Midnight 2131-20

Final Thoughts

Black paint colors are becoming popular, especially because there are many options and shades. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have created some of the best and widest range of black paint colors on the market, and we have reviewed some to help you make an informed decision.

From the popular Tricorn Black to the sultry Midnight, you can choose to combine different black shades. You may create a new trend that others find appealing, especially when used on trims, exteriors, bathrooms, or stores.

Let us know your thoughts and experience with these black paint options and others in the comments section.

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