Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow SW 7662: Paint Color Review

 Evening Shadow SW 7662

Are you looking for a neutral paint that’ll keep you dreamy and meditative? You should try Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662). This medium-light gray hue has a soft blue undertone.

It’s part of Sherwin-Williams Dreamer Color ID because of its breezy and optimistic aura. Evening Shadow is for you if you love to see life with rose-colored glasses. And if you’re a realist, maybe it’s time to take a break and add some charm to your life.

Let me wow you with the specification, color palettes, and tips on using Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow.

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When to Choose Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662)?

If you live a fast-paced life, it’s time to press slo-mo and take time to smell the flowers with Evening Shadow. Here’s how the color will make you feel:

Want A Relaxed Vibe?

Your life will be a perpetual vacation with Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on your walls and furniture.

Looking for Low Light?

It reflects enough light to brighten your space without blinding you with its presence. The perfect vibe for chilling, if you ask me.

Playing with Gray Color?

It’s a medium-light gray paint with a whisper of blue to make it appear silvery and soft. A better option than plain and boring hazy gray neutrals.

Ready for a Bathroom Renovation?

You’ll look forward to taking baths and showers once you add Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow to your bathroom.

Need a Reset?

If you need to give your home a complete makeover and step into the 2020s, this blue-gray is your color. It’s also a great backdrop for bolder decor as you’ll soon learn.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow is part of the Dreamer Color ID collection for its ability to make you nostalgic. You won’t regret choosing this color if you struggle to find inspiration.

But because it’s very chilled, I don’t recommend using it in your workspace. Unless your work requires relaxing and calming down from a fast-paced life. I’m talking about aestheticians, health practitioners, spa and resort attendants.

Then, you’re about to change your customers’ lives! They’ll keep returning and not realize why they feel comfortable in your space. Don’t spill the secret though. Let me explain how Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow comforts and relaxes the mind.

What Color is Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow?

You know how the cloud slowly gets dull after sunset and it casts a shade over your walls, that’s how Evening Shadow got its name. Yes, it has a blue tint that takes over under lighting but this color mostly stays gray.

Evening Shadow SW 7662
Image Credit: @stagingwithdawn

One certain fact though is that whichever side of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow you get, it’ll transport you to a dream wonderland. Imagine waking up to the cool blue tint and spending your day in its wistful gray presence. It’s pure magic!

Let’s get technical a bit about the specifications before returning to dreamland and exploring multiple color palettes.

Snapshot of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow Specification

This table shows you an x-ray of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow at a glance. So, you can choose whether to buy the color or pass. If you choose to buy it, then stick around as I dissect this x-ray.

Name Evening Shadow (SW 7662)
RGB Red 201 | Green 204 | Blue 205
Hex Value #C9CCCD
LRV 60
Undertones Blue
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The LRV of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow has an LRV of 60 meaning it’s close to the center (50) but on the white end of the scale. Simply put, Evening Shadow is almost neutral but has the potential to brighten a room albeit so little.

If you want to understand how that works, you must first understand undertones.  

Undertones of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow

The reason Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow is sometimes blue and other times gray to the point of confusion is undertones. You’ll see that Evening Shadow has almost the same amount of Blue and Green, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see a green tint.

Undertones of
Image Credit: @castlepaintingor

The blue undertone in Evening Shadow is already a shade with a faint green tint that makes it an aqua tone. But you’ll need bright white paint, direct lighting, or extra white lights to highlight the blue undertone in Evening Shadow. Here’s how you can do it.

Lighting Effect on Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow

Lighting can be natural or artificial. It’s natural when it comes from the sun and artificial when you add fixtures. Let’s start with using the sun as your sole light source.

Use a compass to identify the position of your room or building if you’re using Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on your exterior. You must stand outside during sunrise or sunset to get those positions without a compass.

Note that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So, stretch your right hand to the sun to note its position. At sunrise, your right hand is in the East, your left is in the West, your front is facing the North, and your back is to the South.

Northern lighting is the most consistent and stable throughout the day. So, it’s the best for maintaining Evening Shadow’s gray tone. On the other hand, Southern light is the hottest and brightest, especially in the morning.

For afternoon brightness, East and West-facing rooms are the best. Eastern light glows from noon until later afternoon. Then Western light becomes slightly hot in the evening until sunset.

Does it look Blue?

You’ll get the blue reflection of Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow during the hottest mornings until afternoons. Especially if it’s in a South-facing or East-facing room.

Dim lighting paired with complementary colors also add an intense warm glow to highlight its blue undertones.

It plays out in this bedroom as the beige trims and curtains create a warm glow. The orange tints from the trims and curtains contrast the coolness of the blue undertone in Evening Shadow. Together they form a typical traditional living room fit for the Victorian era.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (1)
Image Credit: @oakhousedesignco 

Is Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow a Warm or Cool Color?

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow is cool and calming. When you use this color in your room, you’ll understand why it’s part of a Dreamers Collection. It gives off an energy that makes you feel like you shouldn’t worry about your problems.

Evening Shadow is an excellent choice for your wall paints if you struggle with anxiety. Its soothing vibe will always calm you down and keep you level-headed. That’s why I don’t recommend using Evening Shadow in your gyms or office. You’ll never get work done!

The color is for chilling and sipping mocktails or cocktails. So, use it in your bedrooms, bathrooms, and spas and as an accent in your living rooms and kitchens. More inspirations are below.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow Color Strip: Lighter or Darker Exploration

If you think Evening Shadow is not yet perfect, there are six other colors in the strip you can use. You can go lighter with Reflection, or get darker with Moonrail Silver. If you want more gray and less blue in dark tones choose Steely Gray and Wall Street.

  • Sherwin-Williams Reflection (SW 7661)
  • Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662)
  • Sherwin-Williams Moonrail Silver (SW 7663)
  • Sherwin-Williams Steely Gray (SW 7664)
  • Sherwin-Williams Wall Street (SW 7665)

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (1)

Complementary Colors for Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow

Ordinarily, the complementary color for gray is beige, but I’ll take it a step further for Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow. The perfect complementary color is Sherwin-Williams Moody Storm, a red-orange greige.

Sadly, it’s only available in the store as part of the HGTV collection. You can use Sherwin-Williams Realist Beige.

  • Sherwin-Williams Realist Beige (SW 6078):A medium-light beige paint with an orange undertone to make it earthy and warm.
  • Sherwin-Williams Coral Clay (SW 9005):The red-orange undertones in this coral color adds a blush tone to the palette.
  • Sherwin-Williams Pure White (SW 7005):This bright white with a subtle yellow undertone adds warmth to our space.
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Use Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow as your wall paint and backdrop. Accentuate it with Tamarind and Coral Clay on your furniture, and trim the combo with Pure White.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (2)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow Coordinating Colors

I love how several coordinating colors make up unique palettes to suit every individual’s taste. You can go big or minimal while staying on a theme and creating a harmonious space. See these five popular color palettes and choose one for your space.

  1. Analogous Theme:A combo of three colors picked side-by-side to create a gradient.
  2. Complementary Theme:Pairing two colors with contrasting auras. Pick opposite hues on the color wheel for this theme.
  3. Triadic Theme:Draw a triangle on the color wheel and highlight three equally spaced hues. You’ll have all primary colors in one group; the same goes for secondary and tertiary hues.
  4. Split Complementary Theme:Firstly, highlight the complementary color of your anchor hue for Evening Shadow (blue), that’s Orange. Then, pick the colors beside it on the color wheel as the split-complementary tones. You’ll have orange-red & orange-yellow.  
  5. Monochromatic Theme:Add white paint to Evening Shadow for a tinted look and black for a shaded hue. Use all variations in one space to get different emotions from one color.

Monochrome and Complementary themes are the easiest to design because they require one or two additional hues. You must be thorough to properly use other complex palettes like Analogous, Triadic, and Split Complementary. But I’ll walk you through the process.

Coordinating Colors for Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow

  • Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube (SW 6252):A crisp white paint with a cold blue undertone like a real-life ice cube.
  • Sherwin-Williams Shell White (SW 8917):This peachy white paint carries a graceful warmth to make your space look homely.
  • Sherwin-Williams Daphne (SW 9151):The depth of this medium-dark blue suits the airiness of Evening Shadow walls in the bedroom.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (3)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow Color Palette

I’ve added different white paints in each palette to work as a perfect trim for all colors in the group. Depending on the theme, you’ll notice that some white paints have blue undertones while others have purple, green, or orange tints.

Triadic Palette

  • Sherwin-Williams Sensitive Tint (SW 6267):A dreamy faint lilac with a greige undertone to add to your fantasy decor.
  • Sherwin-Williams Passive (SW 7064):Use this popular bluish-gray as a perfect foil for Evening Shadow. They’ll alternate undertones as the light changes, so you’ll always have gray and blue in your space.
  • Sherwin-Williams Original White (SW 7077):This cool white paint with a soft lavender undertone is an ideal trim for this palette.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (4)

Analogous Palette

  • Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand (SW 7057):A subtle green-gray paint with a similar reflection capacity as Evening Shadow.
  • Sherwin-Williams Spinach White (SW 6434): This white paint has a green undertone to complement Acanthus, Silver Strand, and Evening Shadow used in one space.
  • Sherwin-Williams Acanthus (SW 0029):A green-gray that leans more towards green to remind you of the early 1900s.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (5)

Monochromatic Palette

  • Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube (SW 6252):A tint lighter than Evening Shadow that’s ideal for trims.
  • Sherwin-Williams Steely Gray (SW 7664):This medium-dark slate gray with cyan tints is the perfect Fall/Winter accent for Evening Shadow.
  • Sherwin-Williams Wall Street (SW 7665):The deep charcoal gray of this dark paint is a cool replacement for black and brown on furniture.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (6)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow vs. Sherwin-Williams Passive (SW 7064)

Sherwin-Williams Passive and Evening Shadow have the same LRV and tones but the SW 7064 favors its gray undertone unlike SW 7662 which leans towards its blue.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (7)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow vs. Sherwin-Williams Gray Screen (SW 7071)

Gray Screen is a more sophisticated version of Evening Shadow with more personality and a bolder blue undertone.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (8)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow vs. Sherwin-Williams Minute Mauve (SW 7078)

Unlike Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow, Minute Mauve has a rich purple undertone and belongs to the Living Well collection.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (9)

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow Equivalent with Other Brands

Evening Shadow as a concept is appealing to any truly chilled individual. So, it’s no shock that four other brands, including Behr and Dunn Williams, have their versions. All five brands agree that there can’t be Evening Shadow without gray, but how do you differentiate them?

Behr Evening Shadows (RAH-67)

Behr’s Evening Shadows is a truer blue than Sherwin-Williams’ version because it’s lighter and dominant. Its Hex value is #A2B7BD with an RGB of Red 162, Green 183, and Blue 189. Both colors are medium-light, though, so don’t expect much brightness from Behr’s version.

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Evening Shadow SW 7662 (10)

Dunn Williams Evening Shadow (DEW376)

Dunn Williams Evening Shadow is so 2006, but let’s see if it can make a comeback. Its hex value is #EAF2F1, and RGB is Red 234, Green 242, and blue 241. The high pigment levels translate to a bright 80 LRV.

So, Dunn Williams’ Evening Shadow version is a bright white with an almost invisible gray-cyan undertone. If you want an alternative to white, choose this version. It’ll give you the same cool vibe as the Sherwin-Williams’ blue-gray hue, but it’s not as relaxed.

Instead, you’ll get crisp and clean energy from Dunn Williams Evening Shadow.  

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (11)

Glidden Evening Shadow (30BB21/056)

With Glidden’s Evening Shadow, we’re talking about late evening past 7:00 pm. This darker version leans into its gray tone more than all other brands. This charcoal tone is a result of Red 121, Green 126, and Blue 137. So, the hex value is #797E89.

Choose Glidden if you’re going for a moody gray look with a faint smoky blue undertone.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (12)

Duron Evening Shadow (87-13)

If you want a hazy gray tone with no blue undertones, Duron’s Evening Shadow is for you. Its RGB of Red 202, Green 201, and Green 195 ensures its undertone is a warm red. This color’s LRV is closer to the Sherwin-Williams version at 58.32, making it almost neutral.

Use hex value #CAC9C3 to recreate Duron’s Evening Shadow.

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (13)

To get similar shades like Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow, you can explore the following colors:

  • Behr’s – Urban Gray
  • Benjamin Moore – Pebble Beach
  • Farrow & Ball – Skylight
  • PPG – Steely Gaze
  • Valspar – Sea Salt Blue

Evening Shadow SW 7662 (14)

Where can you use Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow?

I recommend using Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow in your bathrooms and bedrooms. But you can also pair it with a brighter color like white, off-white, and light beige in living rooms and kitchens.

Check out some of my favorite inspirations below:

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on Walls

Night rests and noon naps in this bedroom will be otherworldly with the calming Evening Shadow on the walls. Notice how the doors are crisp white, but the owner added warmth with the dark brown hardwood floor.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (2)
Image Credit: @wtx.paintco

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow in the Living Room

Evening Shadow on living room walls isn’t common but it is a beautiful sight. Again, see how the trim is a complementary off-white with a warm glow.

Thanks to the direct sunlight reflecting the golden brown floorboards on the walls, the room has a mix of blue and gray hues.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (3)
Image Credit: @oakhousedesignco

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow in the Bedroom

Using Evening Shadow on your bedroom walls doesn’t equal boredom. You can still add colors with wall artwork, patterned bed covers, colored fixtures, and more accessories. The ball is in your court on this one.

I love that this room owner mixed modern and traditional designs.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (4)
Image Credit: @sarasotapaintingcompany

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow as a Trim

Pairing Evening Shadow with significantly darker or lighter wall paints makes its neutrality stand out. You can then use the color as a trim, like in this bedroom that has it complementing a yellow-beige wall paint.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (5)
Image Credit: @miamihousepainters

See the blue hue stand out against a brighter yellow wall paint. Still, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. That’s the power of color theory and bold use of an analogous palette.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (6)
Image Credit: @sarasotapaintingcompany

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on Cabinets

Yes, Yes, and Yes one thousand times over to using Evening Shadow on Cabinets whether they’re in the bathroom or kitchen. This kitchen has it as a lone island complementing light beige walls and wall cabinets. It’s a beautiful balance of warmth and coolness.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (7)
Image Credit: @signaturedesigns

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow in the Bathroom

This bathroom screams classy and elegant with the airy Evening Shadow on the walls. The white trims and marbled countertop added to the pristine look, but the owner let their creativity shine with the sink.

Using dark charcoal gray paint on the sink’s cabinet maintained a single look. This is an ideal inspiration for the monochrome palette.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (8)
Image Credit: @fine_line_painting_design

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow in the Kitchen

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on kitchen walls paired with bright white cabinets is a nod to modernization. It gives the space a pristine look that’s fit for a cooking competition and starting a new YouTube channel.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (9)
Image Credit: @ingrid.pallasen

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on Furniture

Revamp your vintage dressers, vanity, and other furniture by painting them in Evening Shadow. Think of it as a 21st-century meets 20th-century style. It’ll make your furniture look ten times more expensive.

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (10)
Image Credit: @shabby2chic_

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on Exteriors

Speaking of looking expensive, Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow on your exteriors elevates the building’s aesthetics. You can stay true to the All-American farmhouse or suburb row while asserting your personality through this subtle blue-gray hue.

Try it today!

Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662 (11)
Image Credit: @toptierprofessionalpainting


We can agree that Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow is a sophisticated and chilled color. You’ll also agree that it’s best used in the bedroom and bathroom based on the inspirations above.

And when you pair it with the right hues in the ideal position, you’ll get the best of both worlds. At this point, the only thing holding you back from having a vacation-like existence is yourself.

Buy Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow today, and let me know what you think about the color. Is it worth the hype, or is it just another hue that won’t land?  

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