Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102: Paint Color Review

 White Flour SW 7102

Have you been looking for the perfect white for your space? Are you considering White Flour for your modern farmhouse color scheme but don’t understand its details? Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered.

Sherwin Williams White Flour is a white paint color that works wonders in farmhouse color palettes. It flies under the radar most times because people tend to overlook it. However, the paint color has been rising in popularity recently. I decided to check it out, and I did!

Join me as I discuss Sherwin Williams White Flour in this thorough review. I’ve checked its appearance, color pairings, LRVs, undertones, and more. Do you want pictures of the paint color in real homes? You will find it in this review.

Let’s get started.

When to Choose Sherwin Williams White Flour (SW 7102)

Knowing when to use a paint color is every bit as important as understanding the paint color itself. Sherwin Williams Whtie Flour is no different. Even though it exudes cozy vibes, it isn’t a one-fits-all type of color.

So, when do you choose Sherwin Williams White Flour?

Do you want a cozy white?

White Flour has creamy tones in the form of yellow undertones. These guys give it enough warmth to qualify as a cozy white paint color. Sometimes, you might even detect some beige too.

Are you working on a modern farmhouse palette?

Sherwin Williams White Flour shines in these sorts of palettes and decor. Its welcoming vibe also adds to the color’s homely feel.

Do you have abundant light in your space?

Although White Flour is bright and can work in just about any space, it needs adequate lighting to look its best. Warm lights will strengthen its coziness by allowing the yellow undertones to lean more into beige or pink.

Are you okay with a little pink?

Speaking of pink, yes, White Flour’s undertones can sometimes lean into pink or beige. This largely depends on other factors like lighting, color pairings, and room location.

What Color is Sherwin Williams White Flour?

Sherwin Williams White Flour is a bright, white paint color with some cream tones. Unlike most warm whites, this color only brings a subtle warmth. This is one of the first things that most homeowners find impressive about the paint color.

Interestingly, White Flour doesn’t look easily look creamy in interior spaces. Instead, the paint color shows its yellow undertones in exterior spaces. The sunlight goes a long way in influencing White Flour’s look.

What Color is
Image credit: @tn_homeunderthepines

The paint color got its name from the powdery look of flour. However, it isn’t as stark as the powder.

Snapshot of White Flour Specifications

Let’s take a look at White Flour’s vital details. These specifications can act as a quick summary of the paint color’s properties.

Specifications White Flour
RGB 244 / 239 / 229
HEX Value #F4EFE5
LRV 87
Undertones Soft Yellow (rarely a bit of pink)
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The LRV of White Flour SW 7102

You’ve probably come across this term a lot. Let me give you a quick rundown.

LRV refers to a color’s Light Reflective Value. The term indicates how strongly the color reflects or absorbs light. LRV is measured on a scale of 0 – 100. The lowest value (0) represents true black, which absorbs light strongly and reflects none. 100 represents true white, which reflects light strongly and absorbs none.

Sherwin Williams White Flour has an LRV of 87. This value puts it on the bright and ‘white’ section of the LRV scale. As such, White Flour brightens any space by reflecting more light than it absorbs.

But then, the paint color’s creamy tones give it a soft, cozy touch in interior and exterior spaces.

If you are wondering, Sherwin Williams White Flour hides its undertones in bright light.

Undertones of White Flour

Undertones play a huge role in how white paint colors appear in any space. The same is the case with this lovely white.

Sherwin Williams White Flour has yellow undertones. They give it a creamy look and cozy vibes anywhere you use it. However, White Flour’s undertones have a soft touch. This ensures that the paint color doesn’t overwhelm or stifle other colors in the same space.

Undertones of
Image credit: @cordilocs

Also, its high LRV helps it hide its creaminess in some spaces. As I mentioned earlier, sunlight brings out its creamy tones more than cool interior lighting.

What Undertones Does White Flour Have?

Sherwin Williams White Flour has yellow undertones that are responsible for its creamy look. Sometimes, they can lean into pink. However, if this happens, the pink is never strong. Just a hint of it.

Does White Flour have Strong Undertones?

While you can detect its yellow undertones, Sherwin Williams White Flour doesn’t display them intensely. This is why you will mostly feel its warmth subtly. The paint color lacks strong undertones.

Will White Flour Look Pink on My Walls?

Sherwin Williams White Flour can sometimes display a tiny bit of pink. This mostly depends on lighting and color pairings. However, it doesn’t happen often.

Is White Flour a Warm or Cool Color?

Sherwin Williams White is a warm white with creamy tones. Its high LRV helps to dampen its warmth, allowing it to apply its warmth subtly. This is one of the reasons why the paint color fits homes more than workspaces.

Regardless of its temperature and vibe, White Flour pairs nicely with both warm and cool paint colors. It also goes great in any space, thanks to its high reflectance.

Sherwin Williams White Flour Color Strip: Lighter or Darker Exploration

Color strips are families of sorts. They consist of several colors, each with varying shades and LRVs. However, they share a couple of things in common most times. Colors in the same strips can have the same undertones too.

Note that members of the same color strip can pair together for a monochromatic palette. The same is true for Sherwin Williams White Flour’s color strip.

  1. Sherwin Williams Marshmallow SW 7001
  2. Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102
  3. Sherwin Williams Downy SW 7002
  4. Sherwin Williams Futon SW 7101
  5. Sherwin Williams Modest White SW 6084
  6. Sherwin Williams Reliable White SW 6091
  7. Sherwin Williams Pacer White SW 6098

Fun fact:

  • White Flour is the brightest member of this strip.
  • Marshmallow is arguably the most popular member in this strip.

White Flour SW 7102 (1)

White Flour Complementary Colors

To fully know a color, you need to know its complement. Generally, complementary colors help your main color stand out and look better. In some cases, complementary colors contrast best with your main color. But how do you locate them?

Simply look at the hue opposite your color on the wheel. The color sitting there is your color’s complement. Fortunately, you don’t have to check for White Flour, as I’ve already done that for you!

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White Flour’s complementary color is Sherwin Williams Chapeau Violet SW 7136. However, the paint color is currently archived but there is something similar. Sherwin Williams Violet Vignette comes close but is also archived.

Sherwin Williams Chapeau Violet

This bright violet has an LRV of 78 and cool, airy vibes. Sherwin Williams Chapeau Violet has subtle blue tones that can look icy in bright, cool lighting.

It sits opposite White Flour on the color wheel, helping it look better in any space.

Sherwin Williams Violet Vignette

This light shade of violet gives a slightly deeper alternative to Sherwin Williams Chapeau Violet. Violet Vignette has an LRV of 74 and an airy feel in any space. You can pair it with White Flour in both interior and exterior spaces.

White Flour SW 7102 (2)

Sherwin Williams White Flour Coordinating Colors

Apart from a complementary color, there are others that pair nicely with to make your paint color better. You can always pick them for whichever palette you might want for your space. While a color can have just one complement, it can have several coordinating colors.

Also, coordinating colors make up different color schemes, of which we have the following:

  • Analogous
  • Triadic
  • Monochromatic
  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary.

Let’s check out the coordinating colors for White Flour.

  1. Sherwin Williams Patience SW 7555: This warm white has strong tan undertones that give it a cozy vibe. Sherwin Williams Patience gives a homely and inviting feel in any space. It is several shades deeper than White Flour but pairs with in almost any space.
  2. Sherwin Williams Honed Soapstone SW 9126: Honed Soapstone is a deep shade of yellow with strong green and gray undertones. Its undertones can easily make it look nothing like yellow sometimes. Most times, you’ll only observe a warm, cozy green.

Sherwin Williams White Flour


Sherwin Williams White Flour Color Palette

Thanks to its brightness, creamy tones, and soft touch, White Flour fits into several palettes. I’ve prepared the following palettes as examples.

Contrasting Palette

  1. Oyster Bay SW 6206: Oyster Bay is a mid-toned green paint color with an LRV of 44. It has slate blue undertones that makes it look cool in any space. The paint color has an algae-hued appearance that brings a relaxing feel to any space.
  2. Chapeau Violet SW 7136: Chapeau Violet is the direct complement of White Flour. The bright shade of violet has airy blue undertones. Remember that it can look quite cold in bright, cool lighting.
  3. Rose Pink SW 9693: Rose Pink is a medium to light blend of red and pink. The paint color brings some extra color to this palette. It adds a subtle infusion of energy to any space while pairing nicely with relevant colors like White Flour.

White Flour SW 7102 (4)

Coordinating Palette

  1. Patience SW 7555: Sherwin Williams Patience is a medium-toned off-white with an LRV of 67. The warm, cozy paint color has tan undertones that make it perfect for spaces where people gather.
  2. Honed Soapstone SW 9126: Honed Soapstone has a warm, cozy vibe that goes well with Sherwin Williams White Flour. The paint color originally belongs to the Yellow Paint Color Family. However, its strong undertones give it more of a green-yellow blend.
  3. Iron Ore SW 7069: This deep shade of black acts as an anchor for this palette. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore has subtle green undertones and reads warm. It works well on accent walls and cabinets too.

White Flour SW 7102 (5)

Monochromatic Palette

  1. Modest White SW 6084: This warm off-white belongs to the same color strip as White Flour. The difference in their shades makes them pair together nicely. Modest White has a similar vibe to White Flour and works well in interior and exterior spaces.
  2. Natural Tan SW 9109: Sherwin Williams Natural Tan doesn’t belong to the same color strip as White Flour. However, it has similar tones to the paint color and pairs well with it for a monochromatic palette such as this one.
  3. Malabar SW 9110: Malabar is the paint color next to Natural Tan on the color strip. The sandy beige adds the much-needed depth to this palette. You can flex Malabar on the cabinets if you want the lighter colors on the walls.
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White Flour SW 7102 (6)

Sherwin Williams White Flour vs. Other Paint Colors

Alabaster vs. White Flour

Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a lower LRV and gray undertones that rein in its creamy tones. As such, the beautiful white is less creamy and warm than Sherwin Williams White Flour. Also, while White Flour’s undertones sometimes lean into pink, Alabaster’s can look mildly green sometimes.

White Flour SW 7102 (7)

Creamy vs. White Flour

You might think that both paint colors look the same at first glance. However, a closer look will show that Sherwin Williams Creamy has creamier tones than White Flour. The reason is that it has stronger yellow undertones and a lesser LRV than White Flour.

White Flour SW 7102 (8)

Greek Villa vs. White Flour

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa might have creamy and cozy vibes, but it has some gray in it too. This makes it less creamy compared to SW White Flour. Also, White Flour has a higher LRV, and as such, looks brighter.

White Flour SW 7102 (9)

Westhighland White vs. White Flour

Now, these two could be twin colors for all I know. But then, there’s a subtle difference and trust me to find it.

Sherwin Williams Westhighland White has a slightly stronger yellow undertone and depth than White Flour.

Both paint colors have an LRV difference of 1, with Westhighland White being the lesser. However, this difference is quite negligible.

White Flour SW 7102 (10)

Sherwin Williams White Flour Benjamin Moore Equivalent

As with most Sherwin Williams paint colors, Benjamin Moore doesn’t have an exact replica in name and looks. However, you will always find something similar.

Benjamin Moore Pink Damask OC-72 is the equivalent of Sherwin Williams White Flour. The paint color has a lower LRV of 85.46 and similar cozy vibes. However, it has slightly stronger yellow undertones. As such BM Pink Damask looks creamier than SW White Flour.

Also, Pink Damask has the higher tendency to lean into pink a bit. As the brand put it, the paint color does a good job of being “A soft white with a wink of blush tone.”

White Flour SW 7102 (11)

Where Can You Use Sherwin Williams White Flour?

You can use Sherwin Williams White Flour in just about any space in a home. The cozy white looks just as good in exterior areas as it does in interior spaces.

I usually recommend it for homes because of its cozy and relaxing vibe, which performs better in family-oriented spaces.

Sherwin Williams White Flour Exterior

Most white colors give a bright, majestic look when used on exterior walls. However, Sherwin Williams White Flour gives something more. The paint color adds a cozy and inviting look to your home’s exterior.

Its warm tones give it a promise of comfort and acceptance.

Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (1)
White Flour on the exterior walls  Image credit: @ashleygeertsen13
Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (2)
White Flour on exterior walls (Image credit: @this_brick_house).

Sherwin Williams White Flour Bedroom

What better place to put White Flour’s coziness to good use than inside the bedroom? The warm white’s creamy tones give the room a snug feel. This is one of the best vibes you can create in a bedroom, as it aligns well with the area’s purpose.

Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (3)
White Flour on the bedroom walls  Image credit:

Sherwin Williams White Flour Living Room

Although White Flour looks cozy in almost any space, lighting determines its appearance. The first picture shows the paint color looking less warm than usual.

However, the second picture has incandescent lights that enhance White Flour’s coziness in the space.

Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (4)
White Flour on the walls  Image credit: @firsthouseonfinn
Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (5)
White Flour on the living room walls  Image credit: @bkcpainting

Sherwin Williams White Flour Cabinets

Sometimes people get surprised when Sherwin Williams White Flour looks significantly less warm on cabinets. While this doesn’t happen often, it is usually the case when a creamier or warmer color is used in the same space as the white.

Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102 (6)
White Flour on the kitchen cabinets  Image credit: @designhouse413
White Flour on the cabinets  Image credit: @ginageorgedesigns


Sherwin Williams White Flour usually looks creamier in samples and pictures than it appears on walls. This is why you should first carry out a swatch test to fully observe the paint color you want to use.

Although White Flour works best in modern farmhouse decor, it can fit into several other settings. Therefore you shouldn’t feel limited when working with the warm white. However, remember that it can sometimes display a beige undertone instead of yellow.

Do you have any other questions concerning Sherwin Williams White Flour? You can ask them in the comments section. I look forward to answering them.

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